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How TikTok Style Viral Videos Can Help Your Business Grasp the Attention of Millions of Viewers

Hi! My name is Ivan. I’m a TikTok producer with an IT background. I’ve founded the video production agency Vertical Video and am a TEDx speaker about video blogging for introverts. In this article, I am to share the top 4 reasons why your business should make videos for platforms like TikTok, Youtube Shorts, Reels and how those platforms can help attract millions of viewers.

Tiktok revolution for viewers. AI based recommendation feed. Always someone new. 

We are living in a new world where content is King once again. A new type of video content called “vertical videos” is now everywhere. How did it come about?

The revolutionary app TikTok provides each viewer with a highly-personalized video feed, called “for you” or “recommendations feed”. Its built-in AI tracks which videos you watch, the likes you tap, the videos you swipe, the language you use, where you live, and many other parameters. This is how TikTok provides each viewer their own content.

Their second killer feature is that this content doesn’t come from your subscriptions, like in Instagram, there is always someone new in the “for you” feed: new creators, new trends, new music. Viewers like this. They quickly develop a habit of watching TikTok for fun instead of other platforms because they are bored with constantly watching a bunch of well-known creators. 

That’s how TikTok gained over 1 billion users in 3 years, and 1 more billion in China, where it has another name “Douyin”.

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TikTok revolution for creators.

TikTok is not only revolutionary for viewers, but also for creators. It offers built-in filming mode, filters, editing, subtitles, and many other instruments. It really is a powerful tool. All it takes for creators to make terrific content is the TikTok app, and maybe some additional editing tools like Inshot or CapCut. The app is fast, reliable, and creators can focus on what they do best: make new content on a regular basis.

There is no need for them to distract themselves with things like mass commenting, mass liking, or organizing give-aways with Iphones. The AI algorithm defines all the parameters of a video – the words you use, the topics of your talk or your dance, the objects in front of the camera, and will then recommend your video to about 100 or 200 people to test their reaction. If they watch the video till the end, like it, comment, or repost it, the AI will then recommend it more and more to other user’s “for you” feed. Your video can gain millions of views and even become international. 

Monthly hours per user

Simple, right? And we’re not just talking about 6-15 seconds videos. I helped produce a 90-second storytelling video about psychology and relationships that gained 10 million views.

Trends from China. Live shopping, streaming , integrated in-app marketplace.

Trends from China

What’s more, people actually spend money on TikTok. For now, it’s mostly happening in China with their Douyin app, but TikTok is already testing their strategy in other countries. These comprise of two features: a built-in shop, displayed in the creator’s profile, and live streaming sales.

Douyin app

Have you heard of the blogger Austin Li, nicknamed the “lipstick king”, who sold cosmetics for $1.7B while live streaming? And what about the “TikTok made me buy it” trend which has about 20 billion views? I am sure you have heard about the “Among us” mobile game with 65 billion views on TikTok. Yes, I am indeed pointing out to you the billions of views there. It is absolutely a real possibility now.

TikTok vs Youtube vs Reels. Vertical videos are everywhere. Learn it or lose.

This “for you” feature of TikTok is so popular that it is now everywhere: Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels… They are all now trying to achieve the same success. The idea is simple – learn how to make vertical video content, or lose out on potential billions of views to your competitors. 

How to use it for your business. Content production and brand ambassadors. Collaboration with creators and TikTok houses. 

Now that we are clear on these incredible opportunities, the question is: how to use it for your business? There are 3 avenues to consider.

1. Collaborating with bloggers 

There are two main platforms to find creators now: the “Creators marketplace” by TikTok itself, and PearPop. Of course, you can write direct messages yourself. Some bloggers share their e-mail or Instagram profiles on their profiles. It’s a good strategy for worldwide trendy apps. I worked for the Avatarify app, for instance. They gained over 200 million views and over 32k reviews in AppStore, thanks to collaborations with bloggers.

A blogger can also become a brand ambassador of yours if they are interested in working with you long-term. One such example is Khaby Lame (130 million fans) who is now an ambassador for Hugo Boss.

2. Hiring an in-house production team 

This option is optimal for big brands or for teams who will be doing viral videos on a regular basis. Why? Because it’s usually expensive. You need to have a full team on staff. That team should also live by the TikTok slogan that states “don’t make ads, make TikTok.” What it means is that your videos should be useful, entertaining or with a story to tell.

3. Hiring a video production agency 

That’s exactly what my team does. At VerticalVideo, we specialize in making content that live by TikTok norms for teams who simply don’t have the resources for it. We create content, analyze competitors and trends on TikTok, organize all processes of video production, and look for bloggers for collaboration.

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Next trend – AI video generation and deepfakes.

What to expect next? I think the future of video production and promotion lies in deepfake videos of famous people, such as actors. The Deep Tom Cruise is only one example and is already widely discussed. Be sure that there will be more.

I am also impressed by Midjourney and DALLE neural networks. They generate images based only on text input. It is becoming really simple to make videos from those very images. Soon, we’ll even be able to produce entire videos based on other videos. If you have any ideas on AI-based video making, please contact me.

I will be glad to consult you about how to grow your business using videos, contact me on Intch


The value of vertical viral videos is more than clear. We noticed it at Intch when, by adding this video option in requests, we saw a huge peak in answers. A short video introduction to the author and to the request increases the response rate by three. Join us on Intch to get things done properly. You’ll get access to our community of thousands of professionals from around the globe ready to do you favors and introduce you to other professionals relevant to your requests.


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