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Product Manager
American Tire DistributorsProduct Manager
Sep. 2021RemoteLed cross-functional development team of 14 in creating 3 new products from ideation to launch for SaaS B2B E-Commerce platform on SAP Hybris for $5.3B dollar company. Developed end-to-end product requirements, performed stakeholder management, and drove product integrations with SAP Hybris. ● Identified major roadblocks affecting development for over 80,000 users; led meetings with internal software architects and identified internal solution to work with new architecture, eliminating major potential issues with user experience. ● Increased team productivity 66% by recommending team expansion and bringing in 4 Product Managers, 8 Business Analysts and 30 Developers. ● Exceeded development targets by 50% in Dec. 2022 by reallocating work to team members during seasonal staff changes. ● Promoted to team leader of morale as well as head of Marketing and Communications Pod during major organizational change and layoffs to re-focus and motivate team using Certified Life Coaching leadership skills. ● Delivered Agile and SCRUM training to development teams, enabling Agile environment including standups, sprint meetings, grooming backlogs (product, sprints), and writing of user stories.
Principal Consultant
Alton Chislom, LLCPrincipal Consultant
Jan. 2013 - Jan. 2023United StatesConsulted for various clients in B2B and B2C E-Commerce and consumer products on decreasing ad spend, growing customer base, and increasing customer retention. Collaborated with clients on strategy, understanding product market fit, consumer behavior, social media marketing, product placement, metrics analysis, and branching out into new consumer markets. ● Launched in-person and virtual events to help clients generate over $500,000 in combined revenue. ● Helped media startup Beige Cashmere generate $50,000 in monthly recurring revenue using high performing Facebook and Instagram Ads. ● Reduced Bala Enzyme’s ad spend from $13,000 to $5,000 per month, while doubling their revenue from previous months by removing underperforming ads, creating variations of well-performing ads, and increasing ad spend on successful ads. ● Created marketing plan and deck for Battle Ground Events, leading to 40+ sponsorship leads for 5,000 person events. ● Consulted on pricing strategy and client acquisition model for WeMixxit, which led to immediate revenue of $18,000 and generated 12 new clients. ● Trained clients’ staff on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram advertising platforms with some clients achieving 6-7x increase in revenue as a result.
E-Commerce Manager (Product Marketing)
Runway RogueE-Commerce Manager (Product Marketing)
Nov. 2020 - Sep. 2021Costa Mesa, California, United StatesOversaw E-Commerce operations and vendor management, and implemented technical marketing strategies for beauty products. Led SCRUM meetings and implemented Agile methodologies. Streamlined processes and productivity via marketing plan, bringing company from $2 million to $5 million in revenue. Improved user search reporting, pricing analytics, inventory management, browser retargeting, shopping cart abandonment and recovery, checkout step reduction, new payment options, processing returns, and subscription billing. ● Created $45k in new revenue in 6 weeks of implementing Emotive, which increased email and SMS intake volume by 4x. ● Grew revenues from weekly emails by over 60% by implementing new email marketing strategies like shopping cart abandonment and recovery and providing incentives such as coupons to encourage purchases. ● Increased email open rates from 8% to 25% via automation and increasing email blasts from 1x to 3x week. ● Boosted Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from 3 to 4.5x by instituting Hyros Ad Tracking software for Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Omnisend Email, and Emotive SMS. ● Used analytics to make key changes such as 4- to 2-step checkout and collecting emails and phone numbers of millions of daily website visitors to market to and convert users to customers. ● Implemented Dear Systems ERP for inventory, COGs, and sales velocity by reviewing analytics regarding inventory and identifying when to re-order products to prevent being out of stock. ● Launched new revenue channels: Facebook Shop and Instagram Checkout, leading to 15% increase in new revenue.
Chief Technology Officer, Product Manager
VersafitChief Technology Officer, Product Manager
Apr. 2015 - Jan. 2019www.versafitapp.comHeaded product development and developed end-to-end product requirements. Conducted extensive market research in sports, fitness, and gaming markets. Developed and implemented product roadmap, roll out plan, and growth strategy. Created financial projections and spearheaded digital content marketing and distribution. ● Implemented soft launch events to test market viability and conducted market performance analytics; launch for Mayweather Boxing + Fitness client achieved $30K, covering entire consulting investment in just 2 days. ● Managed testing efforts for user interaction and user experience (UI/UX), streamlining app to make it more user-friendly. ● Negotiated and secured paid partnerships and sponsorships with large and small sports/fitness brands, including Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, Big 5 Sporting Goods, and Amanda Cerny. ● Engaged key stakeholders in managing product backlog, sprint backlog, and user stories, ensuring clear communication. ● Developed and maintained key relationships by performing vendor management, accelerating client acquisition, user acquisition, and onboarding B2B clients.
