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Work Background
CloudOps Lead
UuedViljapuuaiad OÜCloudOps Lead
Mar. 2023RemoteDesigning distributed backend, enriching 3D printing process for construction customer from Poland. Consulting cloud-based solutions, overall test strategy and implementation details of single components. Leveraging AWS Services to speed up & improve software development lifecycle & quality. Documentation creation. - Improved AWS-based infrastructure approach and reduced costs by 56% - Consulting general company's approach to automated deployments
DevOps Lead
CodeZeroDevOps Lead
Nov. 2023RemoteCodeZero aims to redefine the way in which Data Scientists work by automating a large part of the repeatable manual tasks that they have to conduct on a daily basis. CodeZero delivers ‘No Code’ services which include, No Code Data Ingestion, No Code Data, No Code Data Distribution, No Code Data Processing, No Code Reporting & No Code Data Visualisation.
Solutions Architect
Future ProcessingSolutions Architect
Jul. 2023Gliwice, Woj. Śląskie, Polska · HybridI am dedicated Insurance industry Technical Consultant, taking part in presales & workshops, also in conferences with Insurance-related topics. I am responsible for internal Insurance Technical Community, improving overall services for Insurance-based clients. I also take part in shaping company's services designs for Insurance clients.
Senior Software Developer
Future ProcessingSenior Software Developer
Jul. 2020 - Jun. 2023Gliwice, Woj. Śląskie, Polska · Hybrid01.2023 - For educational customer from UK, I've designed authoring tool based on GitHub Actions providing business changes to client's data model in programatic way to optimize internal processes. Leveraging AWS Lambdas to safely backup data. I am also teammember, creating event-based distributed backoffice system improving end users experience, using AWS Fargate & Confluent Kafka. 04.2022 - 12.2022 - For leading French parking meters supplier I was Technical Leader of the backoffice system. I was coordinating work inside several different squads (~30 engineers), prioritizing their activities, consulting technical possibilites to meet business goals and detecting risks at early stage. I looked for development process optimizations, to reduce our time to market. I also gathering business requirements, confronting them with architectural / technical solutions. I was also resposible for the whole system quality, most important features code review, new features / solutions review & design, onboarding new people. I was also partly responsible for basic environments maintenance / monitoring. 07.2020 - 03.2022 - I was in the team developing distributed backoffice of modern parking system based on microservices for one of the leading parking meters supplier. I was responsible for nodejs backend services development, unit and integration tests, basic environments maintenance, code & documentation review, scopes analysis and planning.
Software Developer
Future ProcessingSoftware Developer
Sep. 2017 - Jun. 2020Gliwice, woj. śląskie, Polska · On-siteI was in the team developing distributed backoffice of modern parking system based on microservices for one of the leading parking meters supplier. I was responsible for nodejs backend services development, unit and integration tests, basic environments maintenance, documentation. For some time I was also resposible for ciritical customer issues support.
Junior Software Developer
Future Processing Sp. z o.o.Junior Software Developer
Sep. 2014 - Mar. 2016Gliwice, woj. śląskie, Polska · On-siteLeveraging Kibana to present pollution data, collected by parking meters, on map. I was part of the team extending existing parkings administrative panel written in PHP, to allow management of racks with gas cylinders. I also developed web service allowing easier complex XML configuration modifcations.
DevOps Engineer
Scale3CDevOps Engineer
Aug. 2023Wilno, Obwód Wileński, Litwa · RemoteConsulting and designing the infrastructure required for the ongoing project to achieve desired values for non-functional requirements. Monitoring infrastructure costs and optimizing them. Implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for existing projects using Reverse Engineering. Deployments to production. Containerization of certain services. Automating processes and documenting them. Taking care about general DevOps process withtin organization
Mar. 2023Gliwice, Śląskie, Poland · On-siteProviding hourly IT services. I consult, design & challenge solutions, and also implement them. Always with a focus on the business goals of my clients. I ensure both functional and non-functional requirements are met, analyze the current state, and optimize costs. I assist in process automation and migration to the cloud. I am Technical Advisor for your team. I can contribute during single meeting, single project phase or join your team for weeks or even months. I helped already 3 different clients/companies with 4 their projects and various ad-hoc topics. I am more than happy to share more details during short screening call.
Back-end Lead
Apr. 2016 - Aug. 2017RemoteFor British startup I've developed product MVP version, allowing security tracking of employee machines. It was build on top of Wordpress, developed on time nad budget pressures. Later on Android, iOS and Windows Desktop applications were added. At this stage I was coordinating small dev team work (group of 5). I also took part in project leveraging Unity3D to create VR tour around Hotel Krasicki, located in Lidzbark Warmiński, Poland.


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