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Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Oct. 2022Results-driven Freelance Marketing Manager specializing in IT recruitment. I help companies in the technology sector attract and hire top talent through strategic marketing initiatives. With a deep understanding of the IT industry and its unique challenges, I develop comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to reach and engage qualified candidates. From creating compelling job descriptions and managing job postings to leveraging digital marketing channels and social media platforms, I optimize recruitment campaigns to maximize visibility and attract the right candidates. I am proficient in utilizing data-driven insights to continually refine and improve marketing efforts, ensuring a high ROI for recruitment activities. Collaborative and client-focused, I work closely with HR teams and hiring managers to align marketing strategies with organizational goals. Contact me to discuss how I can support your IT recruitment needs and drive successful hiring outcomes.
Memories EventsFounder
Jan. 2019Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaEvent Management All Types of Events 1). Private Events 2). Corporate Events 3). Wedding//Destination Wedding 4). Surprise Birthday Party 5). Baby Shower 6). Room Decoration 7). Bachelors Party 8). College Freshers//Farewell Party What I do as an Event Planner 1. Client Consultation: Meeting with clients to understand their event requirements, objectives, and budget, and providing expert guidance to create a vision for the event. 2. Event Conceptualization: Developing unique and creative event concepts that align with the client’s goals and preferences, considering factors such as theme, venue, decor, entertainment, and overall ambiance. 3. Budget Management: Creating and managing event budgets, ensuring that all expenses are accounted for and working within the allocated budget to deliver a successful event. 4. Vendor Coordination: Sourcing and managing relationships with various event vendors, such as caterers, decorators, audiovisual technicians, photographers, and entertainers, negotiating contracts, and overseeing their work to ensure quality and timely delivery. 5. Venue Selection and Management: Researching and selecting suitable event venues based on client requirements, negotiating contracts, coordinating logistics, and ensuring all necessary permits and licenses are obtained. 6. Event Timeline and Logistics: Creating detailed event timelines and production schedules, coordinating logistics such as transportation, setup, and teardown, and ensuring smooth execution of all event-related activities. 7. Event Promotion and Marketing: Collaborating with marketing teams to develop and implement event promotion strategies, including social media campaigns, email marketing, and public relations activities, to generate buzz and attract attendees. 8. Onsite Event Management: Overseeing all aspects of the event on the day of the event, including setup, vendor coordination, guest registration, program execution, troubleshooting issues.
Marketing Manager
PlaceX Training Technologies Pvt LtdMarketing Manager
Mar. 2023 - May. 20231. Talent Sourcing: Actively searching and identifying potential candidates for specific job roles or projects, utilizing various sourcing channels such as job boards, social media platforms, and professional networks. 2. Candidate Screening: Reviewing resumes, conducting initial screenings, and assessing candidates’ qualifications, skills, and experience to determine their suitability for specific bench marketing positions. 3. Interviewing: Conducting interviews, either in person or via video calls, to further evaluate candidates’ fit for the role, assess their technical skills, and gauge their cultural alignment with the company and the bench marketing team. 4. Skill Assessment: Administering skill assessments or tests to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in specific bench marketing areas, such as market research, data analysis, strategic planning, or campaign management. 5. Candidate Evaluation and Selection: Collaborating with hiring managers or clients to evaluate candidate profiles, interview feedback, and assessment results, and making informed decisions on selecting the most suitable candidates for bench marketing positions. 6. Onboarding: Facilitating the onboarding process for newly hired bench marketing professionals, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles, and providing necessary information, resources, and training to set them up for success. 7. Relationship Management: Building and maintaining relationships with candidates, keeping them informed about potential job opportunities, engaging with them to understand their career aspirations, and nurturing a talent pipeline for future bench marketing positions. 8. Market Research: Staying updated on the latest trends, techniques, and best practices in bench marketing, conducting market research to identify skill gaps or emerging areas of expertise, and providing insights to hiring managers or clients.
Bench  Recruiter
SilverSpace Technologies IncBench Recruiter
Feb. 2022 - Oct. 2022Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India1. Bench Resource Management: Bench Recruiters manage a pool of available resources within an organization who are not currently assigned to client projects. They track the skills, experience, and availability of these resources to effectively match them with future project requirements. 2. Resource Identification and Selection: Bench Recruiters proactively identify suitable candidates from the bench resource pool for upcoming client projects. They assess the skills, experience, and qualifications of bench resources to determine their suitability for specific project requirements. 3. Skill Development and Training: Bench Recruiters work with bench resources to identify skill gaps and provide training or development opportunities to enhance their skill sets. This ensures that resources are up to date with the latest technologies and industry trends. 4. Relationship Management: Bench Recruiters establish and maintain strong relationships with bench resources, understanding their career goals, aspirations, and preferences. They act as a point of contact, providing support, guidance, and addressing any concerns or issues that may arise. 5. Resource Allocation: Bench Recruiters collaborate with project managers and account managers to allocate bench resources to client projects based on project needs and resource availability. They ensure a proper match between resource skills and project requirements. 6. Performance Monitoring: Bench Recruiters monitor the performance and utilization of bench resources assigned to client projects. They track project progress, collect feedback from project managers and clients, and address any performance or productivity concerns. 7. Pipeline Development: Bench Recruiters work on building a strong pipeline of potential candidates to replenish the bench resource pool. They actively source and engage with external candidates, including conducting interviews, evaluating skills, and assessing cultural fit.
