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Startup Founder
Business Owner
Sales & BizDev
Work Background
Chief Product Officer
Kandy Communications, an AVCTechnologies companyChief Product Officer
Apr. 2022Chicago, Illinois, United StatesHead of product and engineering for Kandy.io
Member Of The Board Of Advisors
PCI PalMember Of The Board Of Advisors
Dec. 2021PCI Pal, a global leader in secure payments, formed their advisory committee (PAC) to allow the management team and Board to engage with world-class industry expertise so as to fully address the dynamics of PCI Pal's fast-developing global opportunity and marketplace. PAC members will have related-industry, product and technology experience to be able to provide a breadth of perspectives to our team across payments, security, product management and cloud platform technologies. I am delighted to be joining the team with a focus on product management. I look forward to helping to progress the success of PCI Pal!
Head of Operations and Deal Lead
Snowcloud CapitalHead of Operations and Deal Lead
Dec. 2021
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Startup Founder
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Operations Manager @ VastraMedwear
Founder & CEO @ MyIND Gym
Senior Product Analyst @ Koo
Startup FounderFounder
36148 people
Founder & CEO @ MyIND Gym
Founder, CEO @ Youngsters-Worldwide
Founder @ Adshade