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Work Background
Head of Product
Shift.msHead of Product
Oct. 2022Reino Unido
Product Manager
Landing.JobsProduct Manager
Nov. 2021 - Sep. 2022Lisbon, Portugal
Co Founder & CEO | Songwriter & Performer
MadrepazCo Founder & CEO | Songwriter & Performer
Aug. 2015 - Apr. 2022Lisboa, Portugal"Madrepaz are a band from Lisbon formed by Nuno Canina, Pedro da Rosa, Ricardo Amaral and João Barreiros. Canina's (drums) history with guitarist Pedro da Rosa started on the band Os Golpes, one of the most vanguardist bands in Portuguese New Music that united a whole generation. Pedro and Canina continued this work in bands like TheMightyTerns and Armada (Ricardo Amaral was the guitarist). As they were recording Armada's second album, they realized that a change in their sonority was under way. At that time, Nuno and Ricardo began searching for a new musical aesthetic and this led to a clearer and deeper insight into the group's identity and the kind of music and message they wanted to share with the world. João Barreiros' keyboards would join the group in the final stretch of 2015 and Madrepaz was born. In two years, they released two albums: "Panoramix" (2017) and the second album, "Bonanza" (2018) - both featured in the year's tops. In 2019, they participated in the Portuguese Song Festival with the interpretation of the song "Mundo a Mudar" by Frankie Chavez and Pedro Puppe, getting the 4th place in the festival." in https://www.superbocksuperrock.pt/en/concerts/madrepaz/
 Project Manager | Strategy Consultant
Versátil Partilha Project Manager | Strategy Consultant
May. 2020 - Jun. 2021Lisboa, Portugal
Project Manager
Viesa, Engenharia LDAProject Manager
Oct. 2019 - Jan. 2020Amadora, PortugalReporting directly to the company’s director, my job included project revising and budgeting according to tasks duration, equipment and workforce needs. I was also responsible for construction production, as well as both clients and suppliers contract analysis. This implied weekly inventory updates, health and environment safety contract management and obtaining construction licences. Most projects were related to sanitation and telecommunications public installation/repair and road/pavement repair, but i also worked on schools rehabilitation, as well as private building constructions. I was involved in proposal design and submission, which implied working with online public construction applications platforms work such as Vortal/AnoGov/AcinGov/SaphetyGov/Siliamb.
FEDP's Central Tejo Facility Manager | Project Manager | Strategy Consultant
Versátil PartilhaFEDP's Central Tejo Facility Manager | Project Manager | Strategy Consultant
Mar. 2015 - Jun. 2018Lisboa, PortugalMy role was very exciting, demanding and challenging. Working for the company's major client Fundação EDP, I designed and documented maintenance procedures and plans for Central Tejo museum, provided assistance in designing montage, maintenance and disassembly plans for temporary expositions. Also, I designed and executed considerable amount of rehabilitation projects for the classified industrial archaeological heritage. As head of operations, I recruited my own team and was responsible for budget, deadline schedule, yield monitoring and corrective action implementation, as well as health and environment safety issues and quality control. I worked as a consultant in the negotiation of Facility Management contracts, acting as a spokesman in meetings with Fundação EDP’s directors, having written and presented weekly, monthly and annual reports.
Co-founder | Co-creative Director | Songwriter & Performer
Os GolpesCo-founder | Co-creative Director | Songwriter & Performer
Oct. 2006 - Nov. 2011Lisboa, Portugal"Os Golpes foi uma banda portuguesa, com término em 2011. Consistem num projecto musical cuja sonoridade se situa entre o rock e a música tradicional portuguesa." in Wikipedia
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