General Manager
Nova Asset ManagementGeneral Manager
Aug. 2020 - Mar. 2021Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India1. Overall Operations Management: General Managers oversee and manage the overall operations of the organization or a specific department. They ensure that all activities are aligned with the company’s goals and objectives. 2. Strategic Planning: General Managers play a crucial role in developing and implementing the organization’s strategic plans. They set long-term goals, identify opportunities for growth and improvement, and make decisions that contribute to the company’s success. 3. Leadership and Team Management: General Managers provide leadership to their teams, setting clear expectations, guiding and motivating employees, and fostering a positive work environment. They delegate responsibilities, manage performance, and promote collaboration and teamwork. 4. Financial Management: General Managers are responsible for financial management, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. They monitor financial performance, make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, and ensure the organization’s financial health. 5. Stakeholder Management: General Managers interact with various stakeholders, including clients, customers, suppliers, and business partners. They build and maintain relationships, address concerns or issues, and seek opportunities for collaboration and partnership. 6. Decision-making and Problem-solving: General Managers make critical decisions that impact the organization’s operations and outcomes. They analyze complex situations, evaluate risks, and solve problems effectively, considering the long-term implications. 7. Performance Evaluation and Improvement: General Managers oversee performance evaluations and provide feedback to employees. They identify areas for improvement, implement performance improvement strategies, and promote professional development and growth within the organization. 8. Communication and Reporting: General Managers ensure effective communication within the organization and with external parties
Marketing Executive
KeplerMarketing Executive
Jan. 2021 - Jan. 20211. Marketing Strategy Development: Marketing Executives play a vital role in developing marketing strategies and plans to promote products or services. They analyze target markets, conduct market research, and identify effective marketing channels and tactics. 2. Campaign Management: Marketing Executives are responsible for planning, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns. This includes creating compelling content, coordinating with creative teams, executing campaigns across various channels, and monitoring their performance. 3. Brand Management: Marketing Executives contribute to brand management efforts by ensuring consistent brand messaging and visual identity across all marketing materials. They work on building brand awareness, maintaining brand reputation, and aligning marketing activities with brand guidelines. 4. Digital Marketing: In today’s digital landscape, Marketing Executives often focus on digital marketing initiatives. This involves utilizing various online platforms, such as social media, websites, email marketing, and search engine optimization, to reach target audiences and generate leads. 5. Market Research: Marketing Executives conduct market research to gain insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and competitor activities. They analyze data and use it to inform marketing strategies, identify target segments, and develop effective positioning and messaging. 6. Content Creation: Marketing Executives are involved in content creation for various marketing materials, such as websites, blogs, social media posts, brochures, and advertisements. They ensure the content is engaging, informative, and aligned with the brand’s voice and objectives. 7. Lead Generation: Marketing Executives work on lead generation initiatives, collaborating with sales teams to identify and attract potential customers. They employ strategies such as lead nurturing, landing page optimization, and targeted marketing campaigns to generate qualified leads.
Tele caller
Jyoti InfotechTele caller
Jul. 2019 - Jan. 2020India1. Outbound Calls: Making a high volume of outbound calls to potential customers or clients is a primary responsibility. These calls aim to introduce products, services, or promotions, and generate leads or sales. 2. Lead Generation: Identifying and qualifying potential leads is an essential part of a telecaller’s role. This involves gathering information about prospects, understanding their needs, and determining if they are a good fit for the product or service being offered. 3. Product/Service Promotion: Telecallers promote and educate customers about the features, benefits, and value propositions of the products or services they represent. They highlight how these offerings can address customer needs or solve problems. 4. Customer Relationship Management: Building and managing relationships with customers is crucial. Telecallers engage with customers, answer their queries, provide assistance, and maintain a professional and friendly rapport to enhance customer satisfaction. 5. Objection Handling: Telecallers encounter objections or reservations from potential customers. They develop skills to address objections effectively, overcome hesitations, and provide persuasive arguments to encourage customer engagement or purchase. 6. Database Management: Telecallers often work with customer databases or CRM systems to record and update customer information, call outcomes, and other relevant details. Proper database management ensures accurate and up-to-date records for future follow-ups. 7. Follow-ups and Appointments: Telecallers schedule appointments or callbacks with interested prospects or customers. They coordinate with the sales team or relevant departments to ensure the smooth transition of leads for further engagement or sales conversion. 8. Sales Conversion: Telecallers aim to convert potential leads into actual sales. They work on nurturing relationships, demonstrating value, and using effective sales techniques to close deals.


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