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Work Background
Digital Performance Director
Classy LlamaDigital Performance Director
Feb. 2023United StatesAs a Performance Marketing Specialist at Classy LLama Agency, I develop and execute data-driven digital marketing strategies to drive client success and growth. I work closely with clients to understand their business objectives and deliver comprehensive performance marketing solutions. This role encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including but not limited to: Key Responsibilities: Strategy Development: I Collaborate with clients to create customized performance marketing strategies that align with their business goals. Paid Advertising: Manage, optimize, and execute paid advertising campaigns across various platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Data Analysis: Utilize analytical tools to measure campaign performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide data-driven insights to clients. A/B Testing: Create and execute A/B tests to refine ad copy, landing pages, and marketing campaigns for maximum performance. Budget Management: Monitor and manage advertising budgets to ensure efficient allocation of resources and drive ROI. Reporting: Prepare regular reports for clients, summarizing campaign performance, and detailing KPI achievements. Client Communication: I Maintain strong, proactive communication with clients, updating them on campaign progress and offering strategic guidance. Stay Current: Keep up-to-date with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.
Performance Marketing, Founder
ROI SOLUTIONSPerformance Marketing, Founder
Jan. 2019Cape Town Area, South AfricaAs the Owner and Performance Marketing Specialist at ROI SOLUTIONS, I will wear multiple hats, with dual responsibilities encompassing both the leadership and hands-on aspects of running a digital marketing agency. This involves a wide range of responsibilities, fostering client relationships, and driving innovative digital marketing campaigns. Key Responsibilities: Agency Leadership: Vision and Strategy: Develop and execute the agency's overarching vision, mission, and strategic goals. Business Development: Identify opportunities for growth, including expanding services, exploring new markets, and acquiring new clients and supporting other agencies. Team Leadership: Recruit, mentor, and manage a team of digital marketing professionals, fostering a collaborative and results-driven environment. Financial Management: Ensuring profitability and resource allocation. Performance Marketing Specialist: Client Engagement: Collaborate closely with clients to understand their objectives, align marketing strategies, and maintain strong client relationships. Strategy Development: Create tailored digital marketing strategies that leverage paid advertising, and other channels to achieve client goals. Campaign Execution: Lead and participate in the development and management of digital marketing campaigns across various platforms. Data Analysis: Utilize data analytics tools to measure campaign performance, extract actionable insights, and optimize strategies. Reporting: Generate regular reports for clients, summarizing campaign performance and achievements against key performance indicators (KPIs). Industry Expertise: Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices to ensure the agency remains at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.
Digital Marketing Strategist
NMPi (formerly Clicks2Customers)Digital Marketing Strategist
May. 2018 - Dec. 2019Cape Town Area, South Africa
Account Director
Clicks2CustomersAccount Director
Sep. 2010 - Jun. 2014Cape TownDigital Strategy proposals, SEO, Paid Search & Display & Remarketing. Channel selection, You Tube, Display – GDN, Premium Display, Mobile, and Email. Data Analysis - Google Analytics & Reporting, Optimisation recommendations. Conversion optimisation. Performance based business model formulation based on ROI & ROAS. New Business Development. Budget allocations & distribution. Account Management Social media applications. General management, administration, contracts, part of ExCo Mentorship for Account Managers, interviewing. Management Campaign Managers. Experience in Paid Search Campaign Management whereby Setup, monitor, optimize and analyse paid search campaigns. Develop and implement strategies for paid search campaigns. Research and analysis of clients business needs and proactively ensure best return on investment. Monthly Reporting and budget control.
