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Apr. 2019Moscow, Russische FöderationAs the Founder and CEO of Tribes LLC, I'm passionate about creating a brand that resonates with individuals who embrace self-expression, boldness, and diversity. At Tribes, our mission is to empower people to express their unique style through high-quality, innovative, and comfortable clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products. My role encompasses strategic planning, business development, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. I leverage my extensive experience in technology, banking, and international business to drive the growth and expansion of Tribes into new markets while maintaining our commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability. แสดงน้อยลง
Chief Technology Officer
StudyFreeChief Technology Officer
Jul. 2022 - Feb. 2023Delaware, United StatesSpearheaded the technology strategy for StudyFree, an EdTech firm, balancing roles as architect, manager, and hands-on developer. Released a new mobile app with messenger support and integrated various subscription systems, successfully enhancing our service capabilities despite challenging market conditions. Tech Stack: Go lang, Kafka-based Microservices, ELK, Docker, NodeJS (Angular, Typescript), Mobile React Native, PostgreSQL, Cassandra.
Nov. 2017 - Mar. 2018Moscow, Russian FederationAs the CTO of OnlinePay, a FinTech startup with a presence in Singapore, Moscow, Cyprus, and the European Union, I played a crucial role in shaping the company's technology landscape and driving its growth. My expertise in financial technology allowed me to manage the IT department effectively and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Key Responsibilities: Developed and executed the company's IT strategy, aligning it with the organization's overall business objectives. Built and led cross-functional teams across Europe and China, including Development, R&D, Project Management, Infrastructure & Security, and Customer Support. Streamlined processes and implemented best practices to improve efficiency and ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services. Fostered a collaborative and innovative work environment that encouraged knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. Reported directly to the CEO, providing regular updates on technology initiatives and key performance metrics. แสดงน้อยลง
Leading IT Expert
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow RegionLeading IT Expert
May. 2009 - Dec. 2009As the Leading IT Expert at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow Region, I served as the Chief Information Officer responsible for overseeing the organization's IT infrastructure, department management, and web development. Key Responsibilities: Integration, security, and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Management of the IT department and its resources. Development and programming of the organization's website (tppmo.ru) using PHP. Overseeing and implementing advertising campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. แสดงน้อยลง
Chief Technology Officer
YacademyChief Technology Officer
Jan. 2017 - Nov. 2017Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaAs the CTO of Yacademy, a pioneering EdTech company, I successfully led the IT department and played a pivotal role in automating the company's routine operations. My expertise in educational technology enabled the creation of a full-cycle educational platform that catered to various needs of learners and educators. Key Responsibilities: Managed the IT department and ensured the smooth functioning of all technology-related aspects. Developed a comprehensive educational platform using Angular 4, SSR, TypeScript 2.5, and RxJS, featuring: A secure, fraud-preventive certification platform with face detection technology. A certification and e-learning courses marketplace. A real-time, distributed scoring mechanism and statistics for certifications. A user-friendly admin dashboard that integrated various tools and functionalities. A robust API built with TypeScript 2.5 and PostgreSQL. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of new features and enhancements. Continuously improved the platform based on user feedback and market trends, driving innovation in the EdTech space. แสดงน้อยลง
Chief Technology Officer
ZeemiChief Technology Officer
Sep. 2015 - Nov. 2016Greater Jakarta Area, IndonesiaAs the CTO at Zeemi, a cutting-edge video streaming social network, I managed an IT department of up to 12 in-house and outsourced professionals. My leadership and technical expertise drove the development of multiple products, ensuring seamless integration and optimal user experience across platforms. Key Responsibilities: Managed IT department, overseeing a team of skilled professionals in various disciplines. Orchestrated product development and management, ensuring timely delivery and quality. Developed an isomorphic web platform for high load using ReactJS and NodeJS. Created Android and iOS applications using RxJava + NDK and Swift 2.2, respectively. Implemented a real-time chat system using NodeJS, Redis, PostgreSQL, and load balancing. Migrated API microservices from Ruby on Rails to Golang for improved performance. Developed a PubSub API bus for multi-datacenter infrastructure and scaling. Designed and managed live-video distribution architecture and load balancing using Wowza. Ensured code quality assurance and testing through in-house and outsourced teams. Reported directly to the CEO, providing strategic insights and technological recommendations. แสดงน้อยลง
