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Work Background
Development Team Lead
Black Wall GroupDevelopment Team Lead
May. 2021Dubai, United Arab EmiratesManage mobile development projects across multiple organizations, formalizing business ideas and translating them into mobile applications. 1. Orchestrated a high-performing team of mobile developers, fostering a collaborative environment focused on innovation and excellence. Hired and managed over 20 people. 2. Worked closely with UI/UX designers using tools such as Figma and Adobe XD to ensure seamless integration of designs into Flutter applications, balancing technical solutions with aesthetics. 3. Implemented the Business Logic Component (BLoC) architectural pattern, using packages such as dartz and rxdart to enable code reuse and improve maintainability across projects. 4. Worked with back-end developers to integrate APIs and services using packages such as Dio and Dio interceptors to ensure optimal performance and data exchange. 3. Implemented Kanban, SMART, and SCRUM methodologies to facilitate rapid iterations and enable faster delivery of features and enhancements, team management, development coordination, and code review processes. 4. Establish development processes that focus on risk management, task evaluation, and a controlled development environment using Atlassian Jira/Trello, JetBrains YouTrack, Notion. 5. Promote a culture of code evaluation and organize Flutter developer meetings within the company to share experiences and knowledge. 6. Implemented CI/CD pipelines with automated deployment using Fastlane, Bitrise, GitLab and code quality analysis using SonarQube. Deployed a local, data-secure, GPT-driven code completion model (StarCoder) for all sensitive source code in the company. 7. Created packages with custom security measures for banking applications within the company - emulator/debug detection, spoofing, obfuscation. Integrated secure authentication and encryption mechanisms using packages such as local_auth, flutter_secure_storage and crypto to ensure user privacy according to industry standards.
Mobile Engineer
HardDays.devMobile Engineer
Aug. 2018 - Dec. 2021Рига, ЛатвияDeveloped in-house iOS and Android apps, managed store deployment, and provided post-release support. 1. Built online dating app with Google ML face recognition, WebRTC video/audio calls, web socket chat, BLOC, REST API, and login with Google/Apple. 2. Developed movie theater focused "Kinopoisk" app using JSON, BLOC, REST API, and login with Google/Apple. 3. Contributed to the development of a food delivery app using MVVM, ApplePay, GPay, Firebase Messaging, Yandex Metrica, and Shared Preferences. 4. Developed hotel service app (client and staff versions) with features like ApplePay, GPay, Google/Apple login, web-socket chat, Firebase, and QR scanning. 5. Developed affirmation-relaxation app using BLOC, REST API, and login with Google/Apple, using packages like l10n, Freezed, GetIt, and Retrofit for efficient development.
Senior Software Engineer
Black Wall GroupSenior Software Engineer
Jan. 2021 - May. 2021Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDeveloped from scratch a secure mobile application for a crypto bank using Flutter. 1. Implemented robust authentication features, including two-factor and biometric authentication. 2. Integrated cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, and payment gateways for seamless transactions. 3. Provides real-time market data and price tracking for multiple cryptocurrencies. 4. Ensures stringent security measures to protect users' funds and personal information. 5. Collaborated cross-functionally to deliver high quality software solutions. 6. Optimized application performance, improving load times and memory usage efficiency. Stack: BLOC, Flutter Secure Storage, l10n, Dart FFI, Dartz, Dio, Freezed, Injectable, Flutter Test, Web-Sockets, LocalAuth, SQLite, AutoRoute, Crypto, DeviceID, Animate, Rive Animation, etc.
Jul. 2020 - May. 2021Соединенные Штаты АмерикиVisionary leader driving the strategic direction and growth of a successful mobile applications company. 1. Orchestrated development and launch of feature-rich mobile application using Flutter. 2. Implemented successful user acquisition and retention strategies, resulting in remarkable app downloads and active user growth. 3. Led monetization initiatives through in-app purchases and advertising partnerships, resulting in revenue growth. 4. Built and managed high-performing teams across product development, marketing, and customer support. 5. Cultivated investor relationships to secure funding and fuel company expansion.
Product Manager
HeidelbergCement GeorgiaProduct Manager
May. 2017 - Apr. 2018Тбилиси, ГрузияTo improve efficiency and enhance various aspects of operations, the following actions have been taken: 1. Digitized document management processes, implementing digital solutions to streamline and modernize the system. 2. Optimized supply routes to streamline logistics and reduce costs. 3. Utilized agile SCRUM methodologies to prioritize backlog items and ensure efficient development cycles. 4. Conducted customer needs analysis to gain insight into requirements and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. 5. Defined key selling points based on customer insights, which contributed to improved relationships with both residential and wholesale customers. 6. Worked with Yandex Maps to integrate mapping solutions into the product, providing enhanced functionality and improving the overall user experience.
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