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Tres PagosFounder
Sep. 2023Colombia · HybridI lead the product vision, with a focus on enhancing financial inclusion to boost the competitiveness of small businesses in Latin America. TresPagos offer access to short-term recurring financing for small businesses through a B2B model, using the buy now and pay later format. We identify opportunities through minor challenges that establish the "Confidence Level." This refers to our proprietary alternative artificial intelligence scoring algorithm, which establishes purchase budgets and pinpoints optimal opportunities for businesses to divide their purchases into three payments.
Frontend Developer Consultant
PetCoinFrontend Developer Consultant
May. 2023 - Aug. 2023Florida, United States · HybridPetCoin.love and PetSocial.love is a web3 ecosystem that brings transparency to the pet donation world in the United States through blockchain and tokenization using Petcoins (PETS). In this consultancy I started with a UX/UI process, redesigned the digital products of the company and carried out its implementation using react with next.js, typescript and tailwindcss. I also collaborated in the integration of the API and web3 components such as Magic and UniSwap for user interaction. SEO optimizations such as the incorporation of opengraph and microdata to improve the ecommerce product indexation, achieving high performance and the successful indexing successfully more than 180,000 products and pet profiles in Google search results.
Managing Director
GEN NicaraguaManaging Director
Feb. 2018 - Dec. 2022NicaraguaI directed the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the organization of the Global Entrepreneurship Week for Nicaragua.
Jun. 2019 - Dec. 2022GuatemalaI lead the vision and strategy of Contento that seeks to promote financial inclusion, facilitating access to financial services custom high flexibility and low risk responsibly
Member of the Board of Directors
ASELA - Association of Entrepreneurs of Latin AmericaMember of the Board of Directors
Oct. 2019 - Oct. 2021GuatemalaAs a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Latin America I participated in the creation of public policies for Guatemala, decision making and planning of the joint regional activities that the Organization develops to meet its objectives and the execution of local actions that promote and defend entrepreneurship to make Latin America the best place to start a business.
Chair of board of directors
ASEGUA | Association of Entrepreneurs of GuatemalaChair of board of directors
Jul. 2019 - Oct. 2021GuatemalaI led the actions to support entrepreneurs for COVID-19 creating a positive impact on more than 70 thousand entrepreneurs in 2020. I proposed a governance model based on the synergy generated by the grouping of specialized talent and its multidisciplinary interaction. As well as a model of collaboration and growth between entrepreneurs called E10 that integrates groups of entrepreneurs from different lines of business that fosters an entrepreneurial mentality and culture. And it helps them to strengthen and boost each other. I collaborated in the design of the methodology "continuous validation system" that encourages and strengthens the necessary competencies of the entrepreneur and allows to iteratively validate their business model, reduce their risk of failure and maximize the opportunities for success in their business. I founded Chispa, ASEGUA's business incubator whose purpose will be to provide tools, resources and knowledge to local entrepreneurs to land their ideas, validate them and structure them with the main objective of selling and / or increasing their sales. At an administrative level, I invested in organizing and restructuring legal, accounting and tax issues in order to prepare the entity to receive and manage funds to generate an impact on entrepreneurship and innovation.
Chief Innovation Officer
InéditoChief Innovation Officer
Aug. 2018 - Oct. 2021Guatemala · HybridI led the Department of Innovation, Technology, and Digital Transformation at the center. I led the open innovation program that engaged financial entities, large corporations, MSMEs, and universities in the region. Additionally, I coordinated the research team, which aimed to identify, design, prototype, develop, and validate new digital products and services based on Blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence, with the potential to evolve into startups. We created proofs of concept and pilots to validate the most suitable business model for growth.
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
FriCo-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Sep. 2014 - Jun. 2018Guatemala · On-siteI was a Co-founder of Fri. Together with Boris, we envisioned a multi-banking app that would essentially turn your phone number into your bank account. With Fri, you could seamlessly send and receive money, and connect your bank accounts to enable real-time, free transfers. It also allowed for in-store payments, eliminating the need to wait in long lines at big banks to cash checks or make deposits. After securing our first commercial contract with a financial institution in Guatemala, I decided to take my exit in order to contribute promoting financial inclusion in LATAM.
Senior Software Developer
XYZ NetworkSenior Software Developer
Sep. 2012 - Feb. 2015GuatemalaAt XYZ, I was in charge of developing various digital products for Orange France Telecom, Dailymotion, and Starmedia, which were launched in seven countries across Europe, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. The primary focus of these projects was to provide high-quality video, radio, and informational content. I learned how to build highly scalable platforms and optimize code and content according to quality standards that improved content indexing and organic search engine positioning.


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