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Rahul's Career Path
Chief AI
Nov. 2022 -
Mar. 2023
Elevate AIChief AI
San Francisco Bay Area
Data Science Manager
Nov. 2020 -
LaytripData Science Manager
United StatesFounding Data Scientist and Core team member. 1. Build the data foundation for the company, aggregating over 900 Million - 1.2 Billion rows of airfare data on BigQuery, GCP. 2. Build and Scaled Arbitrage Model, taking arbitrage profit in ticket booking. 3. Got patent for the arbitrage model 4. Predicitve Booking, Automatic Booking, Recommendation Engine
Data Scientist
Aug. 2020 -
Sep. 2020
DataPulleyData Scientist
Israel1. Scrapped ~96,000 UPC products from online stores for food ingredients 2. Built Automatic Data Normalization from Different source deployed on AWS S3 bucket 3. Designed and deployed Machine Learning models for nutrient detection like Gluten-Non Gluten, GMO-NonGMO, Fat freeFat models. 4. Model precision and recall rate over ~88%

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