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Work Background
Senior Operations Officer, New Media(Self-employed)
TikTokSenior Operations Officer, New Media(Self-employed)
Feb. 2020Monitor and analyse data from live banding campaigns, including audience engagement, sales data, user feedback, etc. Provide data reports and insights to inform decision making and optimisation. Lead and manage the live banding team, including presenters, sales consultants, content creators, etc. Recruit, train and motivate team members to ensure efficient team collaboration and performance achievement, ensure live banding activities are consistent with the company's brand image and enhance brand awareness and reputation. Manage crisis communications and respond to and resolve potential reputation issues in a timely manner Work with the supply chain team to ensure product availability and inventory management to meet the demands of the live banding campaign. Coordinate with suppliers and logistics partners to ensure timely delivery of orders.
Director of New Media Operations
Social ChainDirector of New Media Operations
Feb. 2015 - Nov. 2019Responsible for the new media strategy and operations for the entire organisation. Lead a large team to develop a comprehensive social media strategy and work with other departments to ensure that new media activity is aligned with overall marketing and brand objectives, overseeing budgets, recruiting and training team members, and communicating and reporting to senior management. Develop the company's new media strategy and plan and work closely with senior management to ensure that the strategy is aligned with the overall company goals and vision. Lead the team to drive the execution of the strategy and monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the strategy. Keep a close eye on the latest technology trends and innovations in the digital media industry and lead the team in adopting new tools and approaches to maintain a competitive advantage and drive the implementation of innovations.
New Media Operations Manager
LADbible GroupNew Media Operations Manager
Nov. 2011 - Dec. 2014Responsible for managing and leading the entire new media operations department, ensuring the company's strategic execution and operational effectiveness in the digital media space, ensuring that new media campaigns and content are consistent with the company's brand image, and maintaining the brand's reputation and image. Manage crisis communications and respond to and resolve potential reputation issues in a timely manner. Responsible for the development and execution of digital advertising and marketing strategies, ensuring that advertising placements and campaigns are aligned with target audiences to increase brand exposure and market share. Build and maintain good relationships with internal and external partners, including advertising agencies, social media platforms, content creators, etc., to get the best out of the partnership. Responsible for budget planning and management of the new media operations department, ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately to support the achievement of strategic objectives. Coordinate with finance department to monitor and provide reports on budget execution.
Head of New Media Operations
LADbible GroupHead of New Media Operations
Sep. 2010 - Oct. 2011Monitor and analyse data from new media campaigns, including user engagement, traffic, conversion rates, etc. Provide regular reports and insights to evaluate campaign effectiveness and adjust and optimise operational strategies based on the data. Develop and execute content marketing strategies, including the production and distribution of engaging copy, images, videos and other content to attract target audiences and increase brand exposure and user engagement. Responsible for developing the company's new media strategy and plan, developing and implementing appropriate strategies based on company objectives and market needs to drive brand awareness and business growth.
Social Media Specialist
LADbible GroupSocial Media Specialist
Mar. 2009 - Aug. 2010Primarily responsible for content curation and creation, social media advertising management tracking industry trends, holding an understanding of emerging social media trends, platform updates and industry best practices. By researching and following industry developments, you will be able to adapt strategies and practices in a timely manner to ensure that they are up to date, collaborate with other team members such as content creators, designers and marketers to ensure that social media campaigns are aligned with the overall marketing strategy and support the overall operations of the team.
New Media Assistant
Media.MonksNew Media Assistant
Feb. 2008 - Sep. 2008Primarily responsible for creating simple text, image or video content and posting it to various social media platforms. This may include writing social media posts, creating simple image designs, editing short videos and assisting with social media data collection and analysis to assess content performance, audience response and the effectiveness of social media campaigns. This can help the team understand which content and strategies are working best and make adjustments and improvements accordingly.
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