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Work Background
Backend Software Engineer
CoinwaveBackend Software Engineer
Nov. 2022RemoteMobile development with .NET MAUI Backend development with ASP.net Core minimal api
Chief Technology Officer
MindCompassChief Technology Officer
Jul. 2022 - Nov. 2023RemoteCloud architecture, AWS architecture (lambda, dynamodb, beanstalk, iam, cloudfront, S3, EFS, EC2). Native development, C/C++ development and optimization to target ARM64 (AWS Graviton) on lambda, for Covarep, OpenFace and OpenCV. Creating build chain for C/C++ to wasm using emscripten. Creating cmake build chain for Matlab coder output. Web development, WASM development using ASP.net Core Blazor web assembly. Webapi development with ASP.net Core minimal api. Database, Database modeling and CockroachDB deployment. Deployment and security configuration of our GraphQL api on Hasura. Creation of Auth0 actions for sync with Hasura. DevOps/Management, Setup of CI pipeline on Azure DevOPS. Setup of working process with a custom version of SCRUM. Management of development tasks. Enrolment of new team members. Evaluating technologies in regards of technical and legal requirements.
Senior Principal Software Engineer
IMPRIMERIE NATIONALE S.A.Senior Principal Software Engineer
Apr. 2019 - Jul. 2022Région de Paris, FranceICAO Digital Travel Credential solution (DTC), provide a mobile middleware for android to handle the DTC, secure communication (Ble, Nfc), digital Visa. Design and development of boarding gate simulator. Provide a proof of concept of technical solution to upgrade border and boarding gates. Development of Keycloak extentions, to support the futur decentalized identity. IATA One ID, provide a mobile middleware that implements all aspects of the One ID specification, secure storage of biometric templates, secured Bluetooth low energy communication. Provide a backend solution, to upgrade airport boarding gates to make them compatible with One ID. ISO Mobile Driving License (mDL), proof of concept based on the living norm of a secure mobile driving license - ISO/IEC TC JTC1/SC 17 N - ISO/IEC CD 18013-5:2019(E). Biometric backend, pool all the algorithms we have developed within a single and simple biometric system deployed as a SAAS solution. Mentoring, helping and assisting younger members of the team with course, technical advices, and tackle new technologies. Trackin’, design of a solution of indoor tracking. Porting IDS imagine ueye dotnet Framework drivers wrapper to .net core, in order to run on ARM architecture (Raspberry). Development of a high-performance system to convert images streaming to video streaming in near real time. Integration of face detection and user identity matching in the image streaming. Cloud, AWS infrastructure definition, maintenance, and deployment, docker configuration, powershell core scripts writing for windows and linux. INES, biometric ATM that replace the usage of card and code with face and voice authentication. Monaco mobile suitcase, creation of a demonstrator of the new generation of mobile suitcase for citizen registration. Technologies: C#, dotnet core, Java, Kotlin, WPF, UWP, RabbitMQ, aspnet web api, Angular, Xamarin, Keycloak, Linux, Docker
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Bolloré LogisticsSenior Principal Software Engineer
Oct. 2017 - Mar. 2019PuteauxDevelopment of a Xamarin forms application for salespeople - Technical architecture - Design and production of a mobile technical stack - Asp.net webapi core service development - Xamarin development for iOS and Android - Development for Sharepoint 365, Delve, Azure graph Development of a Xamarin forms application (POC) for Air France - KLM - Technical architecture - C ++ development based on OpenNI to control the 3D Structure sensor - Modified OpenNI2 python build script - Porting the solution from Nmake to CMake - Reconstruction of the build toolchain to use visual studio 2017 for code generation - Creation of a Poc with Threejs + Export STL for the front team - Xamarin development for iOS and Android
Senior Software Engineer
Bolloré LogisticsSenior Software Engineer
Sep. 2015 - Sep. 2016PuteauxDevelopment of a road carrier management solution - Solution architecture - Web application development, with Asp.net MVC5, bootstrap and KendoUI - SQL script development (Sql Server, T-SQL) - Architecture and development of a micro ORM - Integration of the solution with Web Method web services Development of a global pricing management and consolidation solution - Architecture and development of a rules engine and validation of prices - Development of an import and validation module for tariff reference systems - Web application development, with Asp.net MVC5, bootstrap and KendoUI TMA and development of a Live Tracking solution - Development of a driver management module for last mile delivery Technologies: C#, Asp.net MVC 5, SQL Server 2014, KendoUI, Bootstrap
Technical Expert
DOCAPOSTTechnical Expert
May. 2017 - Oct. 2017Région de Paris, France- Development of a data integration solution for ADP - Refactoring of Sncf and Ratp data processing chains - Integration of WCF soap service - Refactoring and pooling of the generic base shared by different customers - Implementation of coverage and code quality tools - Design of a new application architecture using Windows Workflow Foundation Technologies: .net Framework, WCF, Mysql, Entity framework, Windows Workflow Foundation
Principal Software Architect
The VoxpopuliPrincipal Software Architect
