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Finance & Treasury Consultant
Oble Vendis ConsultingFinance & Treasury Consultant
Jan. 2021Amsterdam, North Holland, NetherlandsEmbark on an exhilarating journey with Oble Vendis Consulting (OVC), where every day is filled with new challenges and triumphs. Since our inception on December 31, 2020, we have already delighted three satisfied clients, and the excitement continues to grow! In my first project, I had the privilege of collaborating directly with a renowned US Biodiesel & Renewable Fuel Company with a bustling trading presence in Amsterdam. Together, we delved into a range of exciting initiatives, including developing innovative tri-statement analysis tools, creating efficient reconciliation tools, and performing intricate FX future calculations. Our collaborative efforts ensured streamlined operations and enhanced financial decision-making for the company. Additionally, as the consultant representing Oble Vendis Consulting, I partnered with Impact Search NL, a leading agency, to deliver remarkable results. Acting as the driving force behind this transformative collaboration, I applied my expertise and strategic insights to propel our client towards success. Through meticulous analysis, innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication, we drove impactful change and achieved extraordinary outcomes. Currently, I am thrilled to be partnering with a large multinational corporation on a remarkable journey as they navigate a sell-off to Private Equity. Our mission is to elevate their performance and propel them to new heights. Through strategic insights, meticulous analysis, and innovative solutions, we are propelling this client towards a future filled with success and growth. At Oble Vendis Consulting, we thrive on the thrill of transformation and relish the opportunity to make a lasting impact. Join us on this incredible journey as we unlock the full potential of our clients and take them to the next level.
Finance Business Analyst / Data & Analytics Specialist
Jefferson Wells NederlandFinance Business Analyst / Data & Analytics Specialist
Dec. 2022 - Aug. 2023RotterdamAs Finance Business Analyst / Data and Analytics Specialist, I have been supporting an umbrella company (a renowned global corp. of household tea brands) whilst they go through an SAP S/4 HANA migration. I have been instrumental in driving operational efficiency and strategic decision-making across Europe. Working as a self-employed consultant, I have collaborated closely with various teams to deliver impactful solutions and fostered a spirit of independence. Key Achievements: -Developed two innovative workaround solutions: Brand & Marketing Investment and Overheads. Leveraging my expertise, I designed and developed Excel-based solutions that consolidate data from multiple sources, enabling detailed analysis and forecasting by marketeers and CFOs. The consolidated information is then seamlessly visualized using PowerBI, providing actionable insights. -Collaborated extensively with the data team to establish a robust data continuity system within SQL. By ensuring uninterrupted data flow and reporting, we have effectively streamlined processes and eliminated any potential disruptions. The development and documentation of the legacy system were accomplished using the Unified Modeling Language (BPMN 2.0) in draw.io. -Jupyter Notebook used for data connection (no live connection after go-live), involved with the debugging of SQL code). -Engaged in cross-functional collaboration with Finance teams in the Netherlands, including consultants, CFOs, finance and management teams, to foster transparency and drive efficient decision-making. Additionally, I liaised with Finance teams across Europe, mainly CFOs, controllers, and managers, to align strategies and ensure consistency across markets. -Conducted workshops for CFOs, providing hands-on demonstrations of the developed solutions. These sessions allowed for valuable feedback, answered questions, and facilitated a deeper understanding of the product's capabilities, ensuring optimal utilization across the organization.