Teamlead Front-end & Mobile development team
Today DeliveryTeamlead Front-end & Mobile development team
Jul. 2015 - Sep. 2015Moscow, Russian FederationAs the team lead for front-end and mobile development at a technology startup focused on courier services, I managed a dedicated team of developers while overseeing the prototyping and development of mobile applications for iOS and Android using Cordova/PhoneGap and Angular (Ionic) frameworks. Key Responsibilities: Managed the front-end development team, fostering a collaborative and productive environment. Spearheaded the prototyping and development of mobile applications for iOS and Android. Successfully created a new website and landing page using AngularJS. Developed two Android apps for couriers and clients, featuring Ionic, Java, push notifications, and GPS tracking capabilities. Created two iOS apps for couriers and clients using Ionic, Objective-C, push notifications, and GPS tracking features. Suggested API changes that led to a significant increase in backend performance. Reported directly to the CTO and CEO, providing updates and valuable input on project progress. แสดงน้อยลง
Chief Technology & Business Officer
Jangel LLCChief Technology & Business Officer
Mar. 2013 - Jul. 2015Sherman Oaks, CA, USAAs the Business and Technology Officer at Jangel, a US-based social network startup, I was responsible for prototyping, project development, IT infrastructure management, and personnel management. I also played a crucial role in marketing, PR, and business model development. Key Responsibilities: Prototyped and developed use cases for the social network platform. Managed the IT infrastructure, including in-house applications and initial security integration. Led a team of 5-10 IT personnel and developers, ensuring smooth project execution. Conducted code quality assurance and maintained high development standards. Planned investments, implementation, and cost projections for the startup. Analyzed hypotheses and quantitative data, including industry-approved statistical methods and quality assurance. Projected and developed business models, use cases, and algorithmic solutions. Handled marketing responsibilities, such as user mapping, event statistics, and lead generation. Assured PR and marketing channels, including CPU, UAC, LTV, and brainstorming ad campaigns. Verified business models and conducted stress tests for BWA scenarios. Achievements: Created two websites (desktop and mobile) with scalable NodeJS backend rendering, utilizing an in-house developed jQuery-like library optimized for performance. Developed two Android apps (Jangel App and Evency App) using Cordova, Ionic, Backbone, and Angular. Created two iOS apps (Jangel App and Evency App) with Cordova, Ionic, Backbone, and Angular. Implemented Java and NodeJS backend services, alongside Redis and Memcache. Developed various in-house libraries for working with maps, geo-data, and parsing mechanisms, as well as algorithms for Facebook events data processing. แสดงน้อยลง
Officer at Structured Deals Department
Raiffeisen BankOfficer at Structured Deals Department
Aug. 2010 - Aug. 2012As an Officer in the Structured Deals Department at Raiffeisenbank, I specialized in organizing and maintaining the Automated Banking system for various documentary operations related to trade finance and corporate finance. I was responsible for facilitating deals with international institutions, real estate transactions, shares and capital deals, and more. Key Responsibilities: Managed the Automated Banking system for documentary operations, including Trade Finance Structured Deals, Corporate Finances, L/C (Letter of Credit), C/L (Collection Letter), SWIFTAlliance, INCOTERMS 2000 and 2010, and UCP 600. Handled deals structuring with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRR) and IFC Export L/Cs. Structured real estate transactions and shares and capital deals. Managed post-financing and deferred payments operations. Coordinated with export agencies for trade finance transactions. Structured contracts, agreements, and logistics for various deals. Prepared reports and department statistics for internal and external auditors and the Central Bank of Russia. Worked on factoring, forfaiting, and negotiation of trade finance deals. แสดงน้อยลง
Documentary Operations Department
Banque Societe Generale VostokDocumentary Operations Department
May. 2010 - Jul. 2010As a Specialist in the Documentary Operations Department at Banque Societe Generale Vostok, I was responsible for managing various aspects of corporate finance, international trade, and banking documentation. Key Responsibilities: Handling corporate finances, guarantees, Letters of Credit (L/C), advances, and Collection Letters (C/L). Working with SWIFT messaging system, INCOTERMS, and Delta. Ensuring compliance with UCP 600, URDG 458, and URDG 758 regulations.
IT Engineer
Helios IT SolutionsIT Engineer
Sep. 2008 - Feb. 2009As an IT Engineer at Helios IT Solutions, I was responsible for the maintenance, integration, and implementation of Apple OS X and OS X Server systems in various schools and colleges in Moscow. This was part of a State Contract focused on integrating Apple Macintosh platforms into the educational process. Key Responsibilities: Maintaining and integrating Apple OS X and OS X Server systems for educational institutions. Diagnosing hardware issues and configuring software for optimal performance. Performing system recovery, installation, and server configuration tasks. แสดงน้อยลง


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