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Work Background
Creative Director and Mentor
Self-employedCreative Director and Mentor
Mar. 2020IsraelGuide people to integrate Creative Thinking into their daily lives and careers. Using the custom-developed system to recognize creative blocks. Provide instruments and mindsets technics to overcome challenges with a creative approach.
IT Specialist
Israel Defense ForcesIT Specialist
Nov. 2007 - Nov. 2009IsraelHandled technical troubleshooting within an operational environment 24/7, including system crashes, slow-downs and data recoveries. Engaged and tracked High Priority issues, with responsibility for resolution and closure of difficult tickets. Instructed new employees.
QA Manager
Upland SoftwareQA Manager
Mar. 2018 - Feb. 2020Israel• Recognize non-working patterns and replace them with energy-saving and efficient ones. • Responsible for the reception and training of new employees, which have become full-fledged members of the company. • Manage quarterly projects
Billing Manager Assistant
InterFAX Communications Ltd.Billing Manager Assistant
Oct. 2014 - Dec. 2016Israel• Investigated customers debt history, which led to the payment of the greater part of the debt in the amount of $60,000. • Verified income of worldwide dealers monthly, preventing inconsistencies in the system. • Worked with NetCloud Inc. to integrate their NetSuite software with the billing system of a new product.
QA Tester
InterFAX Communications Ltd.QA Tester
Oct. 2013 - Feb. 2018• Working closely with QA Lead to create and execute manual tests in order to validate the workflows for end-to-end scenarios. •Created full regression tests for components, which reduced test time from several days to several hours. • Performed end-to-end system testing, which helped successfully launch new products to market. • Solved urgent and cases and system crises, which prevented damage and financial losses for our customers. • Responsible for the reception and training of new employees, who have become full-fledged members of the company.
Customer Service Representative
InterFAX Communications Ltd.Customer Service Representative
Jul. 2010 - Oct. 2013Israel• Provided 24/7 customer support in English via email. • Handled customer inquiries, complaints, billing questions and payment extension/service requests. • Responsible for the reception and training of new employees. Managing the shift schedule for the team.


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