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Work Background
CEO / Geschäftsführer
innova.ventures GmbHCEO / Geschäftsführer
Sep. 2011Westerhaminnova.ventures is a globally active management consulting firm. Our mission is to enable companies to become more innovative. Our target companies range from start-ups to scalable enterprises. As an expert in innovation management innova.ventures offers seminars and consulting on innovation management. As a Partner of Qmarkets, innova.ventures offers one-stop-shopping, delivering the system solution and encompassing training, consultation and even implementation to enable a best-of-class innovation management system within your company. Our typical clients are innovators around the globe in the areas of IT, Mobile, Communications, Mechanical Engineering, Pharma, Chemistry, Banking and Insurances.
Executive Boards and Adjunct Professorships
Other Concurrent RolesExecutive Boards and Adjunct Professorships
Jun. 2006Finland, Poland, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, India, US02/2018 Consulting Partner Qmarkets 12/2017- Partner Digital Learning GmbH 05/2013- Partner Finding Heads International GmbH 2012- Frequent Mentor and Judge for the Rice Business Plan Competition, the NYU Business Plan Competition as well as for Start-up Chile. 12/2012 Member of the Advisory Committee for the M.Tech Programme in Innovation Management at RMSoEE, IIT Kharagpur, India 12/2011- Global Enabler Oy: Member of the Executive Board / Shareholder 10/2011- SolW’IT: Member of the Executive Board / Shareholder 10/2011- University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim: Adjunct Professor for Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation 03/2010-10/2013 Informatics Europe: Member of the Executive Board (served the max number of years based on the by-laws) 03/2010- EQANIE: Member of the Accreditation Council 03/2010- INTENTAC: Senior Fellow for Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation 10/2007- TU Munich: Expert for the Executive MBA 09/2006- University of Sofia: Associated Professor for Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation 06/2006- University Politehnica Bucharest: Associated Professor for Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Director Higher Education & Research Europe, Middle East, Africa (Europe)
IntelDirector Higher Education & Research Europe, Middle East, Africa (Europe)
Dec. 2002 - Apr. 2012Munich Area, GermanyDuring the last decade of my Intel tenure, interacting with EMEA’s leading Universities to support Intel’s R&D initiatives as well as up leveling curricula standards in the Universities. The role covered research, and curriculum development, negotiating with Universities, governments and the EU for support of programs moving the higher education agenda forwards. As Intel Labs Europe evolved with today 40+ R&D labs spread all over Europe the role was enhanced by supporting our R&D initiatives by finding the competencies that were needed to either hire or collaborate with to achieve our research agenda as well as driving collaborative research with the EMEA leading experts. In 2004/5 developed together with UC Berkeley an entrepreneurship program targeted at technical students. In 2005 launched the Intel® Technology Entrepreneurship – Theory to Practice Program and in May 2006 assumed ownership for the global Program. Regular consultant into EU Directorate Generals (DGs) covering Higher Education. As the European Institute of Innovation and Technology evolved (EIT), was directly involved in many of their setup sessions to give industry feedback as a trusted advisor and even today outside of Intel as an invited speaker.
Director Strategic Market Development EMEA
IntelDirector Strategic Market Development EMEA
Jan. 2002 - Dec. 2002Lead the European, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) professional services organization to advance all phases of Intel Solution Services with a focus on developing a scaling business model for worldwide application. Full responsibility for several bottom-line factors, including staffing and steering strong cross-functional teams, building start-up organizations, and strategic business planning and partnerships. Establish economical operational approach to meet or exceed all targeted milestones and deadlines without delay. Heavily involved in outlining and implementing EMEA/Worldwide Charter to create a functional scale model by 2005. Identified and initiated key partnerships with global leaders and local system integrators to carryout mission-critical projects.
Director Intel® Solution Services EMEA
IntelDirector Intel® Solution Services EMEA
May. 2000 - Dec. 2001Pioneered fundamental advancements in Intel Solution Services to include defining strategies for EMEA implementation, identifying market gaps, and establishing partnerships essential to global success. Negotiated with subcontractors to build multimillion-dollar solution centers. Led all departmental operations such as budgeting, cost benefits analyses, reporting, and training; defined alliances, business development strategies, and overall marketing direction. Advanced company practices and standards through regular coaching, business reviews, and direct executive support throughout collaborative process. Created the Operation from scratch building 5 Multi-million dollar solution centers and hiring 60 staff from external within six months. Brought the team to positive P&L within 12 months. Engaged in Solution aquisition projects supporting our OEMs with deals size ranging from 1-100M$ (total solution).
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