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Sep. 2022Drawing upon my experiences from over two decades as an analytical chemist, I have spent the last year weaving my expertise with complex chemical data into the realm of data analytics. Through continuous learning and upskilling, I have rapidly become skilled in data analysis tools such as SQL, R and data visualization. My attention to detail and methodology ingrained from my chemistry background now empowers me to take complex datasets and extract valuable insights, identify trends and drive informed decision-making.
Scientist, Molecular Spectroscopy
AbbottScientist, Molecular Spectroscopy
Jan. 2015 - Sep. 2022Columbus, Ohio• Employed rigorous data collection, analysis and reporting methodologies to establish the impact of ingredient order of addition on final product stability and composition in the manufacturing of infant formula. • Designed and executed a data-driven study aimed at assessing the necessity of refrigeration during overseas shipping of infant formula. Results demonstrated refrigeration was not required, resulting in a substantial cost savings of over $500K annually for Abbott. • Conducted a meticulous data collection and analysis process to evaluate the purity levels of a specialized carbohydrate commodity, which was directly linked to its pricing. Data revealed the vendor’s claims regarding purity were overstated, resulting in a substantial cost savings of over $2M annually. Earned the prestigious President’s Award in recognition of this data-driven contribution. • Researched and developed a novel scientific approach for quantifying allergen levels in infant formula manufacturing equipment. Addressed the intricacies of potential ingredient interference through rigorous data collection and analysis. Successful implementation of this approach was evidenced by the creation of a reliable calibration curve, affirming the viability of the proposed solution. • Authored hundreds of internal reports as well as white papers and peer-reviewed journal publications. • Authored a 25-page manual that detailed Abbott’s scientific equipment and testing capabilities to help non-technical product-development stakeholders understand how the analytical department could aid in resolving future product concerns.
Jun. 1999 - Jan. 2015Columbus, Ohio AreaAs an analytical chemist, tested ingredients and processes to improve product development and manufacturing at Abbott’s nutritional headquarters. Designed testing methodologies to optimize data collection and decision-making. Tested product stability issues ranging from commodity purity to oxidation effects; analyzed results and delivered recommendations.


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