Consulting Business Analyst
University of Southern CaliforniaConsulting Business Analyst
Sep. 2017 - May. 2018Greater Los Angeles AreaReported directly to the Vice President of IT. Evaluated quality assurance, verified system configurations, and validated financial projection methods during transition to Workday. Verified forecasting methods and reports. Collaborated in full product life cycle with internal and external partners (IT, development, and product teams, as well as with key stakeholders). ● Identified critical concurrency issue in interim system (IBM Cognos TM1) to save 3 months of development time. ● Created UAT cases for financial projection methods and designed and implemented test plan & UAT test cases for Workday, IBM Cognos TM1, and KFS. ● Facilitated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions for UI/UX with key stakeholders (i.e., Department Deans and SBO’s). ● Tested and verified users had correct system security settings and access for their position.
Consulting Business Analyst
American Career CollegeConsulting Business Analyst
Nov. 2016 - Mar. 2017Orange County, California AreaReports to the Sr. ITS Manager in a multi-faceted, multi-location academic setting. Responsible for analyzing, developing, maintaining, and supporting the student information system(s) environment(s) to meet the diverse business needs for American Career College, West Coast University and Shared Services. Assists in the process of evaluating and solving business challenges by collecting, reviewing, analyzing, and reporting financial information. • Served as the IT Business Analyst for the Financial Aid and Accounting departments. • Implement methods for billing and account services within the financial aid and accounting modules. • Analyze and verify financial trends for the Financial Aid and Accounting departments. • Advanced SQL query design and implementation. Environment: SQL Server 2014, JIRA, MS Office, Visio, CampusVue, ServiceNow
Consulting IT Specialist - IT Acquisitions Process Manager
Allied UniversalConsulting IT Specialist - IT Acquisitions Process Manager
Feb. 2017 - Sep. 2017Orange County, California AreaReports directly to the Chief Information Officer. Responsible for implementing, analyzing, maintaining, and supporting the IT Acquisitions process. Serve as the lead IT liaison between the internal acquisitions team and IT Department as well as the IT Department of companies being acquired by Allied Universal. • Implementing formal IT Acquisitions Process. • Assess usability of Servers, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Printers, Mobile Devices, etc. and the financial impact of upgrading/replacing these items. • Consult with key stakeholders (acquisitions team) on best practices for streamlining onboarding process. Environment: MS Office, WinTeam, ServiceNow
Sr. Business Analyst
Auction.comSr. Business Analyst
Sep. 2015 - Jul. 20161 Mauchly, Irvine, CA 92618Responsible for conducting organized analytical assessments and evaluations to understand and/or evaluate complex issues to inform decision making, policy development, system development, management, or administration of client processes. Partner closely with executive leadership to facilitate root cause analysis, ad hoc, and what-if scenarios. Also responsible for revenue forecasting, market sizing, return on investment analysis, and operational performance reviews. • Created formal documentation for process documentation to help improve operational efficiency. • Led efforts to document and automate Closing Department processes. The process was reduced from 1 business day with 2-3 people to less than 1 hour with only one person. • Worked closely with the Sr. Vice President to create a pricing model, profit table, and revenue forecast for Fortune 20 companies. Environment: SQL Server 2014, JIRA, MS Office
Business Analyst
RxLogixBusiness Analyst
Nov. 2013 - May. 2014Orange County, California AreaResponsible for consulting and managing internal and external client projects for a multinational startup company in the healthcare pharmacovigilance consulting industry. Served as Project Manager on two projects and supported three others. Responsible for project coordination, scheduling, system administration, and communication with internal and external clients. Managed overseas support team. • Developed business processes and requirements documents, as well as software configuration and application testing for the Practice Lead and Director of Engineering. Increased efficiency of bug tracking and software development. • Created a communication plan which resulted in more effective communication between business analysts, clients, and developers. Environment: Argus, Oracle SQL, Toad IDE, Visio, Java, XML, AtTask, JIRA, SharePoint, Agile Environment
Database Specialist
DaVitaDatabase Specialist
Oct. 2010 - Nov. 2013Orange County, California AreaResponsible for compiling confidential financial information, patient healthcare-related data, and generating reports for the team and upper management in a Fortune 500 company. Responsible for trouble shooting database issues as well as having a deep knowledge of the systems tables, queries, forms, and reports. • Developed a paperless system to replace thousands of paper faxes which resulted in a cash savings of 90% to the department and an increase in production efficiency of 221%. Decreased department turnaround time from 6 days to 1 day and increased active daily requests from 387 to 856. Combined production efficiency resulted in a $5 million savings to the company. • Managed a SQL Server 2008 database and multiple MS Access databases on one server. Created user manuals for all database systems. • Developed a system to accurately track checks and better manage patient records within the database which resulted in an increase in financial visibility of 50% and helped to achieve 100% commercial patient retention. The system reduced duplicate checks from posting to multiple requests which created more accurate patient payment records.


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