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Work Background
Data Science / Machine Learning Engineer
PharmacityData Science / Machine Learning Engineer
Feb. 2021Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamWorking on researching / building solutions and data pipeline for several projects at Pharmacity, one of the first cutting-edge retail pharmacies in Vietnam: - Built Recommender system by leveraging a combination of matrix factorization and graph-based approaches. Incorporated data synchronization from multiple sources to ensure comprehensive training. - Customer segmentation supporting to coupon campaign, utilizing graph-based algorithms (Louvain and Stochastic Block Model) to detect communities of customers and analyze the network structure. - Customer churn prevention based on transaction history, customer survey, customer service call... Utilized LightGBM's gradient boosting framework to build a high-performing model that accurately predicted customer churn. - Pricing strategy support by collecting (crawling) product data from competitors' websites. The project has been built on top of Scrapy with Selenium integrated. - Aggregate Delivery Tracking Data from multiple sources / vendors.
Data Engineer
Deep Kafe Service - Technology Company LimitedData Engineer
Jun. 2018 - Oct. 2020Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamOur company mainly works on AI-related projects, such as: - Deep Scanner: A product dedicated to interpret images of Vietnamese ID cards into digital data with high confidentiality. - Deep Page: A product dedicated to interpret images of business document into digital data and structure them in order to search later. - Deep Vision: A product dedicated to recognize objects or interpret videos into digital data; thus helps to make statistics & analysis reports. - PO-Parser service that parses purchase order (PDF) automatically and import them to Odoo system of our customer (TriCoop). Because of working in a young startup, I wore many hats at work and contributed to almost all projects of the company. - In charge of back-end stack, mainly on Python to make effortlessly scalable services; sometimes, got my hands dirty on DevOps duties. - I built a mini framework that helps team to simplify the implementation of a system following to the Microservice Architecture and Event-Driven Architecture. - Managed & deployed services to the cloud (using DigitalOcean and several services of Google Cloud). Underlying tech stack used by our products has a wide range: - Flask: For exposing RESTful APIs, helps to integrate our services. - Redis was used by almost our services for caching purposes. - Elastic Stack: Indexing, searching, data shipping... - We used RabbitMQ as a main messaging system that helps to route the messages, events and notifications between services. - Apache Airflow is a great platform that we used for scheduling tasks. - Apache Spark was using for batch processing jobs; and Airflow kicks off these jobs. - Main databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL.
Software Engineer
TMA SolutionsSoftware Engineer
Feb. 2016 - May. 2017Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamProject: Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 2500 Network Management System Link: https://www.al-enterprise.com/en/products/network-management-security/omnivista-2500-network-management-system Omnivista 2500 NMS, helping users manage, monitor and interact with thousands of network devices easily (instead of interacting via command line), was built using Service-based architecture. As a Back-end Engineer of the project, I have developed, maintained the project with great care, collaborated to create strategic initiatives to design, code, and test solutions. I got my hand dirty on several components/features including: - Device Abstraction Layer which used to interact with devices. - Device Discovery service which traverses the network and collects supported devices automatically, then persists the information to MongoDB. - VLAN feature which helps to create, manage VLAN with ease. - Notification feature which helps to manage notification rules of devices or device types. - Devices' usage & health reports.
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