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Work Background
DevOps, Consulting, Technology, Change
Blue DevOpsDevOps, Consulting, Technology, Change
Jan. 2008I specialize in innovation and prototyping, fostering a DevOps culture within companies. As a consultant, I provide guidance on innovation, processes, HR, and technology, as well as project implementation. My focus is on data, automation, and IoT. I have developed customized training on a range of topics, including Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and various technologies (Linux, storage, cloud, automation).
DevOps Technical Lead
HydraDXDevOps Technical Lead
Dec. 2021 - Dec. 2022remote ยท RemoteMigrating AWS architecture towards bare metal to cut costs. Setting Ansible deployments, monitoring and creating way for devs to debug blockchain operations. Tech stack: - Ansible - Cloudflare - Prometheus - Grafana - Golang - Python
DevOps Lead
SIA EuropeDevOps Lead
Feb. 2020 - Oct. 2020Bratislava, SlovakiaI led the migration of Java-based applications to a new data center, adopting DevOps, setting up monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana, and migrating critical infrastructure services. I also established a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline and applied FinTech security standards.
Founder and Solution architect
BatSuiteFounder and Solution architect
Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2017Bratislava, SlovakiaWe developed a new generation of wearable white canes for visually impaired people, designed to enhance navigation in various environments. Our innovative hardware technology incorporates sensors that scan for surrounding obstacles and alert the user about potential hazards nearby. This advancement offers an improved mobility experience for those with visual impairments.
SysAdmin, IT consultant
The Slovak philharmonicSysAdmin, IT consultant
Apr. 1998 - Oct. 2009Design, implement, and support Linux server-based systems with Windows workstations Administer LAN, WAN, and information systems (Linux servers and services) Provide consultancy services Part-time role
System Administrator
petrzalka.netSystem Administrator
Aug. 2001 - Feb. 2002Petrzalka.net was a non-profit, community-driven organization that provided low-cost internet solutions to end-users and small companies. I was responsible for implementing functional WiFi-based networking on Linux boxes.
DevOps Consultant
TeliaDevOps Consultant
Dec. 2022 - Aug. 2023RemoteDelivering and troubleshooting infrastructure and applications in complex Telco environment during Agile revolution in company. CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins IaaC with Ansible (AWX installed too) and Jenkinsfiles Kubernetes operations and deployment VMs management Network and security troubleshooting
SRE/DevOps Lead
FiservSRE/DevOps Lead
Nov. 2020 - Dec. 2021RemoteAs an external DevOps consultant, I collaborated with a team to establish DevOps culture and SRE implementation. We integrated complex IT operations with development and streamlined release management. Our efforts included infrastructure consolidation, monitoring integration, automated support operations, and implementing lean CI/CD for shared release management. We held Agile Scrum meetings and calls remotely, adapting to a 100% remote work environment during the pandemic. While the coffee was good, the sense of community was missed.
Design thinking and Lean management university course
Faculty of Management, Comenius University in BratislavaDesign thinking and Lean management university course
Sep. 2016 - Dec. 2019BratislavaIn collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Department at the Faculty of Management of Comenius University, we developed a new Design Thinking course that emphasized mentoring and coaching students. The educational framework aimed at integrating interdisciplinary teams, motivating students, fostering problem-solving skills, and promoting a lean approach to project preparation. Throughout the course, my main responsibilities included providing mentorship and coaching to students, delivering the syllabus, conducting classes in co-working spaces and hackerspaces, and evaluating students at the end of the year.
Country-organizer and International facilitator
Startup WeekendCountry-organizer and International facilitator
Aug. 2011 - Oct. 2016CEE regionStartup Weekend is a 54-hour event where participants develop ideas into products, emphasizing collaboration between universities and businesses. In just one year, the Slovak team expanded from 8 to 25 members. I was responsible for establishing new communities across the country, creating teams of skilled professionals and students in various fields. Additionally, I facilitated several Startup Weekend events, transferring know-how to new teams and building relationships with partners from diverse sectors.
Senior DevOps Engineer
ExponeaSenior DevOps Engineer
Jan. 2016 - May. 2016BratislavaI developed Infrastructure as Code (Ansible) and documented environments with Big Data implemented in NoSQL databases like MongoDB and MapR Hadoop. My daily tasks included communication with developers and providing them with various tools. I also created monitoring solutions and integrated notification tools. All work was done remotely from the Bratislava office, collaborating with a foreign data center. Additionally, I was involved in developing and consulting on new products within the company.
DevOps Engineer
VisualDNADevOps Engineer
Sep. 2014 - Jul. 2015BratislavaI continuously develop new infrastructure environments based on Linux systems hosted in data centers and AWS. Focusing on delivering Hadoop clusters to analysts and developers, our team has transitioned from Puppet to Ansible for automation. Our data is stored on Hadoop clusters and in AWX S3, with extensive AWS EC2 usage. We work from a small Bratislava office, collaborating with a remote team spread across the UK and Canada.
education architect / founder
ITexperienceeducation architect / founder
Aug. 2011 - Dec. 2014BratislavaITexperience improves practical education in Slovak schools with technical coaching and mentoring, emphasizing programming and system administration. The pilot program was launched in five Bratislava high schools.
System and Storage professional
TempestSystem and Storage professional
May. 2007 - Aug. 2012I design and operate new Linux/UNIX solutions focusing on high availability and high performance for clients in both public and private sectors. My work involves migrating data centers in high-availability environments and planning migrations based on best practices in sectors such as banking, energy, production, and government. As a certified engineer, I support data center operations and contribute to the design and implementation of changes in heterogeneous environments.
HP Certified Instructor
GopasHP Certified Instructor
Aug. 2009 - Aug. 2012I provide HP certified training for vendor partners located in Slovakia, helping them develop skills and expertise in HP technologies and products.
Linux/storage System Engineer, Techical Quality Lead and Trainer
SoitronLinux/storage System Engineer, Techical Quality Lead and Trainer
May. 2001 - Apr. 2007I served as Technical Quality Leader, project manager, and 3rd line architecture member during the transition of the HP support center from Germany to Slovakia. I helped grow the team from 8 to 50+ members and was responsible for team structure, performance, and company culture. Our team supported SAN environments and backup systems, with a focus on automating processes in UNIX environments. As a member of the Technical Experts Group Linux at Hewlett-Packard, I developed and conducted technical training and contributed to the planning of a new training center, creating an IT farm concept for training graduates.
Verlag DashoferProgrammer
Sep. 1998 - Nov. 1999During high school, I worked part-time developing marketing programs in Delphi and Visual C++.


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DevOps Solution Architect: Automation, CI/CD & Infrastructure Setup
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