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Work Background
Senior Management
Renewable Energy Industry - AfricaSenior Management
May. 2013South AfricaOver the span of two decades, my unwavering commitment has been dedicated to forging a distinguished and prosperous professional trajectory. The last decade of my career has been intently focused on the burgeoning Renewable Energy sector in Southern Africa. This extensive tenure has afforded me the privilege of amassing invaluable insights into the pivotal dynamics that propel these intricate markets forward. As a Certified Financial Modelling & Valuation Analyst and a Certified Circular Economy Professional, I bring to the forefront a comprehensive skill set meticulously honed to assess Renewable Energy Projects with a discerning eye. My tenure in African markets, marked by a profound grasp of the intricate geopolitical intricacies that underscore commercial ventures, has endowed me with a formidable capacity to discern and capitalize on strategic opportunities. My dedication to personal and professional growth remains steadfast. This is evidenced by my unrelenting pursuit of continuous education, leading to the attainment of multiple certifications in Renewable Energy Technology advancements, Finance Markets, and International Business Management principles. Throughout my career, I have consistently exemplified my proficiency in facilitating collaboration among Technical and Financial Stakeholders. My contributions have significantly augmented the vitality of the Southern African market, cementing my commitment to advancing its sustainable development.
Senior Management
Pulp & Paper IndustrySenior Management
Jan. 2002 - Apr. 2013Johannesburg Area, South AfricaPulp & Paper Reclamation.
Global Business Development Advisor
FIMER S.p.A.Global Business Development Advisor
May. 2023Italy Β· HybridIn my capacity as the Global Business Development Advisor at FIMER, I hold a pivotal role focused on spearheading international growth initiatives and cultivating strategic partnerships within the dynamic renewable energy sector. With an unwavering commitment to fostering FIMER's global market presence, my responsibilities extend to orchestrating initiatives that are instrumental in propelling revenue generation within strategically significant global markets. I work diligently to harness my expertise and industry insights to identify growth opportunities that align with FIMER's corporate vision and objectives. Furthermore, I leverage my extensive network and engage in proactive collaboration with industry stakeholders, forging lasting alliances that not only amplify our global reach but also fortify our position as a leading player in the renewable energy landscape. My role as a Global Business Development Advisor underscores my dedication to driving FIMER's international expansion, all while navigating the intricate nuances of the renewable energy industry. This multifaceted approach serves as a testament to my commitment to excellence in advancing FIMER's strategic goals on the global stage.
Country Manager - South Africa
FIMER S.p.A.Country Manager - South Africa
Sep. 2021 - May. 2023South AfricaAs the Country Manager, I have the amazing opportunity to drive the expansion of our business throughout the entire Sub-Saharan Africa region. Collaborating with the group management, we design and execute growth strategies and business plans, while also implementing KPI systems to ensure we achieve our goals. Being in charge of the team, I provide strong professional leadership and delegate tasks as required, working closely with my colleagues to develop and implement operational plans. We proactively evolve our strategies in response to market conditions to remain competitive. One of the highlights of my role is identifying market segment growth opportunities and implementing strategies to increase our market share potential. We work tirelessly to build and maintain the sales pipeline, both directly and through our talented team, while growing and managing the local customer and assets bases. Recruiting additional resources and building a strong, performance-driven culture is crucial to our success. I am proud to say that we succeed in this area, resulting in a cohesive and motivated team. I am responsible for directing and evaluating the strategy and implementation of Supply Chain Management, which includes demand planning, distribution, and logistics, as well as sales forecasts. Furthermore, I have full P&L responsibility for the South African entity, ensuring quality, accuracy, and timeliness of Head-Office requirements. During my tenure, I identify opportunities for strategic partnerships with local and International stakeholders, and provide general management of Sales, Service & Administration Teams. All of these accomplishments are achieved through hard work, dedication, and a passion for what we do.
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