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Work Background
PT. Jaya Senantiasa MakmurDirector
Nov. 2022IndonesiaEstablished in 2022, our company mainly focusing on sell & produce racking system base on needs of Our Business Partner. We are eager & highly motivated to help to expand Our Customers Market by providing the BEST of BEST solution for containing / storing their goods by the support of our Racking System. Nowadays,The demand of warehouse & storage is highly increase which surely can help Our Customers to increase productivity, cost efficiency, less maintaince and provide with more storage rooms for goods. Our Products divided into two categories which is: A. Standar Size Products, consist of ; 1. Light-Duty Racking System - Max. 250KG/Layer 2. Medium-Duty Racking System - Max. 500KG/Layer B. Customade Size Products, consist of; 1. Heavy-Duty Racking System - Min. 500KG/Layer to 5.000 KG/Layer consist of: - Single Pallet Racking System - High-Rack Racking System - Mezzanine Racking System - Drive-In Racking System - Gravity Roller Racking System - Narrow Aisle Racking System 2. Supermarket Racking - Max. 90KG/Layer (Custom) 3. Locker & File Cabinet With our line of products, we ensure & quarantee that we can give THE BEST of BEST Solution for their Warehouse & Storage Problem Our Service Guarantees. 1. Free Consultations 2. Free Drawing of Racking System 3. Free Delivery & Installation* 4. Immediate Response for Inquiry and trouble 5. Products Guarantee start from 5 till 10 Years after installation* Our Office : Kp. Sawah Street 29th, Bekasi City, West Java Postal; Code 17341 Our Factory : Gunung Putri, Bogor Regency, West Java Please send email to jayasenantiasamakmur@gmail.com for your inquiries. Thanks.
Regional Sales & Unit Manager
PT. Mitra Traktor CakrabuanaRegional Sales & Unit Manager
Aug. 2011 - May. 2012Medan Area, North Sumatera, Indonesia
Sales Representative
PT. Mitra Traktor CakrabuanaSales Representative
May. 2004 - Aug. 2009Medan Area, North Sumatera, Indonesia
Area Sales Manager
Wacker Neuson SEArea Sales Manager
Oct. 2016 - Jun. 2017Singapore1 External : a Searching for new supplier to increase & expand our market b Provide informations & solutions base on supplier needs c Maintaince relationship with our supplier in Sumatera d Maintaince stock availbility & competitive pricing e Join visit to customer with our local supplier 2 Internal : a Direct report to Marketing Director b Discussing chance of new project to expand our product & increase our revenue
Head of Sales in North Sumatera
PT. Kawan Lama SejahteraHead of Sales in North Sumatera
Jun. 2014 - Sep. 2016Medan Area, North Sumatera, Indonesia1 External : a Searching for new markets to increase & expand sale b Provide informations & solutions base on customer needs c Maintaince relationship with our customers in North Sumatera 2 Internal : a Direct report to Branch Manager b Direct supervice sales team, inventory taking & recounciling cash receipts c Review Inventory & sales records monthly d Ensure merchandise correctly name & priced displayed & fuctions e Forecast customer needs & demand monthly f Conducting stocks & cash opname monthly g Additional job from HQ, become Internal stocks auditor for whole Sumatera Branches
Product Sales Supervisor
PT. Kawan Lama SejahteraProduct Sales Supervisor
Jun. 2012 - May. 2014Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia1 External : a Searching for new opportunity to increase & expand our market b Provide informations & solutions base on customer needs c Maintaince relationship with key account customers 2 Internal : a Direct report to Product Specialist Manager – HQ b Discussing chance of new products to increase our revenue c Support branch to achieve montly target d Conduct weekly strategic meeting with HQ e Forecasting sales achievement & stock base on market situations f Consult & discussing new project with our overseas vendor
Sales Representative
PT. Kawan Lama SejahteraSales Representative
Sep. 2009 - Jul. 2011Medan Area, North Sumatera, Indonesia


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Storage Solutions for Warehouses
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