Head Paid Media (Digital Specialist & Performance Marketing)
LUMEN Digital MarketingHead Paid Media (Digital Specialist & Performance Marketing)
Jun. 2016 - May. 2019Cape Town Area, South AfricaI was employed by LUMEN DIGITAL as Head of Paid Media and was responsible for the performance media of one of South Africa's largest financial institutions spend. I was responsible for managing the campaign management team and delivering performance across paid social, paid search, display & remarketing. I delivered on new client digital marketing strategies, as well client facing account management. • Advance Campaign Optimisation: Paid Search | Display | Remarketing | GSP | FB (client budget over a few million Rand per month) • Social Media Paid Strategy & audience selection • Digital Strategy, Media planning, strategic insights for new business proposals • Client Digital Marketing Asset Optimisation recommendations • Client Budget forecasts based on ROI per channel • Client Campaign Planning • Audience Data Analysis • Remarketing Strategies • Sales Funnel reporting – CRM link to channel performance • Google Data Studio Report formulation • Google Tag Manager tracking • Post campaign Analysis • Paid Media Team Management, performance management & retaining staff • Technology Implementation – software to manage day to day operations & task fulfilment • DoubleClick vs Adobe case study • Social Media Paid Strategy & audience selection • New Client Business Launches & Profitability • Governance of internal knowledge sharing and upskilling
Online Marketing Manager
BET.co.zaOnline Marketing Manager
Jul. 2014 - May. 2015Cape Town Area, South AfricaMarketing Management Responsibilities: Marketing Strategy Responsible for concept rebrand of the website and all supporting marketing material Promotion & advertising strategy and on-going unique selling benefits. Retention - email and mobile marketing strategy. Social media (Twitter, Facebook and Blog). SEO, Paid Media, Paid Search. Performance guidelines Define campaign objectives & reporting requirements. Analysis & Reporting Analytics reporting. Setting reporting target metrics. Granular optimizations to campaigns based on ROI. Reporting to board of directors. Reporting on KPI's for various campaigns. Marketing Team Management Designers (rebrand), agencies (TVC production), outsourced marketing support teams (Website software provider). Internal Retention (email marketing & VIP management). Manage outsourced Paid search, Facebook and blog partners. Oversee campaign performance as per company CPA requirements. Liaising with Group Company’s management teams. Retention & CRM Retention strategies driving targets increasing margin & cash flow. Promotion Strategies based on customer segments falling in-line with targets. Segmentation based on player behaviour & governing metrics. Oversee email marketing and mobile marketing. Key Performance Areas as General Manager ensuring optimal service delivery and day to day operations Providing internal structures and staff recruitment. Staff management & reports (hiring, retention management including: Customer Service Representatives, VIP management & Financial Manager) Performance management & KPIs.  Identify opportunities and threats, brief in projects based on this.  Support to Trading & Finance manager regarding Cash Flow.  Report bottom line to Board of Directors.  Setting targets based on new marketing efforts & Forecasting.  Legal Administration (licencing & ensuring WCRGB board compliance)  Staff Contracts.
Head of Paid Media
ROI DigitalHead of Paid Media
Feb. 2017 - Mar. 2017Cape Town Area, South AfricaResponsible for the strategic and operational direction and management of the Paid Advertising Department of ROI, including new business development; client relationship management and client retention; analysis, monitoring and optimisation management of all PPC accounts across all campaign managers; the overall strategy development and performance of all Paid Advertising campaigns across all platforms; and management of the paid media team. • Overall strategy development and performance of all Paid Advertising campaigns across all platforms. • Oversee the campaign manager’s research and implementation of PPC strategies across all platforms. • Recommend and manage campaign budgets with the main aim to ensure both the client and the R.O.I Digital benefit from it. • Setting, measuring and achieving customer relevant KPI’s for all campaign managers. • New business development and existing client growth in the Paid Advertising Department. • Consult, manage and work closely with Business Development to prospect new clients for paid offerings. Assist with the on-boarding of new clients. • Growing the current client base on paid opportunities for performance growth (scaling performance, ad spend and Department revenue). • Client relationship management and development and performance of all Paid Advertising campaigns across all platforms. Staff Management • Strategic and operational direction and management of the Paid Advertising Department to ensure growth, profitability and R.O.I. • Staff resource planning, execution and optimal structuring of the division to achieve strategic objectives ( with a top level goal of increasing revenue for the department). • The department’s growth and improvement through skills training on new product launch and overall skills development.
Retention Manager
ForwardslashRetention Manager
Jan. 2008 - Jan. 2010Strategic planning - Brand Marketing & Retention CRM & Communication's Strategy Email Marketing & Mobile Marketing Project and promotions planning and delivery Financial planning and budget allocation Data analysis and reporting
Advertorial/Promotions Manager
Associated MagazinesAdvertorial/Promotions Manager
Jan. 2006 - Jan. 2008Brand interpretation and conceptualization of advertorial features Communication, presentations and proposals to Clients and Advertising agencies Advertising sales; ATL & Advertorials Direction & coordination of all creative production
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