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How to Boost BizDev With Warm Introductions

Cold outreach often seems to be the preferred way for budding businesses to attempt to grow business. But did you know that seasoned business people always turn to warm introductions first and foremost? Here’s why.

A growing business is riddled with urgent tasks vital to the success of their development. We are talking here of things such as hiring talents, landing new clients, fundraising, spreading the word, consolidating reputation and building the right funnels that will automate the processes that bring the right clients, investors and employees to the project. 

  • When looking for talents, most turn to job sites and boards, recruiting agencies.
  • When trying to land new clients, most turn to ads and marketing campaigns.
  • When seeking funds, most turn to sending pitches left and right in hopes of attracting attention.

All of these are different forms of cold outreach serving different purposes. But is cold outreach really the most efficient or effective way to go about it? Can’t we get better, faster, cheaper results?

At Intch, we know we can. And we’ve built the right tool for that.

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Warm introductions beat cold outreach every single time

Sending out cold mails, making cold calls isn’t pleasant to most of us. That’s why call centers are mostly composed of young students honing their skills and have fast turnover:

  • It’s painful to put yourself out there
  • It’s stressful to deal with rejection (cold outreach has a 1-3% success rate on average)
  • And it’s just so expensive (CRM systems, ad boards, premium accounts, etc.)

No wonder really that seasoned professionals and business people prefer to rely on introductions. They are:

That is why it made total sense to us to develop a tool specifically designed to help all of us harness this powerful and yet not-so-secret power. We are all about social capital. We are all about associating the power of community and networking with the intelligence of AI. Combined, these create a tool that specifically enables all of us users to land new clients, hire talents, fundraise and so on much more efficiently and effectively thanks to introductions.

With the right tool, warm introductions are a game changer

Intch app interphace

First, you create a request that describes your specific professional needs. Whether it’s a sales offer, a job ad, a business pitch, etc., you specify what kind of people or businesses you’re looking for

You then add how much you’re ready to pay for the introduction, a success fee in other words. This means that you only reward the introductions you deem successful.

That’s where our AI kicks in. Based on your needs and goals, your request is automatically matched with relevant professionals that have the skillset or the network you need.

In turn, they evaluate your offer. They see how it relates to the people in their network. In a few clicks thanks to our templates, they introduce you personally to those people they feel are relevant to your request. 

Finally, Intch is there to make sure this is a win-win for all involved. You get new connections, clients, investors. Plus, you reward the people who made those connections happen. That is social capital working at its best. 

Our app already helps hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide do business in a much more efficient and effective way thanks to this mechanic of warm introductions and referrals. Everyone sees benefits in it as the ones making the introductions get more than just a “thank you.” People are harnessing not only the fruits of their labor, but the fruits of their network. And in return, businesses are doing way better because they land their new clients, they hire talents and they fundraise faster, cheaper and more effectively.

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