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Work Background
Senior Engineer ll
lululemonSenior Engineer ll
Oct. 2023Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · HybridConjuring and Spreading Engineering Wizardry at Lululemon.
Full Stack Engineer
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)Full Stack Engineer
Apr. 2022 - Apr. 2023Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · RemoteFueled innovation as a Full Stack Software Engineer on the EV Charging Journie App: crafted serverless magic in the cloud and wove mobile marvels with React Native.
Software Engineering Lead
Realtor.comSoftware Engineering Lead
Apr. 2020 - Nov. 2021Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaOfficial Bug Tamer and Feature Whisperer for FiveStreet.com, Realtor.com, Auto Response Magic, Lead Ingestion Wizardry, and Agent Dashboard Alchemy. A dynamic juggling maestro leading software symphonies with a knack for charming ancient code into modern marvels. My daily routine at realtor.com was: leading team in orchestrating microservices, conjuring dashboard delights, and ensuring our applications don't just 'work fine' but 'work wonders.
Web Development Consultant
NutrienWeb Development Consultant
Oct. 2019 - Dec. 2019Vancouver, Canada AreaDigital Alchemist turning permit building apps from paper to pixels. Wielding React JS, Redux, and AWS like a tech wizard, I transformed clunky forms into sleek, responsive web experiences. With a toolbelt loaded with full-stack expertise, Git guerrilla tactics, Node.js ninja moves, React.js recipes, and AWS Lambda lore, I'm your go-to guru for all things code and cloud.
Software Engineering Lead
DeCurtis CorporationSoftware Engineering Lead
Oct. 2017 - Dec. 2018Jaipur Area, IndiaCoding's Captain Jack Sparrow, I once steered the NodeJS, Python, and ReactJS ship through the treacherous waters of software development. My daily escapades involved battling rogue PRs, ensuring our coding standards and simplicity weren't lost in the sea of complexity. As the architect of our digital world and a diplomat in design, I wielded my technical wizardry to dissolve cross-team and cross-project enigmas, ensuring smooth sailing across the board. A seasoned navigator in the realms of both tech wizards and mortals (a.k.a. management and stakeholders), my role was to chart the course in our software-development saga, communicating in tongues understood by all. Among my voyages, the project of 'Virgin Voyages' at virginvoyages.com was a flagship endeavor. On this and other internal quests, I wasn't just the captain at the helm but often the entire crew, leading our coding odyssey to new and uncharted territories.
Software System Architect
BirdEyeSoftware System Architect
Sep. 2016 - Jul. 2017Gurgaon, IndiaAt the helm of the "Birdeye Survey Platform," I led my team from a blank screen to a fully functional marvel. Picture us as digital artists, with ReactJS as our paintbrush, creating a masterpiece of code. Not just the conductor of this software symphony, I got my hands coded too, proving that I can walk the talk (or code the...code?). My mission? Ensuring our software not only meets standards but does the salsa dance around them. Juggling tasks with multiple teams, I was like a tech circus ringmaster, making sure every act was perfectly timed and every roadblock tamed. In a nutshell, if building software platforms was an Olympic sport, consider me a hopeful for the gold medal in platform gymnastics!
Technical lead(NodeJS)
JaarvisTechnical lead(NodeJS)
Feb. 2016 - Jul. 2016Gurgaon, IndiaLeading a team of UI and middleware developers, I was the orchestra conductor for our tech symphony, guiding them through the melodious world of MEAN stack and React.js. As a mentor, think of me as a sherpa, guiding my team up the mountain of NodeJS and Python development. Short stint, but like a tech ninja, I swooped in, coded, mentored, and left my mark! In essence, it was a quick but action-packed tech adventure!
Senior Software Engineer
Currie & BrownSenior Software Engineer
Aug. 2010 - Feb. 2016New Delhi Area, IndiaIn my hands-on role, I was part captain, part coach, leading a crew of software engineers towards excellence. Imagine us as a tech SWAT team, where every project is a new mission. Collaborating across teams, we mixed ideas like DJs to create innovative software hits. My mantra? Continuous improvement. Picture me with a tech toolbox, tweaking and tuning our practices in coding, testing, and deployment. Keeping up with the latest trends, I ensured our software was always the cool kid on the block. It was less of a job, more of a tech rollercoaster ride!
Senior Web Developer
Global Alliance LTD (GLOBIANCE), new delhiSenior Web Developer
Sep. 2006 - Jul. 2010New Delhi Area, IndiaAs a digital explorer in the land of UI development, I navigated the uncharted waters of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XML. Every line of code was a new adventure, with JavaScript validations as my trusty map. Learning these technologies was like attending a Hogwarts for coders – I was the new wizard on the block, conjuring UI masterpieces and turning my newfound magical skills into visually enchanting experiences!
Linux Administrator, Web developer
GTL Ltd, MohaliLinux Administrator, Web developer
Aug. 2002 - Jan. 2006ChandigarhAs an intern stepping into the grand arena of Linux kernel development, C and C++ were my Excalibur and shield. Initially, these languages seemed like cryptic runes from an ancient scroll. But with each line of code, I transformed from a coding apprentice into a C/C++ wizard. Picture me, conjuring up software spells and taming the wild Linux systems with my newfound language prowess. By the end of my journey, I wasn't just coding in C/C++; I was making it perform acrobatics under the Linux big top!
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