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Le ExcellerDirector of Operations
Jan. 2020IndiaWe are a team of skilled professionals with a focus on brand design. We utilize advanced design methodologies to provide our clients with exceptional logos, motion graphics, social media advertisements, digital banners, publications, and merchandise packaging. With our expertise in these areas, we offer top-quality design services to help our clients build a strong and recognizable brand identity. We specialize in socio-political research, awareness, and action, and excel at creating awareness through mainstream and digital media. Our PR services include content creation, media planning, and information dissemination. We've worked with top media houses like Forbes India, Fortune India, and Hindustan Times, to name a few. Le-Exceller is a premier brand custodian and PR agency that pioneers creative thought and powers business growth through an expansive portfolio of services. Our offerings include negotiation management, business health standard accreditation, client delivery, trainings, coaching, transformation management, content, and analytics solutions - all on one platform. With access to a comprehensive content library and robust data, our partners can make intelligent business decisions throughout the entire customer life cycle, particularly in the domains of health, safety, and wellbeing. At Le-Exceller, we prioritize innovation and creativity to bring out the best in our partners, and are dedicated to helping them realize their full potential.
Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group)Consultant
Nov. 2018 - Feb. 2021DelhiAs a professional in the training industry, I have successfully managed the training requirements of clients from diverse sectors including Automobile, Hospitality, FMCG, Banking, and IT. My responsibilities have included overseeing the entire training process, from identifying the client's needs, to designing the training program, to delivering the training and evaluating its effectiveness. I have experience managing a team of pan India trainers, ensuring they were allocated and administered training projects that aligned with the client's objectives. Additionally, I have recruited and trained new trainers to maintain a high level of training quality and consistency. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a strong ability to develop effective training programs that enhance the skills and capabilities of employees while aligning with the organization's strategic goals. My expertise in managing training operations, identifying training needs, and designing custom training programs has enabled me to achieve excellent results in terms of employee performance, productivity, and retention.
Dale Carnegie TrainingTrainer Partner
Jan. 2018 - Feb. 2021Cochin Area, IndiaAs a Trainer Partner, I have had the opportunity to lead and oversee a range of complex training initiatives, including government sector skill training projects and large-scale non-technical training projects. In my role, I have been responsible for managing every aspect of these projects, from planning and execution to monitoring and evaluation. I have worked closely with diverse teams to allocate and administer project resources, build strong relationships with stakeholders, and ensure that all training activities are aligned with project goals and objectives. Through my leadership, these projects have achieved exceptional outcomes, delivering high-quality training programs that have equipped participants with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.
SPSR Education Pvt Ltd.Business Associate
Nov. 2013 - Dec. 2014
Aviation AcademyDirector Corporate || National Head
Mar. 2013 - Mar. 2018New Delhi Area, IndiaI have extensive experience in establishing and managing business units across India, with a focus on operations, revenue generation, administration, and capacity building. Some of my key achievements include: - Established and managed a business unit across India, focusing on operations, revenue generation, administration, and capacity building. - Coordinated with government funding schemes such as NSDC and KSDC, and associated with Ministry level delegates for contract approvals. - Successfully received NSDC funding and affiliation under team supervision. - Developed process framework for leadership and management development training for pan India branch managers. - Established a strong campus recruitment model and corporate tie-up with the Ministry of Labor and Employment for internship projects. - Implemented franchising of DGITO brands across India and abroad. - Coordinated with Bharathiar University Director for renewal of agreement and further expansion of academic tie-ups. - Coordinated with IATA India Head for further expansion. - Addressed media on briefings related to legal complications. - Restructured all loss-making businesses and brought in fresh training and solutions for each business. - Managed the Cochin branch team, generated record-breaking revenue, and awarded employee of the year. Overall, I have managed to set up by business units, coordinate with government funding schemes and ministry-level delegates, develop training frameworks, establish partnerships with universities and corporations, address media, and restructure businesses for success and I have also shown exceptional leadership and management skills, as evidenced by managing Cochin branch team, which generated record-breaking revenue and earned an employee of the year award.
May. 2012 - May.
Shah Industry (A Division of M.V Shah & Sons)Entrepreneur
Apr. 2009IndiaShah Industries was founded in 1978 in Cochin, Kerala, famously known as "God's Own Country". Our company has specialized in providing environmentally-friendly and biodegradable coir substrates, such as Coir Ropes, Coir Fiber, Coir Pith Block, Coir Logs, Coco Chips, Coconut Pith, Coconut Coir Stick, Cocopeat powder, and various other Coir Products, which have been exported to numerous countries worldwide, helping to spread the benefits of sustainable materials and practices. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated expertise in end-to-end operations management, successfully coordinating with both manufacturers and clients while effectively managing negotiations and closing deals. I have also implemented import-export strategies, successfully expanding sales from a national to an international level, and possess a strong understanding of end-to-end procurement processes. In addition, I am well-versed in risk management, having holistically managed risk while also enhancing sustainability and improving supplier relationships. I am adept at navigating the global market, adopting innovative practices, and collaborating effectively. Through my work, I have developed strong financial skills, including experience dealing with highly negotiating deals and foreign direct investment (FDI). In my role, I have conducted client needs analysis and developed assessments of supplier markets. I have implemented sourcing strategies, negotiating with parties to select the winning bid and oversee implementation of a transition plan. My experience spans a range of industries, including trading with coir products, agro-based products, copier paper, spices, aluminum, and copper, among others.
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