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CEOHi there, I'm Pavee 👋🏼 A visionary soul, full of disrupting creativity, strategic + design thinking, teamwork hunger, contextual EQ, healthy enthusiasm, natural leadership, and empathy. Lucky to leverage both sides of the brain in operations-first culture with a special place in my heart for marketing & sales. Passionate about pattern recognition, adding value, viable results, and a reasonable balance of ROI, and perspective-driven decisions. Curious about human behavior, the world of fine wine, modern art, all-around tech, subcultures, and consumer choices. Mentally ready for plan B to become a craftsman when the digital economy is dominated by AI. In the morning you will find me with another useful read on my Kindle, watching edutainment videos on Youtube, listening to audiobooks or scrolling TechCrunch. During the week days you will see me driving the business operations & product roadmap at GlobalCloudPayments, while building a fin-tech ecosystem. On weekends I might be caught reviewing my notes & sketching in a bullet journal while drinking a cup of legendary home made coffee brew. As well as enjoying family and friends precious time throwing kitchen battles & wine-tasting matches mixing edgy funky beats on the background. Kept myself busy with marketing strategy consulting, client service, commercial product ownership, tech & saas business development since 2010. Operated on-sight & remotely on different functional levels, global, regional, and country-specific roles within diverse cultural blends as a solo ranger as well as part of (virtual) dream squads. Nurtured in the corporate sector, where I learned how to reverse engineer systems & bureaucracy towards customer success. In the meantime, mastered the craft in hyper growing startups on how to prioritize & execute in the great era of fun & uncertainty. A part of my life was dedicated to Kyokushin karate, gardening, hip-hop culture, roller skating, bowling, alpine skiing, fashion, and art. Addicted to rhythmic sounds, recent home gym adopter, ukulele & paddle-tennis newbie. A picnic fanatic, happy to meet & click with good humans, explore new passions & pause wonderful moments of life. You can wake me up at midnight to draw a brief of concept, marketing hacks, optimization scenarios, to design MVP and scaleup ideas, to draft negotiations strategies & tactics, to define leadership & organizational challenges, and to nail public speaking preparations and performance. Solving business puzzles is my game: to troubleshoot issues re-framing them into win-wins. Happy to touch base on any hobby, career, start-up, or social gigs.
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