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Work Background
Product Team Lead
NoryProduct Team Lead
Jun. 2021Dublin City, County Dublin, Ireland
Founding Product Engineer
NoryFounding Product Engineer
Sep. 2020 - Jun. 2021Dublin City, County Dublin, Ireland
Technology Consultant
Deloitte DigitalTechnology Consultant
Sep. 2018 - Sep. 2020Dublin, IrelandAs a Technology Consultant at Deloitte, I bring: - Expertise in turning product vision into tangible outcomes that deliver value to clients - Hands-on experience in developing scalable software and distributed systems with modern tech stacks including React (MERN), React Native, Redux, Sass, Vue, Kubernetes, and AWS - A focus on commercial impact and using data-driven strategies to drive results - Strong Agile/Scrum knowledge and facilitation of key ceremonies and documentation - Proven ability to decompose complex problems into clear software and UX design plans - Active participation in code reviews and technical decision making - Ability to provide product consultancy and support throughout the project life-cycle - Assistance and expertise to the Support Team and QA Team in resolving client and internal issues.
Application Analyst
Flatirons SolutionsApplication Analyst
Jun. 2016 - Aug. 2017Chennai Area, India
Student Partner
MicrosoftStudent Partner
Aug. 2014 - Jan. 2016Chennai Area, IndiaAs a Microsoft Student Partner, I made significant contributions to the tech community. I was actively involved in hosting workshops and hackathons, where I had the opportunity to share my technical knowledge and inspire students to pursue their passions in technology. My expertise in Windows mobile app development using C# allowed me to lead hands-on sessions and guide students in developing their own apps. I also played a crucial role in managing technical events and delivering product demos on-campus, giving students a first-hand experience of Microsoft's latest technologies. Working alongside Microsoft professionals, I had the opportunity to assist them in their meetings and events, providing valuable support and learning opportunities. I was also part of exclusive Microsoft training events, where I learned about the latest technologies and honed my skills. To further grow and nurture the tech community, I dedicated my time and efforts to building a community of students and faculty both on-campus and online, helping them enhance their skills and further their careers.


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Let’s work on SAAS apps and cloud technologies.
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