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Work Background
Web 3 Project Manager
NethermindWeb 3 Project Manager
Mar. 2022 - Aug. 2022- Leading Metaverse/NFT team - Consulted teams on project/product management best practices - Did market research and POCs in the Metaverse/NFT/Gaming industries - Ideated the SBT for employee to act as the CV, Proof of work Details can be shared on the requests.
Web 3 enthusiast
ПредпринимательWeb 3 enthusiast
Aug. 2021The future is now. And I am very excited and motivated to be a part of it. I am here not for profit, but for the groundbreaking changes that Web3 will bring to our daily routine. Investing in crypto, participating in Icos, buying nfts, analysing new projects, generating ideas for the Web3 world
Jan. 2021 - Aug. 2021RemoteI was responsible for overseeing and driving the operations of the company. My main goals were: - raised the quality bar of projects delivered to the clients - fewer bugs, remove tech debt, deliver features on time; - ad-hoc solving people management and delivery problems which should be fixed on the process and client relationship level; - expand company expertise by adding new services; - iterated company website to build V1 of it; - created an encouraging environment for the teams to strive; - initiated and helped hire CBDO and HR; - set up long-term strategic management goals. I also continued acting as the Project Manager on the projects I was responsible for.
Project Delivery Manager
MaxiruProject Delivery Manager
Nov. 2018 - Jan. 2021United StatesActing as Project Manager - we were building qualitative solutions for the biggest cruise companies with millions of sailors every year - Led 3 projects with nearly 20 team members to achieve client delivery and internal team goals; - Projects related to mobile apps, Tablet and TV apps; - Communicating with the end client/general contractor/design partners. Main achievements: - Released our products Live after working under uncertainty with the Covid restrictions by CDC; - Created a smooth, uninterrupted, working process with a continuous improvement loop; - Added main team metrics to measure our progress; - Successfully handled partners/client communications by mitigating possible risks and sometimes resolving occurred problems quickly as possible; - Together with the team drive establishing technical development/QA practices in the team;
Scrum master/Head of Delivery Management
UPTech TeamScrum master/Head of Delivery Management
Feb. 2017 - Jul. 2018With zero experience was hired as a Scrum-master/Project manager and was a part of a dream team with Teal culture. Was actively involved in many processes. Responsibilities: - facilitated Scrum process in more than 10 development teams; - help team members grow as professionals by coaching and feedback sessions; - introduced project management and team leadership practices in the company; - actively participating in the hiring process to form the core of team members; - 8+ NPS achieved while maintaining relationships with clients and achieved more than Over my job responsibilities: - managed Website creation and concept facilitation from scratch - helped with financial metrics and analysis - set up client feedback management process - acted as an advisory in a lot of responsibility areas (culture, values, performance review) - improved product, development, strategic planning and project management policies
Mar. 2016 - Feb. 2017Together with top-notch team members, we were pioneering the feedback startup industry in Ukraine. I was more like a founder who was driving the work and wearing multiple hats - Validating MVP - Found/Sold 2/3 of our partners to test our product - Define priorities and manage project scope - Planning tasks for a team (business analysis, sales, development, marketing) - Design fixes in Photoshop - Manually checking bugs - Basically everything a founder could do in a project
Construction manager and Client onboarding manager
Paymentwall, Inc.Construction manager and Client onboarding manager
Jul. 2015 - Mar. 2016Completed the challenging project within budget and saved more ~ 20% using my knowledge/skills. Responsibilities: - full responsibility for an amazing office construction from scratch; (can share photos on the request) - managed more than 20 contractors; - worked with design widgets, onboarding clients; Over my job responsibilities: - redo the career portal in the website; - managed creation of a charity event for 100 persons
Construction Project Manager
VN StarConstruction Project Manager
Dec. 2013 - Jul. 2015After economics got onboarded with zero experience in the construction domain and successfully built the objects. Responsibilities: - operational tasks in the 2 buildings (55 apartments house and 7500m2 office building); - managed contractors (more than 20 contractors and 100+ workers); Over my job responsibilities: - managing real-estate agents; - offered and managed creation of website from scratch and won an award; - saved ~ 100k$ by optimizing resources and decreasing wholesale prices.
Media planning intern
AimbulanceMedia planning intern
Apr. 2013 - Jul. 2013-Media ads presentation -working with Inmind - database with statistical information -creating media-plan -analyzing the relevant sites for advertising
Manager of Corporate Incoming ExChange
AIESECManager of Corporate Incoming ExChange
Mar. 2012 - May. 2013
Intern in Financial departmant
L'OréalIntern in Financial departmant
Jul. 2011 - Sep. 2011Working on project "Inventory" -Business trip to the biggest Ukrainian cities -communication with distributor and retailers -creating reports
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Founder and CEO @ Briga Sustainability Center
Head of marketing @ Anagata alam hijau ( AHA token$
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