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Staff Software Engineer
Emma – The Sleep CompanyStaff Software Engineer
Sep. 2022Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
Senior Backend Developer
ThinksuranceSenior Backend Developer
Oct. 2021 - Aug. 2022Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, GermanyResponsibilities: • Led the project architecture for microservices with k9s and AWS Lambda functions • Implementing the key functionalities • Integration of Elasticsearch/Fluentd/APM for logs and application performance with Kibana dashboards Achievements: • Meeting the deadline for the MVP release • Successfully implemented a flexible architecture that improved the development process and release time for new features • Created a modular architecture so multiple teams/developers or external companies in case of outsourcing can work in parallel • Implemented an optimal solution that also reduces the costs of infrastructure and resources
Back End Developer
LILLYDOO GmbHBack End Developer
Jul. 2019 - Sep. 2021Frankfurt Am Main Area, GermanyResponsibilities: • Working on developing the API endpoints for different product pages and the subscription configurator • Working on payments topics for which I took ownership by maintaining and developing the process and adding new payment methods. • Led the work on 3DS implementation on payments for safer online transactions Achievements: • Successfully created the foundations and architecture for API endpoints and all the future development in new endpoints for different brands • Successfully took ownership of payment and developed several projects to add new payment methods and optimization projects to reduce bad transactions and increase revenue
Senior Web Developer
UpworkSenior Web Developer
Nov. 2018 - Jul. 2019Worldwide
Web Application Developer
Aicare SrlWeb Application Developer
Apr. 2018 - May. 2019Tirana, AlbaniaWorking as a backend developer for an e-commerce platform for non-hospital services and devices which is developed with Symfony 3/4 and SSO for different application integrations. Working on implementing the availabilities module alongside the online reservation and payment for every booked service according to the availability of every doctor or organization. Working on implementing the shop for selling devices offered by different providers. Working on implementing the patient medical cartel so that it can be used for online consulting with different doctors or organizations. The patient's medical records are available on-demand and for a limited time through OTP and different other verification steps only for the doctor or organization attending the patient. Achievements: • Successfully built bulk user import integrated with Keycloak API for SSO. • Gained knowledge of SSO implementation through Keycloak java-based platform. • Implemented Stripe API integration for payments
Web Application Developer
PaperClicksWeb Application Developer
Jun. 2017 - Mar. 2018Tirana, AlbaniaWorked mainly as a backend developer for an online advertising and web marketing platform which was developed with Symfony 3 framework. Developed modules for optimization and automation of campaigns that were running to maximize profits and minimize loss. Developed the user activity and logging system to track every user action. This system was developed with ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Filebeat and later added MongoDB for archiving the indexes. Every module of the system was an independent service and every service was built as a REST service from which the main service and the user interface got the data and send them back on user action. Every microservice had its own docker image to run as a service and for every microservice, I've contributed also to developing the docker file and putting that service up and running. Achievements: • Successfully built and released the activity and logging microservice • Perfected my knowledge and experience on the Elastic Stack • Implemented payment integration with https://www.amember.com and Stripe API
E-commerce Web Developer
Skooli Online TutoringE-commerce Web Developer
May. 2016 - Jun. 2017Tirana, AlbaniaResponsibilities: • Maintenance of the billing system which was subscription-based. • Added token charge functionality since their system is not PCI Compliant and they can't store card data in the system. Elavon Converge has resolved this problem by giving a unique token for each card that is used in the system and the user is charged using that token and the card data are stored on the Elavon Converge Platform. • Developed a new billing system that substituted a subscription-based system with a package-based system. • Every package a user buys has a lifetime of 12 months and if this package is not used during this time it's deactivated through a Symfony command which runs as a cron job • To keep a record for every minute used by a user from which package the minutes are used since the user has the possibility to have more than one active purchase at a time. • Retry to charge failed payments of the user up to five-time with a cron job and if all five attempts are unsuccessful the user is blocked from following other lessons until a valid card is added. • Implemented the criminal record check payment which is developed with checkr API for Skooli Tutors in order to assure the users who take lessons that these tutors are clean. • Added Stripe payment which is running simultaneously with Elavon Converge • Documenting and presenting every step of the work and the work of team members. • Assistant DevOps and managing the demo servers for this project Achievements: • Successfully released package based billing version which is more stable than the first • Agile methodologies were successfully adopted inside the team Environment & tools: SQL, Guzzle, PHP, Doctrine, Elavon Converge API, Agile, Stripe API
