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Work Background
Merchandise Manager: Ecommerce Startup Project
Lookout Groups Ltd.Merchandise Manager: Ecommerce Startup Project
Feb. 2023New Delhi, Delhi, India
Ecommerce Manager: Marketplace 4.0 Development Project || B2B & D2C ||
Lookout Groups Ltd.Ecommerce Manager: Marketplace 4.0 Development Project || B2B & D2C ||
Jan. 2023 - Jun. 2023New Delhi, Delhi, India-Merchandise Planning -Vendor Onboarding & Negotiation -Budgeting & Cost Planning -Team Management -Production Planning and TNA execution -Product Launch Marketing Strategy -Client/Buyer acquisition Design & Planning -Data Management & Planning procedure -Photoshoot Coordination & Cataloguing -Digital Marketing Strategy End-to-End Development Project ; Handover estimate - 90 Days. Team Size:15 Location: WFH Project Coordination - Weekly (7Days)
COO & Head of Design and Merchandise
Lookout Groups Ltd.COO & Head of Design and Merchandise
Jan. 2022 - May. 2022Patna, Bihar, India*Final Design approval *Merchandise sourcing planning *Procurement planning *Customer - Company meetings *Product Development *Design Development Monitoring As COO - Handled tough time in COVID-19 - With zero work , stretched company economy for 10 months pivoting from apparel manufacturing to mask supply to Government and Private sellers. - With debt management for continuous 1 year of struggle & Zero work in hand, Finally took a hard decision of stepping down from company in 2022, January. Handing over all shares to more capable hands. - Learnt hardship, Management and team building throughout this journey.
COO & Design and Merchandise Head
Lookout Groups Ltd.COO & Design and Merchandise Head
Dec. 2020 - Dec. 2021Patna, Bihar, India*Leading Designing and Merchandising team. *Integration and channelling between Design and Merchandising teams. * Design finalization according to demand and feedback from Marketing and sales. *Merchandise sourcing planning and Execution with team.
Founder & COO
Lookout Groups Ltd.Founder & COO
Nov. 2018 - Apr. 2020Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, IndiaAs COO - Built a strong team of 25 administrative individuals -Launched B2C -Expansion of market from Bangalore to 3 majorly North Indian state As Founder - To cater eastern export channel, established manufacturing in Bihar close to Kolkata port. -In B2B work parallel with Gov. of Bihar in supply of uniforms and relative products for Boarding schools sponsored by government of bihar. - Cracked a highest bid tender of 10 cr. In uniforms.
Founder & CEO
Lookout Groups Ltd.Founder & CEO
Aug. 2017 - Nov. 2018Bengaluru, Karnataka, India-Built B2B venture with a team of 2 and raised to a team of 120 in 2 years -From a third party outsourcing to establishing 3 parallel units for in house production - Built a client base of 500+ clients from scratch -Bootstrap to 5 cr. Annual turnover company in two years
Merchandise Manager Marketplace 2.0
Nona Lifestyle Pvt Ltd.Merchandise Manager Marketplace 2.0
Sep. 2022 - Jan. 2023Gurugram, Haryana, IndiaExpertise and Area of work:°Finalizing new design with Design and production head and getting samples created as per specs. °Getting final samples approved and getting PO and cost sheet prepared through Asst Manager °Coordinating with branding and cataloguing team for timely arrival of apparel samples for shoot °Determine the amount of necessary resources (workforce, raw materials etc.) °Ensuring timely delivery of fabric and raw material to all vendors °Managing apparel vendors and have a Vendor Base of 200-300 Supplier, Traders and Manufacturer across India. °Regular Meeting with Management on issues related to Production & with Vendors. °Production planning all apparel new orders & dividing production as per vendor capacity °Creating yield benchmarks and maintaining checks on the same °Reporting red flags in yield and average to senior management °Cost control & making alterations to existing line as and when necessary °Fashion & Trend Forecasting & Planning new product development. °Getting requisite Lab testing report for Quality Control. °Price negotiation with vendors and COGS - Profit Evaluation & Calculations. °Budgeting as per allocated budget. °TNA follow ups for inward of required Supply keeping Merchandisers in the loop for for regular updation. °Vendor onboarding circulation for Raw Material - Fabric & Trims. °Fabric and raw material Open_Sheet costing and Cost Control. °Planning & Creating Apparel QC team KPI.
Asst. Merchandiser
Logosouk Merces Pvt Ltd. Asst. Merchandiser
Apr. 2016 - Aug. 2017Bengaluru, Karnataka, India*Market Analysis *Trend forcast * Team collaboration *Design finalization according to demand *Merchandise sourcing and planning. * Production-Design-Sourcing time collaboration decisions.
Fashion Stylist
P N RAO - Company PageFashion Stylist
May. 2015 - Apr. 2016Bengaluru, Karnataka, India*Styling Celebrity Customers *Visual Merchandise planning for Stores *Merchandise planning (Store-Wise) *Merchandise Development and Styling.
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