Finance & Treasury Consultant at Oble Vendis Consulting
Impactsearch - The new talent companyFinance & Treasury Consultant at Oble Vendis Consulting
Jul. 2021 - Jul. 2022Amsterdam, North Holland, NetherlandsAs a Payment Operations Implementation Consultant for a Micro-mobility company, I led a transformative project that revolutionized payment operations across 12 countries in the EMEA region. This collaboration between Impact Search and OVC allowed me to showcase my expertise in automation, data management, process optimization, and global team coordination. Key Achievements: -Streamlined and automated weekly payment operations for 250+ cities, reducing processing time and synchronization with the platform by two days. -Developed a comprehensive solution for monthly Journal entry outlines, automating invoice consolidation, standardized information, and data transfer from SQL reports to the accounting system. -Established a centralized Historical Database of partners, improving data management and accessibility. -Played a pivotal role in implementing Stripe Express Accounts, enhancing payment processing capabilities. -Led the training and knowledge transfer initiative for an outsourced team in Pakistan, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining operational excellence. -Meticulously performed reconciliations and synchronization of payments, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Throughout this project, I fostered collaboration with cross-functional teams across multiple locations, including finance, accounts, and technology professionals. Leveraging my expertise in automation, data management, and global team coordination, I successfully transformed payment operations, reducing processing time, improving accuracy, and empowering an outsourced team to excel in their roles. Feel free to reach out to learn more about my experiences and explore how my expertise can contribute to your organization's success.
Lease admin Analyst
Page PersonnelLease admin Analyst
May. 2020 - Oct. 2020Amsterdam, North Holland, NetherlandsDuring my assignment as a consultant for Michael Page at WP Carey, I played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless transition for an employee cover over a period of six months. This opportunity allowed me to demonstrate my exceptional consulting skills, effective communication, and contributed to a highly successful engagement. Main Responsibilities: -Reviewed, checked, and posted journal entries related to property management, including CAM/PRNT/INS/UTL, ensuring accuracy and compliance. -Conducted thorough reviews of rental increment packs, incorporating CPI changes, and added rent-rolls. -Proactively communicated to address any anomalies and ensure data integrity. Assisted in various projects, including lease reviews, verification of system information for billing, invoicing, and payment terms, and providing support in financial modeling exercises. -Undertook ad hoc tasks, such as analyzing recharges to be recovered from tenants, then invoicing, journal entries, communication, and meticulous archiving of documents for recharges. -Developed efficient templates for future journal adjustments, specifically addressing cashflow disturbances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. -Authored informative updates on the company, highlighting its global presence, number of leases, lease income, and other key statistics. -Assisted in internal audit procedures by gathering pertinent information to validate system values and ensure compliance with established procedures. -Actively participated in testing new functionality within Oracle JDE, ensuring smooth adoption of enhanced features and contributing to process improvements. Throughout this engagement, I maintained a high level of collaboration and effective communication with the team, enabling seamless knowledge transfer and fostering a positive work environment. By leveraging my expertise in financial analysis, attention to detail, and adaptability, I successfully contributed to the overall success of the project.
Financial Analyst (Treasury) - Capital Structuring & I/c Derivatives
SaipemFinancial Analyst (Treasury) - Capital Structuring & I/c Derivatives
Apr. 2018 - Mar. 2020Amsterdam Area, NetherlandsAt Saipem, I managed capital markets activities for a diverse portfolio of over 70 global group entities operating in 25+ currencies within the intercompany (I/c) structure. Key responsibilities included tracker management, 3rd party financing, month-end reporting, and quarterly procedures. Tracker Management: Oversaw the comprehensive tracker detailing all intercompany positions, providing daily reports to senior management and risk teams. Revamped financial models, reducing daily and month-end report production time by 30 minutes and 2 hours, respectively. 3rd Party Financing: Liaised with export credit companies, addressing issues in principal/interest amounts and ensuring accurate base calculations. Reported monthly accruals to the Head Office. Month-end Procedures: Reconciled 3rd party and intercompany positions with SAP online. Conducted intercompany reconciliations for entities with I/c loans. Managed a credit facilities database, collaborating with local entities for needs assessment, feasibility analysis, and negotiation of new loan agreements. Updated consolidation methods and share structures. Quarterly Procedures: Reviewed group companies' financing positions to recommend changes approved by the Managing Director. Managed the end-to-end loan issuance process, including PoA verification, documentation, approvals, loan pricing, and communication. Calculated dividends accurately. Throughout my tenure, I demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, financial expertise, and effective communication. I contributed to the smooth functioning of capital markets operations and ensured accurate reporting.
