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Work Background
Merch Product Manager
StreamElementsMerch Product Manager
Sep. 2021 - Aug. 2023Los Angeles, California, United States · RemoteMy role as Merch Operations Manager was pivotal during an exhilarating phase of organizational expansion and innovation. Here’s how I contributed to redefining our operations and product offerings: ☛ Operational Growth Architect: I steered the company through a significant growth spurt, scaling from a modest team to several hundred global employees. My focus? Ensuring that our daily fulfillment processes were as seamless as they were efficient, even amidst rapid expansion. ☛ Product Relaunch Strategist: Leading the transition from third-party dependencies to robust in-house solutions, I directed a major product relaunch. This move not only optimized our client interface but also reduced development time, mitigating customer issues, and contributing to over $2M in annual sales. ☛ Diversification Champion: Launching the Custom Embroidery and Multi-Side Print Expansion, I opened the doors for users to a world of diverse product options. This initiative was instrumental in driving a 20% increase in our average order value. ☛ Integration Expert: By deploying third-party API integration for embroidery mockups and conducting comprehensive cost analyses, I ensured we offered competitive pricing for high-quality products. This strategy was crucial in enhancing customer understanding and engagement with new features. ☛ Vendor Relations Connoisseur: I prioritized fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our vendors, recognizing that our mutual growth fuels business success. This approach was key in consistently delivering superior customer experiences. ☛ Creator Advocate: At every turn, I placed the satisfaction and interests of our creators at the forefront. Whether it was through decision-making or community engagement strategies, their success was synonymous with ours.
Merch Assistant Product Manager
StreamElementsMerch Assistant Product Manager
Nov. 2018 - Sep. 2021Los Angeles, California, United States · RemoteAt StreamElements, I started to work as Merch Operations & Support Lead with a zeal for excellence and innovation. Here’s a look at how I navigated through challenges and milestones: ☛ Merchandise Maestro: My expertise lay in orchestrating end-to-end merchandise solutions for content creators around the globe. From research to sourcing, and from troubleshooting to the final delivery, my focus remained steadfast on client satisfaction, ensuring every step met our high standards. ☛ Vendor Partnership Architect: I was instrumental in cultivating robust vendor partnerships. By leveraging my in-depth industry knowledge, I positioned StreamElements as a reliable and trusted merchandising hub for content creators, both big and small. ☛ Operational Transition Specialist: A major milestone was the strategic shift from in-house fulfillment to leveraging third-party solutions. My hands-on approach not only streamlined our operations but also fortified our vendor relationships, striking a balance between efficiency and quality. ☛ Global Operations Contributor: My contributions were pivotal to the establishment and exponential growth of our global merch operations. I took pride in ensuring that our product delivery consistently resonated with our promise of quality and reliability.
Revenue Cycle Operator
R1 RCMRevenue Cycle Operator
Apr. 2016 - Nov. 2018St. George UTI harnessed my skills and knowledge as a Revenue Cycle Operator to transform financial operations within the healthcare sector. Here's an insight into my journey: ☛ Revenue Cycle Strategist: Tasked with managing the revenue cycle clients, my goal was to streamline operations and boost revenue generation. This wasn't just about numbers; it was about implementing strategic training and analytics to revolutionize how healthcare institutions approached their financial health. ☛ Data Analytics Expert: Collaborating closely with client managers across various hospital departments, I leveraged my SQL prowess to dive deep into data pools. By analyzing trends and unearthing operational insights, I became a key player in informing and shaping our clients' strategic decisions. ☛ Performance Improvement Pioneer: Utilizing the rich insights gleaned from data, I developed and executed targeted strategies that significantly enhanced key performance metrics. These initiatives were crucial in not only meeting but often surpassing objectives in hospital revenue cycle management.
Patient Financial Advocate
R1 RCMPatient Financial Advocate
Mar. 2015 - Apr. 2016Kalamazoo, MichiganAt R1RCM, I started to work as a Patient Financial Advocate, I bridged the gap between healthcare needs and financial feasibility. Here’s a brief overview of my responsibilities and achievements: ☛ Financial Guidance Counselor: Weekly, I assisted approximately X individuals, helping them navigate the complexities of resolving outstanding balances with non-profit hospitals. This role was not just about financial transactions; it was about offering support and solutions to individuals during challenging times. ☛ Communication Specialist: Handling both inbound and outbound calls, I delivered empathetic and effective resolutions to financial concerns. My approach was always underpinned by meticulous attention to detail and a strong proficiency in computer literacy, ensuring every interaction was both compassionate and efficient. ☛ Data Management Expert: Tasked with accurate and timely data entry, I ensured that documentation and communication flowed seamlessly. This responsibility demanded not only precision in data handling but also excellence in written communication, making every client interaction clear, concise, and effective.


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