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ActiquestChief Executive Officer
Jul. 2022WorldActiq app: sustainable model to earn with sports. UBI for active lifestyle.
CBDO, CPO, Co-founder
AplaCBDO, CPO, Co-founder
Jul. 2017LuxembourgLuxembourg based software development company with two subsidiaries in Dubai and Moscow, a partner software company in India and more than 30 core IT developers globally. The company has developed an original Apla blockchain protocol and a number of proof-of-concepts for various use cases of the blockchain technology for clients in Luxembourg, the UAE, India and Russia. This includes land and vehicle registries, marketplaces for the sale of copyrights and other assets, issue of securities, and many others. Our mission is to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by small and medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”) that will drive innovation, better use of human capital and positive changes in society. Apla blockchain is a secure, simple and compliant blockchain infrastructure for a fastgrowing global collaborative economy segment. SMEs will benefit from reducing operational costs and go-to-market time, fundraising solutions at an early development stage, automation of business processes, integrated settlement system, AML/CFT compliant infrastructure, trustless cooperation, business scalability and global reach of their products and services to end customers. Voir moins
Business Development Director/Product owner
USDC LabBusiness Development Director/Product owner
Oct. 2012 - Jul. 2017LuxembourgUSDC Slotlogic is the market-leading ISV for blockchain systems/payment/transaction solutions


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