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Work Background
Project manager | Senior producer
cotton. creative studioProject manager | Senior producer
Jan. 2019COTTON is a creative studio, specializing in making videos, photos, and graphics. - Managed up to 4 projects at the same time with a budget of €1000 — €40000: Joom, Avon, Sanofi, Pexels, Tipser, Paulig, Urban Tiger, etc. - Onboarded producers, built a system of their work, tracked the timeline of projects in Notion - Planned more than 150 photo and video shootings: commercials, explainer videos, fashion, interviews, etc. - Drawing up briefs, contracts, project timings, negotiating budget and resources, assembling a team and planning its work for the project - Writing texts for projects and scripts for videos - Formed individual contracts, negotiated special conditions for clients, taking into account the interests of the company Achievements: - Increased the base of contractors, actors and models by 40% per year - Implemented a project with German video stock Pexels to fill the platform with movie-like content. In 2 years: 393 shootings were made, more than 150 thousand units of content were shot. Coverage: 25.7 billion views, 103 million downloads - Executed more than 10 projects with 2D and 3D animation, including 3D NFT tokens - Implemented a timetable system for the project team in Google spreadsheets, where we could track the workload for each employee
Head of content | Producer
NextMedia - Expert Marketing AgencyHead of content | Producer
Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2019- Created video lectures for three courses for the agency’s online school - Led the creative team and production department - Wrote lecture scripts - Improved video quality by introducing a new light scheme for speakers, changed the structure and appearance of presentations for lectures - Optimized and accelerated the shooting process by 20%, adjusted the work of the post-production team
School of Creative Industries «Lighthouse»Teacher
Jan. 2018 - Dec. 2019«Lighthouse» was a school of creative industries for kids and teenagers. - ran a course about the creation and promotion of movies and TV programs
Project manager | Producer
NEXTLAND LABProject manager | Producer
Jan. 2018 - Dec. 2018NEXTLAND was a relocation agency start-up from Switzerland. Helped to move abroad, from choosing the right country using an algorithm to accompanying the move. - Created the concept for YouTube channel - Assembled the team for every video - Wrote texts about emigration for the telegram channel - Searched for the podcast speakers
«78» TV channel, MIC «Izvestia»Producer
Jan. 2017 - Dec. 2018- participated in the launch of a new TV channel - production and voiceover for a documentary (Yerevan Academy of TV and Radio award for production) - created sections/rubrics of a morning show: from idea to completion - coordinated and managed reporters and cameramen - searched and coordinated locations for shooting - organized live broadcasts with a reporter
Line producer | Broadcast production director
5TV (Channel 5)Line producer | Broadcast production director
Jan. 2016 - Dec. 2017Morning show: - developed the topics for the show - searched and attracted broadcast headliners (celebrities primarily) - participated in the creation of promotional campaigns for the TV channel: line production, creative production, negotiations with guest stars - built a database of contacts of experts, speakers, and celebrities News: - developed broadcast scripts - searched and prepared photo and video materials - organized live broadcasts with a reporter - cooperated with channel subdivisions all over the country
Event Organizer | Producer
The Scarlet SailsEvent Organizer | Producer
Jan. 2014 - Dec. 2019Scarlet Sails is a celebration in St.Petersburg, Russia, the most massive and famous public event during the white nights every summer. - organized live broadcasts of a massive event - managed the set with the scene, actors, crew, and all TV broadcast equipment - negotiated with city services Received personal gratitude for the organization from the CEO. Our team got the European Best Event Award in 2016 and 2019.
Assistant Producer | Administrator
«Saint Petersburg» TV channelAssistant Producer | Administrator
Jan. 2014 - Dec. 2016- searched for TV show guests and experts - formed a broadcast weekly schedule - coordinated set/studio - connected/interacted with different TV channel departments - administrated additional special live broadcasts (events, celebrations) - voiced a TV show about cinema I transferred part of outdated workflows to the cloud services. It speeded up and simplified the team's work.
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