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Work Background
Software Engineer
Personal commercial projectSoftware Engineer
Jan. 2021Machinery parts marketplace that connects suppliers and buyers automatically routing part requests. Tools & Technologies: Go, PostgreSQL, Redis, psql, Gin, GitHub, git, GitHub Actions, Ubuntu, Alpine, Linux, Docker, docker-compose, Make, JWT, AWS(S3, CloudFront, IAM, App Runner, ECR, RDS), SSH, bash, SQL, Postman, dlv, REST API, HTTP, HTTPS, Mailgun, Terraform
Software Engineer
KeepitSoftware Engineer
Jan. 2021Cloud-to-cloud backup and SaaS workload protection services for enterprises for Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and others. Responsibilities: - Code review - Mentoring - Team management and leadership - Projects maintenance - Communication with customers - New projects development - Technical documentation writing - Investigation and planning - Collaboration with other teams(QA, Tech Support, Management, Front end) Tools & Technologies: C++ 20/17, STL, REST API, HTTP, OAuth, JWT, OData, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu, Linux, clang, clang tools(clang-tidy, clang-format, etc.), gdb, Make, git, GitLab, GitHub Copilot, Jira, Confluence, Postman, bash, PlantUML, Docker, Python, JSON and XML libraries, Boost.Test, OpenSSL, Azure DevOps Показати менше
UE4 Developer
N-iXUE4 Developer
Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2021VR solution that allows a quarterback to train by passing a real football in a mixed-reality environment. Responsibilities: - Implementing new features - Writing automated tests - Fixing bugs - Profiling and optimization - Writing scripts - CI/CD configuration Tools & Technologies: C++, UE4, Blueprints scripting, UE4 Automated test system, UMG, Slate UI, UFE, Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers, Plugins, PowerShell, Windows, git, GitLab, Jenkins, Jira
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Software Engineer, startups enthusiast