Mar. 2017 - Jun. 2017ColombesArchitecture and development of a Xamarin Forms application - Technical architecture - Application development with Xamarin Forms - Implementation of a conversation and notification system with RavenDB + RabbitMQ - Design of REST web services with asp.net core webapi - Sql database design - Development of stored procedures Technologies: Asp.net core, Ravendb, RabbitMQ, Xamarin forms, Sql server 2016, T-SQL
Technical Expert
Frontline MediaTechnical Expert
Jan. 2017 - Apr. 2017Région de Paris, FranceDevelopment of a web publication platform for journalists - Back office development with Asp.net mvc Core and VueJS - Asp.net WebApi 2 development - Database development with Entity Framework code first Technologies: Asp.net MVC core, Asp.net WebApi, Entity Framework, VueJS, Javascript
Graduate Software Engineer
WyzappsGraduate Software Engineer
Dec. 2008 - Jan. 2010Development of an e-commerce site - Drafting specifications - Writing functional specifications - Writing technical specifications - Writing a test book - Use of Merise for the design of the database - Use of UML for the design of the application - Implementation of unit tests - Use of CAT.net for automatic audit of security vulnerabilities - Integration of a virtual payment terminal - Installation and maintenance of the SQL Server 2005 server - Implementation and maintenance of Windows server 2003 application server - Development of stored procedure and views
Senior Software Engineer
StagoSenior Software Engineer
Nov. 2016 - Jan. 2017GenevilliersDevelopment of a mobile laboratory - C++ development of a driver for the Avalun measurement core (LabPad) - Development of a .net interoperability layer to control the measurement core - Development of a Xamarin Android application - Development of a simulator for Avalun LapDad Technologies: C#, dotnet core, C/C++, Xamarin
Senior Software Engineer
DOCAPOST-BPOSenior Software Engineer
Feb. 2015 - Sep. 2015CourbevoieDevelopment of a banking mobility management solution - Development of a asp.net MVC 4 web application, bootstrap - REST web service development - Development of a dematerialization solution Technologies: C#, Asp.net mvc 4
Senior Software Engineer
Ministère de la DéfenseSenior Software Engineer
Nov. 2014 - Feb. 2015Région de Saint-Denis, France- Deployment and configuration of SharePoint 2010 servers - Development of web part and web pages (asp.net webform) - Integration of business object reports - Code audit and refactoring Technologies: SharePoint 2010, Business Object, C#
Software Engineer
FONCIASoftware Engineer
Aug. 2014 - Nov. 2014Région de Boulogne-Billancourt, France- Development of a search engine allowing the reconciliation between prospects and goods - Development around mobility issues (tablet) and interoperability between browsers - Corrective maintenance Technologies: C#, PL/SQL, Bootstrap, Knockout, Asp.net mvc4
Software Engineer
Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) – FranceSoftware Engineer
Sep. 2013 - Jun. 2014Région de Paris, FranceEvolving maintenance of an Asp.net Webform Vb.net 3.5 application - Development of the module for managing financial product approval requests - Interfacing between the application and SharePoint via K2 - Development of the management companies census campaign module - Development of a Windows data extraction service for the Banque de France Technologies: Asp.net webform, VB.net, T-SQL
Software Engineer
Ineat-Conseil (client : VINCI Construction France)Software Engineer
Jun. 2011 - Aug. 2013NanterreMaintenance of a Winform 3.5 application for financial monitoring of construction sites - Resumption and refactoring of the existing code - Rewriting the data access layer - Added multiple currencies support Development of an accounting tracking application in asp.net 4 webform - V-FAC - Refactoring and application of good practices on the existing code base - Creation of WCF web services - Integration of the application with the Magellan accounting system (Sage X3) - Design of windows services with a high performance imperative - Integration of Polyspot and Fast (POC) search engines - Development of a security plugin for the Fast search engine - Design of an archiving module to keep invoices in cold storage for 10 years - SQL script development, database optimization Development of an application for the maintenance of V-FAC in asp.net MVC3 - Implementation of unit tests - Use of UML for design - Use of Entity Framework 5 for data access - Integration with Vinci's authentication and rights management system - Use of the Telerik MVC library Technology: Entity Framework, Asp.net mvc3, WCF, Msmq, T-SQL
Software Engineer
Edmond de Rothschild (France)Software Engineer
Oct. 2010 - May. 2011ParisDevelopment of a Winform 2.0 application to monitor risks linked to stock market investments Development and maintenance of stored procedures, view and trigger under SQL server 2005 Asp.net webform 2.0 application maintenance Technologies: Asp.net webform 2, VB.net, T-sql
Software Engineer
FWASoftware Engineer
Feb. 2010 - Aug. 2010- Maintenance and update of functionalities of a silverlight mapping and sales tracking application for European Homes - Design of an Asp.net/VB.net application of stock pledge management for HARO - Development of an Asp.net/C#/Nhibernate application for disability policy management - Development of an Asp.net/C#/Nhibernate application for managing electrical risers for ERDF - Maintenance of a Php 5 billing application for ERDF - Development of an Asp.net/C#/Nhibernate application allowing the quotation of transport costs for the company Bolloré Technologies: Nhibernante, C#, Asp.net webform, Winform, Silverlight
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