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Work Background
Business Development
Magic TavernBusiness Development
Feb. 2018 - Aug. 2021ChinaResponsible for formulating strategies, enforcing relationships, coordinating operations, defining business goals, managing resources and acquiring talent. ♥ Challenged with starting up a subsidiary in a new location, executed in every phase from initiation, landing, to operation. ♥ Identify, target and acquire new growth opportunities and new business models, within and outside of the game industry. Includes develop and enforce potential business relationships and partnerships. ♥ Articulate and negotiate contractual, technical, and financial points with external partners and internal teams across disciplines. ♥ Provide analytics and insights on player preference and behavior, product and genre, competition landscape on a global scale, by using both quantitative researches and interpersonal skills. ♥ Acquire and onboard global executive talents.
Business Manager
YDY CG Pte. Ltd.Business Manager
Feb. 2017 - Feb. 2018SingaporeYDY CG is an art service provider specializing in art design and production for games. As the Business Manager, I am responsible for managing the deal flow and overall Growth of the business. Tasked with identifying market and prospects’ needs, answering their questions, and catering to clients’ requirements. Work with onboarded clients to ensure successful project delivery, as well as ensure constant communication and involvement in the process. ● Develop goals and objectives for our clients and the firm ● Design and implement business plans and strategies to increase market share and widen value offering ● Ensure that the company has the adequate and suitable resources to complete its activities (talent management, resource management) ● Organize and coordinate operations (project management) for optimal efficiency ● Responsible for maintaining relationships with various stakeholders of the company
Business Development
Tourboks.com ApSBusiness Development
Oct. 2015 - Dec. 2016Copenhagen Area, DenmarkTourboks.com is an online startup travel product platform that connects travelers to tours, activities, and an unforgettable experience abroad. As the Business Developer, I was responsible for overseeing a plethora of business and marketing initiative to generate awareness for the company, and ensure business growth. Being in a startup also meant that I was highly involved with the firm’s direction at every step of the way - which would later hone my business development skills in the future with YDY CG. As a result of my work, our firm successfully managed to increase market share, as well as clearly mapped out their content marketing goals, which would lead to a better-oiled marketing process that was efficient and effective. ● Conducted deep backend research to analyze and map out both B2B and B2C end users of the platform ● Conducted A/B & MVT Testing with different online marketing campaigns to test and refine the effectiveness of each campaign ● Leveraged on new age marketing (digital marketing and content marketing) to source for new leads, and generate awareness for our online presence ● Responsible for conducting various tasks that are non-related to business development for the firm, but still essential to help push the startup forward.
Travel Experience Designer
Uniko ApSTravel Experience Designer
Jan. 2015 - Oct. 2015Copenhagen Area, DenmarkUniko ApS is a Danish travel agency with its core focus centered around operating inbound tours to Europe. Working as the Tour Designer/Operator gave me initial insight into the industry of tour operations and travel, which would later spark my interest to join Tourboks.com. As the Tour Operator, my role was centred primarily around ensuring maximum customer satisfaction for the guests, and making certain that they got a ton of value from the tours that I conducted. ● Responsible for planning, coordinating and operating the various tours of the organization ● Closely monitored and observed guests’ preferences and requirements ● Made sure that guests had a smooth journey, by catering to the finer details of every single tour ● Was tasked to handle contract negotiation as and when required ● Made sure that customers were satisfied with level and standards of service provided
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