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Do Social Media Likes and Comments Matter?

Most people feel pressured to get likes and comments on their posts, but do social media likes matter in this day and age? After all, these are the metrics that social media platforms use to determine how popular your content is. But do they really matter? The reality is that social media has become performance art. Sure, you want people to engage with your content, but that’s not how we define success.

We encourage you to focus on the depth of your relationships and what value you can add to others’ lives. This is a much more important metric than the number of likes and comments—and it will help you build real connections in the long term.

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Reciprocity Instead of Validation

There’s a big difference between likes and real social capital, and it comes down to two competing ideas: Reciprocity and validation. 

Traditional social media apps revolve around validation: The implicit goal is to get as many likes and comments as possible so you can be seen and reach more people. But this doesn’t align with building meaningful connections.

In short, validation often comes at a cost: It’s achieved by spreading yourself too thin and diluting your focus on what matters most—your relationships. Reciprocity means working together to build something bigger than yourself. This is why we encourage everyone to help others, instead of just seeking validation for their own posts.

The only metric that truly matters when it comes to social media is how much value you add to other people’s lives through your interactions. If you do that, then there’s no need for likes or comments. With Intch, the idea of reciprocity is built into the core of our platform. By helping others, you build up your social capital.

Giving Without the Expectation of Return

One of the most powerful ways to build social capital is through giving. When you give, you’re sharing your time and resources so that others can benefit. We encourage everyone to donate their time or money to a cause or person they believe in—it doesn’t have to be anything big.

The more value you can create, the stronger your relationships will be, which means more social capital for all of those involved. The best way to do this is by starting today. You’ll soon find that the benefits far outweigh the effort required, as people recognize how generous and thoughtful you are.

That said, those who expect something in return are missing the point. Remember, social capital is about giving back—not making immediate profits. If you’re focused solely on building your brand or getting paid, then you’re working against yourself by turning down opportunities to help others. Not to mention, people can sense when you’re trying to game the system, and this can break trust—not to mention your relationships.

Networking to the Nth Degree

The way that people communicate has completely transformed since the rise of social media, and it will continue to do so as we move into the world of artificial intelligence-powered networking. The best networkers are those who leverage their social capital by helping others succeed—and recognize that they can benefit in return. Networking creates opportunities for all parties involved, which is why we encourage everyone to start contributing today.

Long-term success comes from building real relationships, not just following people. That’s why we believe that AI-powered tools like Intch are the future of online networking: They’re built for authenticity and help you build meaningful connections with others, while reducing the time and energy required to do so.

In this new era of authentic online relationships, the winners are those who give and help others succeed. Let’s all work together to build a more connected world—one social connection at a time. 

It’s about the difference between making a sale and building social capital. When you meet someone new, instead of telling them about your business, why don’t you ask them about their interests? This shows that you’re interested in building a relationship based on shared interests and not just looking for a way to close the sale.

Instant versus Delayed Gratification

Social media has changed the way we communicate, but it’s also made us all want instant gratification. Likes and comments are the currency of social media, and people want to be paid as quickly as possible. In some ways, this is a good thing: It’s nice to feel acknowledged for your efforts.

But there’s a big difference between wanting something now and being ready to invest in it later. Building real relationships requires time and effort—and sometimes, delayed gratification. That means putting real effort into helping others rather than just vying for likes. You can’t expect real results if you don’t put in the time now.

When you become a member of our community, we’ll take care of the rest: The right connections will be presented automatically, based on what you’re looking for and shared interests. And through these relationships, you’ll learn about opportunities that might not have been available otherwise — which could lead to something bigger down the line if you decide to pursue it yourself.

In short, AI-powered tools like Intch allow you to focus less on who has the most connections and more on what value you can provide to each other—and how these things come together into something that’s greater than the sum of its parts.


Frederik Bussler


  • I agree that social media has become like performance art. That’s a good way of putting it. It is frustrating however when you’re trying to grow your business online but the algorithms don’t let you reach as much of your audience as you could. Maybe the solution is to just not rely on traditional social media platforms.

  • I like how you emphasize the importance of real relationships and reciprocity over validation and the instant gratification of getting likes. I hope this new online community keeps growing!

  • A new era of authentic online relationships? Sounds like a tall order but I’m curious and excited to see where it goes!

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