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Work Background
Business Operations Analyst
IntegralWayBusiness Operations Analyst
Nov. 2021Belgrade, Serbia• Led the development of 3 company websites from scratch, including 2 business consulting websites and 1 retreat house website as a Business Operations Analyst for IntegralWay. - Managed the entire website development process, from concept creation and layout design to contractor selection, project management, and launch. - Created the overall structure and layout of the websites, developed concept examples, and selected and managed contractors to execute the project. - Communicated regularly with developers to ensure project progress and adherence to design specifications. - Implemented a user-friendly navigation system and business logic on the website, as well as integrated payments and other company services. - Supervised the testing and launch of the websites, ensuring a smooth transition from development to live operation. - Worked closely with the team to provide feedback to developers, ensuring that the final product met the company's needs and standards. • Responsible for conducting in-depth analysis of business indicators related to sales, customer demographics and market trends. Utilized data to create comprehensive client profiles and track customer loyalty. • In charge of company presentations to showcase products and services to potential clients. Developed a set of templates to streamline future presentation creation within the company. • Write copy for company advertisements and websites. • Act as an in-house translator in Russian and English for various departments, dealing with a wide variety of documents. Regularly translate long-form social media texts for Instagram. • Organize regular company events, which includes finding suitable locations, sourcing high-quality supplies and coordinating logistics. • Work closely with company contractors to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget.
Layan Green ParkCopywriter-Translator
Jan. 2020• Freelance copywriter and translator for the Layan Green Park development in Thailand. • Responsible for editing and translating construction reports. • In charge of writing video scripts for YouTube campaigns that align with the company's branding and marketing goals. • Create content in both Russian and English, including text, advertisements and scenarios for various platforms. • Collaborate with the marketing and sales teams to create and implement effective advertising campaigns that drive engagement and interest in the Layan Green Park project.
Jan. 2020• Freelance copywriter and translator for the VillaCarte real estate agency in Thailand. • Responsible for crafting SEO-optimized texts for websites and marketing materials to improve search engine ranking and visibility. • Create content in both Russian and English, including text, advertisements and scenarios for various platforms. • Collaborate with the marketing and sales teams to create and implement effective advertising campaigns that drive engagement and interest in the VillaCarte projects.
General Affairs Manager
VervexGeneral Affairs Manager
Dec. 2019 - Nov. 2021St Petersburg, St Petersburg City, Russia• General Manager for the leading gas company in the Northwestern Federal Region of Russia. • Responsible for managing, tracking and analyzing company performance indicators. • Organized employee training and development programs. • Created a new system to efficiently track employee training and progress. • Set up a new system of equipment supplies for the company that covered stationery, printing materials, furniture and building materials. • Developed and introduced a new set of regulations governing interactions between the sales and logistic departments.
Assistant General Manager
Bodion ClinicAssistant General Manager
Jun. 2018 - Sep. 2019St Petersburg, St Petersburg City, Russia• Demonstrated exceptional problem-solving abilities by effectively performing a diverse range of tasks, smoothly resolving unexpected situations and maintaining a productive workplace team. • Led the team who developed and introduced a new advanced rehabilitation package offered by the company. • Acted as the personal assistant to the General Manager, maintaining their calendar, analyzing necessary information, selecting potential contractors and coordinating further communication. • Planned and organized over 60 business trips and 40 events, where I needed to search for venues, book hotels and flights and arrange catering. • Successfully established new partnerships with medical organizations in 4 other cities which resulted in a 10% increase in patient numbers. • Organized 10 weekly meetings and conferences and successfully planned 3 corporate parties. • Streamlined office operations by changing the way supplies were ordered and implemented a new reporting system which significantly improved purchase volume adjustment and monitoring.
Business Travel Manager
Bodion ClinicBusiness Travel Manager
May. 2017 - May. 2018• Organized more than 300 business trips, roundtables and meetings in 50 different cities for Bodion, a medical services company with branches and partnerships across Russia and Kazakhstan. • Interacted daily with suppliers to manage office logistics, event design and setup, as well as the procurement of key medical products. • Implemented cost-saving measures by consolidating suppliers and reducing company costs by 10%. • Acted as a liaison and on-the-road organizer, building relationships and establishing contacts for future cooperation with other medical institutions. • Successfully established and maintained long-term partnerships with over 15 organizations through effective collaboration on patient referrals, shared use of premises and organizing joint conferences.
Project Assistant
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Delegation in St PetersburgProject Assistant
Jan. 2016 - Apr. 2016St Petersburg, St Petersburg City, Russia• Assistant to the Chief Specialist at the Department of Interregional Cooperation. • Organized and participated in various interregional events, exhibitions and festivals.
Assistant Event Manager
BtG Event Soluitions DMC RUSSIAAssistant Event Manager
Oct. 2016 - Nov. 2016St Petersburg, St Petersburg City, Russia• Assisted in organizing and hosting over 20 remote and 4 local business events, including various conferences and roundtables. • Responsible for finding venues, creating budgets and coordinating with vendors.
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