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Startup Founder
Business Owner
Work Background
I M Biala ConsultantsBusiness Advisor/Managing Partner
Jan. 2020
The Black Hole VisionFounder/CEO
Nov. 2019IndiaSpace, Astronomy and Cosmology Research Company.
Muzik Nation Artists - Media For CreatorsFounder/CEO/Editor-in-Chief
Oct. 2019IndiaFirst ever Media Platform EXCLUSIVELY for the Artists, Musicians and Singers/Songwriters. People working in music industry are often under rated by the media. Now you wonโ€™t be backstaged anymore. Muzik Nation Artists - Media For The Creators.
Graph Ix -Design UnlimitedFounder/CEO/CGTO
Jul. 2019
Muzik Nation Creative ArenaMusic Producer/Composer/Sound Designer/Chief Mix Engineer/Singer/Songwriter
May. 2019
Chirag Biala PhotographyFreelance Photographer and Videographer
Apr. 2019IndiaChirag Biala is Producer / Director of Photography and Cinematography at his self established Filmmaking company Denn Scoth Film Nation. He is fuelled by his passion for Photography and Videography. He is a PRO and considers himself to be an all time learner. His hunger for knowledge towards Photography and Videography and determination to turn knowledge into action has contributed to his most recent success at Denn Scoth Film Nation .
Denn Scoth Film NationCEO/Producer/Director of Photography and Cinematography
Mar. 2019India
Prodiology - Pro Audio ConsultantsFounder/CEO/CTO
Feb. 2019India
Denn Scoth Business MediaCEO/Editor-In-Chief
Jan. 2019India
Denn Scoth EntertainmentCEO/Event Director
Jan. 2019
PLATHens International High - Chain Of SchoolsFounder/ CEO
Dec. 2018
Denn Scoth Muzik NationCEO/Music Producer/Composer/Vocalist/Lyricist/Chief Mix Engineer
Nov. 2018Denn Scoth Muzik Nation is an independent Record Label, opening doors for Bands, Singers/Songwriters, Music Producers, Composers and Musicians.
Denn Scoth BusinessCEO/Creative Director
Oct. 2018IndiaBusiness Consultant
Denn Scoth Muzik NationPresident/CEO
Sep. 2018
Waretron - Logistics and WarehousingFounder/CEO
May. 2018Rohtak, Haryana, India
Plathens International - Worldโ€™s Best Preschool ChainFounder/CEO/Director
Jan. 2018Rohtak, Haryana, IndiaPlathens is a chain of pre schools with extravagant facilities unbeatable motto in education sector.
Idroid Authority IndiaFounder/CEO/MD
Nov. 2017An online mobile store which offers you amazing deals on Mobile Phones. Great price and reliability.
FitsDaManaging Director
Jul. 2017Rohtak, Haryana, IndiaFitness and Dance Centre.
Denn Scoth Business Advisors and ConsultantsFounder/CEO
Apr. 2017Rohtak, Haryana, IndiaConglomerate
BUSINESS DIGITALFounder/CEO/Director of Marketing
Oct. 2019India
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