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Work Background
Managing Director
BookmateManaging Director
Dec. 2022Belgrade, Serbia
Chief Product Officer
BookmateChief Product Officer
Jan. 2022 - Dec. 2022Belgrade, SerbiaI'm currently working as a Chief Product Officer for Bookmate, a subscription based e-book & audiobook service that brings readers, authors, publishers, brands and distribution partners together through a strong business model (13 000 000 users, 1 800 000 books, 20 000 publishers and 20 languages). My core responsibility is to manage and adjust the product development strategy for all the existing markets, and open ways to connect more readers around the world. I oversee product design, improvements and maintenance, ensuring that the product resonates with the user. I create, manage and adjust key business metrics to increase the user base & sales volume. I coordinate the effort of tech, data science, analytics, marketing, design and content teams to provide a wholesome user experience and, at the same time, maintain a holistic approach to the product itself.
Product Development Lead
Self-employedProduct Development Lead
Aug. 2019 - Feb. 2022I worked with various businesses to help them launch their ideas quickly with the minimum IT-related disruption possible. Examples of projects that could be revealed are listed below. - Launched a web-based tracker that helps to estimate the contribution of remote-working and office-based personnel. This helped the company's top-management to visualize the value of each employee and develop an effective resource strategy in times of continuous lockdowns and hiring on remote. - As a product development consultant, helped to launch & further develop a complex purchase planning algorythm for small and medium healthcare businesses, which allowed these businesses to economise up to 15000€/year and spend less than 5min on the purchasing process.
Business consultant (CRM, ERP, groupware)
MC2Business consultant (CRM, ERP, groupware)
Jan. 2007 - Dec. 2008Russia (Moscow)Introduced and performed a new type of service - selection of customized program solutions for clients seeking to automate their current business processes - which resulted in an increased scope of product offerings and improved various customers' existing business processes by introducing automated solutions in their day-to-day operations.
Lead of Product Development group
Lamoda GroupLead of Product Development group
Oct. 2018 - Aug. 2019Moscow, Russian FederationI led the implementation of product approach in business automation solutions and business units (e.g. Operations, Commercial). I was responsible for the Product Development group's performance according to company's OKR and strategic plans.
Senior Product Manager (Operations domain)
Lamoda GroupSenior Product Manager (Operations domain)
May. 2018 - Oct. 2018Moscow, Russian FederationKick-started product approach in Operations business domain in Lamoda, a leading online fashion and beauty retailer in Russia and CIS (GFG member). I evaluated the needs of business in delivery, impex, transport and network functions to create a detailed prioritized backlog of every task. I introduced a clear and simple product process starting from pitching the idea and all the way to its implementation based on business metrics and company values. Most remarkable launch: * an external delivery partner integration (business value about 3M/month)
Product Manager
Home Credit and Finance BankProduct Manager
Dec. 2017 - May. 2018MoscowIntroduced the concept of product pages for bank products and services, which resulted in a major increase of page views and sales per day (most valuable example - from 0 to over 5000 visits/day). * Took full responsibility for company's site (over 150M page views/year) and commercial web services * Supporting Agile-based and CD/CI development, testing and support processes * Initiating user-centered design approaches (UX research, development and gathering of metrics, data-driven decision making) * Working with various bank departments and final users to develop their vision and define the roadmap of products and services that will add significant value to business processes
Technical Support Manager / Project Manager
NetcrackerTechnical Support Manager / Project Manager
Dec. 2016 - Nov. 2017Moscow, Russian FederationDesigned, developed and managed end-to-end support processes for multiple projects (Telecom Austria, Telefonica Global Solutions, Telecom Italia, Orange IPON, GVA Canal+). Worked as an offsite/onsite PM for these projects. * Taking the role of CEO of company's products and services in post-production phase * Performing in various additional roles: technical manager, community leader, product manager, project manager, sales, business analyst, QA, support engineer * Planning the whole technical support process starting from initial pre-sale LOE estimates and risk assessments up to deliverables, current resource plans, monitoring and stakeholder management * Being the evangelist of best development and support practices * Working with stakeholders to develop their vision and define the software product and services' roadmap that will add significant value * Managing a support process with carefully planned releases within Agile, Scrum and waterfall frameworks * Continuously collecting customer feedback, building suggested improvements into the product and enhancing existing services to better meet customer's requirements and business values * Hiring internal and external employees to create successful effective teams which provide exceptional services; planning all team's activities, including onsite work
Product Manager
Feb. 2012 - Dec. 2016France / Russia (Moscow)Took responsibility for company’s legacy web solutions: winPlateforme (enterprise social/commercial network) and winPharmacie (mobile sales tool), which included: * Hiring expert team members to explore actual business needs and re-work existing legacy code into effective web applications (transition from PHP to C#/.Net) * Reducing costs and enhancing development flexibility to meet market demands by coordinating iterative development and Agile-based delivery mechanisms * Introducing new UI/UX features for the best web/mobile customer experience * Creating and managing of engaging and fun end-user community
After-sales technical support engineer
WINPHARMA EVERYSAfter-sales technical support engineer
Nov. 2008 - Feb. 2012France / Russia (Moscow)Performed incident and problem management in French for winPharma, the 1st independent editor of management software for pharmaceuticals in France and French-speaking countries. * Technical support of customized software solutions for pharmacies of various sizes and specialization (pharmacies, drugstores, orthopedics, medical equipment) * Troubleshooting of specific hardware (card readers, distributors, stock robots, etc.) issues * On-site customer assistance and training (new installations, adaptation, best practices of usage, day-to-day operations) * Full responsibility for corporate knowledge base and technical documentation in French, English and Russian
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