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Work Background
Senior DevOps Engineer
Abalta Technologies, Inc.Senior DevOps Engineer
Mar. 2023Sofia, Sofia City, Bulgaria- Designed, developed, and maintained scalable CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and GitHub. - Maintained, evaluated, and established systems for CI/CD. - Created and expanded automation scripts using Python, Bash, PS, and Groovy. - Configured and maintained git-based version control systems. - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to continually improve release processes. - Implemented Docker for containerization and orchestration. - Developed infrastructure-as-code solutions using AWS CDK and Terraform - Maintained and expanded existing cloud infrastructure in AWS. - Established and enforced processes related to security policies. - Worked closely with development and quality teams to create a highly productive development environment. - Experienced in building tools such as CMake, Xcode, and Gradle for building and managing software projects.
Acronis Cyber Cloud Infrastructure Team Lead
AcronisAcronis Cyber Cloud Infrastructure Team Lead
Jun. 2021 - Mar. 2023SofiaLead a team of multinational Cloud Infrastructure DevOps employees responsible for: - smooth running production systems and system availability - maintain infrastructure, configuration, and monitoring in the way of “infrastructure as Code” - create, extend and improve delivery/development processes and systems - participate in the architecture, design, deployment, and maintenance phases of software Lead the design and implement solutions to improve new and existing infrastructure and automation tools Plan and lead sprint planning sessions, Daily Scrums, Sprint Reviews, and Sprint Retrospective Organize and supervise company Product Change Management Responsible for the election, hiring, and onboarding of new team members
System Architect
AmadeusSystem Architect
Jan. 2020 - Jun. 2021Reviewing existing system architecture and recommending improvements Participate in planning, definition, and high-level design of the solution and exploration of solution alternatives Working closely with Dev teams to ensure stable IT infrastructure and the business requirements are being met Еnsure full automation provisioning of IT infrastructure and automation of application deployment process for fast software development lifecycle
Senior System Administrator
Central Cooperative Bank PLC SofiaSenior System Administrator
Nov. 2003 - Dec. 2019Bulgaria,SofiaManaging banking network with over 300 points of presents, maintaining core banking system (database and application servers) with over 1500 users. Responsible for IT infrastructure architecture and long-term strategic planning. Provide monitoring and pro-active maintenance across the banking systems stack including: platform, performance management, capacity planning, software management and application patch management/upgrades to ensure compliance Develop and implement project plans, risk assessments and contingency plans. Carry out special tasks in Management's direction. Centralization and management of technical supplies, evaluation and selection of IT vendors and systems.
System Administrator
EdaSatSystem Administrator
Apr. 2001 - Nov. 2003Bulgaria,Gabrovo
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