Web Developer
ManooliaWeb Developer
Mar. 2015 - Aug. 2016Tirana, AlbaniaResponsibilities: • Developed the user profile and media handling and caching - Every user has a minimal profile when registering for the first time and then the user could add their location, skills, experiences, driving license, eye color, voice color, and a lot of other data specific for the user category(ex. Singer or actor). Profile listing and search by using ElasticSearch for filters with geolocation, age, eye color, preferred role, hair color, body measurements, etc. Media management (mp3, pdf, images) by using Symfony prototypes and also an image processing tool on the browser for cropping, rotating, resizing, etc. • Assisted in building from the ground up a dedicated server with all the necessary services and configurations that were required for the system to run up properly • Configured firewalls and different security protocols on the server alongside database performance monitoring services and server management GUI • Started working on a real-time chat and notification system with Redis and Nodejs and which was delegated work from another team member Achievements: • Successfully fulfilled all the tasks that were assigned to me • Successfully configured the server and all the security protocols and server monitoring tools • I was in charge for 6 months for the development part of the project after the person that was in charge before I left the team. • Implemented payment integrations with PayPal and Sofort • Maintained deployment scripts developed on Ruby and Capifony • Assisting in maintaining the production servers.
Web Developer
Çelësi Media GroupWeb Developer
Jul. 2014 - Mar. 2015Tirana, AlbaniaResponsibilities: • Facebook Application For French Institute of Culture(Culturethèque – Albanie) and Facebook Application for Hygeia Hospital - Developed backend functionality by using PHP, SQL, and PHP Facebook API. Developed frontend view for the user and user interactivity by using JavaScript Facebook API. • Internal System for the company to handle projects and staff, kind of HR system - Developed first the HR panel for managing the employees, their holidays, days off, salaries, etc. Developed the administration panel for all kinds of projects for the department. The tests of the system in the department were successful so the team integrated the system in all other departments with the necessary changes. Achievements: • Successfully delivered on time both Facebook applications • Successfully developed the internal company system for the administration of every department of the company • Managed the servers for the department, the newspaper that the company has also the server of the finance department
Web Master
KeminetWeb Master
Nov. 2012 - Mar. 2014Tirana, Albania• Facebook Applications For National Lottery - Developed a maze game as a Facebook application based on PHP, SQL, PHP Facebook API, and JavaScript Facebook API. Developed a puzzle game with two levels as a Facebook application where the user had to form the image of a car in both levels which was divided into pieces and where shuffled. • Management System For University of Durres, Albania - This is a custom build-in application for managing all the sectors that are part of the University of Durres like finances, secretary, students, lectures, etc. All of these sectors have their own panel and login credentials to see and manage their data, duties, and obligations. This system offers the possibility to create academic years, manage grades for students, send notifications, create the university schedule, etc. • Management System For the University of Arts, Tirana, Albania - This system is like the system of the University of Durres but not with all the functionalities of that system, this handles only the grades, students, and exams schedule. • iRegister.al - One of the biggest projects of the company with the purpose of selling domains and hosts online. This is developed with a platform called WHMCS which offers this kind of functionalities by itself. The tricky part was to sell domains with a .al TLD. I developed a custom module for this in order that the platform could communicate with the Albanian institution servers that are in charge of distributing the domain names in order to create the record that this domain is reserved once this procedure was completed then asked the user to make the payment. Integrated the platform with the WHM panel for creating a host automatically. • Belfiore - Developed the payment module for the products that this website will sell. The module was developed according to the standards of Albanian banks for direct bank transactions.
We Are FiberIT
Jul. 2012 - Oct. 2012Tirana, AlbaniaResponsibilities: • Server manager - Doing daily maintenance to servers and databases in order to keep them flexible and scalable. Maintaining the VOIP system from where the calls go through • Developing some of the modules that were used for inserting the contracts into the system and counting the working hours of every operator to optimize them. Achievements: • Never had a major problem with servers and VOIP • Developed two of the modules for calculating the performance of an operator and also calculating the salary based on working hours including bonuses based on their performance Environment & tools: Asterix database, SQL, PHP, Vicidial, Networking, OpenSuse, Agile


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