Finance Analyst
TravelBirdFinance Analyst
Apr. 2017 - Feb. 2018Amsterdam Area, NetherlandsJoin me in the dynamic world of finance, where I excel as a financial analyst for a thriving e-commerce company across 11 diverse markets. With precision and expertise, I contribute to the financial success and growth of the organization through captivating endeavors: -Updating the Financial Model: Meticulously updating the financial model to ensure accurate recording of revenue and expenditure. Crafting comprehensive reports that dive deep into the details and enable effective decision-making. Adapting the model to capture changes and ensure its ongoing effectiveness. -Target Setting: Collaborating with the Regional Sales Director to forecast and fine-tune target settings based on meticulous analysis. Driving performance and achieving remarkable results for the sales and marketing teams. -Reporting (Weekly/Monthly): Conducting captivating analysis of market growth, categories, and marketing channels. Assessing results against targets and identifying areas for improvement. Providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making and reporting on monthly performance. -Cash Flow Forecast: Crafting daily cash flow forecasts and maintaining a dynamic 13-week model. Optimizing accuracy and providing vital insights for robust financial decision-making. -As a driven financial analyst, I am dedicated to unlocking the full potential of our organization and revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape. Let's embark on this captivating journey together and achieve unparalleled financial excellence.
Payment specialist/AP/Billing Administrator
TravelBirdPayment specialist/AP/Billing Administrator
Jun. 2015 - Apr. 2017AmsterdamUnlock the full potential of your Finance department with a versatile professional who thrives on captivating challenges. As a seasoned finance specialist, I excel in a variety of responsibilities that fuel growth and success. Highlights of my current duties include: -Analyzing payment providers for optimal performance. -Expertly investigating fraud and mitigating risks. -Ensuring seamless accounting operations and accurate reporting. -Automating data processes for efficiency and insights. -Handling FX payments with precision and financial accuracy. -Validating invoices for transparency and compliance. -Join me in revolutionizing your finance operations for unparalleled success. Let's drive your organization to new heights together.
Finance Administrator
Neilson Active HolidaysFinance Administrator
Jan. 2015 - Apr. 2015Rhone-Alpes, FranceEmbark on an exhilarating journey where my passion for skiing intersects with my expertise in finance. Within the Operations department, I embraced a range of dynamic responsibilities that brought the slopes to life. Here's a glimpse into my captivating ski and finance experience: Operations Department: -Masterfully reconciled invoices to ensure seamless financial operations. -Demonstrated astute financial acumen by liquidating assets owned by in-resort reps. -Amplified the aprรจs-ski experience by adding exciting products and adjusting prices using cutting-edge eForms technology. -Acted as a knowledgeable resource, assisting reps with pricing inquiries. -Employed meticulous contract analysis to scrutinize supplier invoices, ensuring accuracy and cost-effectiveness. -Prepared and presented weekly in-resort profit analyses, unveiling key insights for informed decision-making. -Fostered seamless collaboration with the AP department, streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency. Hospitality Department - Chalet Financing: -Employed excel wizardry to calculate expected account balances, enabling precise financial forecasting. Showcased expertise in double-entry bookkeeping, executing flawless journal entries on Sage. -Skillfully posted invoices and payments to accounts on the Sage platform, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records. -Facilitated smooth supplier transactions by writing cheques for timely payments. -Collaborated closely with supervisors, providing expert guidance on financial management, empowering them to make informed decisions. -Experience the thrill of ski adventures infused with financial expertise as we navigate the slopes and financial landscapes together. Let's carve out a path to success and elevate your ski and finance operations to new heights.
Voice PlusAdministrator/Secretary
Jun. 2013 - Aug. 2013Southport-Answered telephone calls -Greeted clients -Processed lesson payments -Scheduled next lessons for pupils
Kenyon FraserRepresentative
Jun. 2012 - Aug. 2012Liverpool, United Kingdom-Went out on campaigns (NHS sponsored health campaigns) -Some campaigns were about educating people, others were to gain support for ideas -Spoke to people about key-health issues in poor-health areas -Became Team Leader after being the only Employee to make it the whole way through a difficult campaign -Drove team to areas -Motivated & supported members of the team


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