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Innovation Officer/EU Incubator Hive Manager
EU Incubator HiveInnovation Officer/EU Incubator Hive Manager
Jan. 2023Nicosia, CyprusIncubator: The EU Incubator Hive, funded by the European Union, serves as a beacon for entrepreneurship, offering facilities, marketing assistance, capital access, training, mentorship, and networking. It stands as a testament to fostering entrepreneurial talent, promoting innovation, and driving regional growth. o Foundational Leadership: Spearheaded the establishment stage of the EU Incubator Hive, encompassing everything from physical design to logo creation. o Mentorship Program: Pioneered the EU Incubator Hive Mentoring programme, curating a network of seven (7) mentors. o Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Actively motivated and nurtured young entrepreneurs, assisting in the launch and guidance of twelve (12) startups, securing investments for three (3) of them already. o Investor Relations: Successfully identified and onboarded five (5) investors, establishing a robust financial support system. o Training & Development: Designed a tailor-made training programme for startups and conducted branding education sessions. o Technological Integration: Introduced startups to AI and XR, guiding them on integration and leverage. o Digital Twin Advisory: Collaborated with a startup focused on creating Digital Twins for Medical Equipment. o Mixed Reality Consultation: Provided strategic insights on leveraging Mixed Reality for sales, training, and maintenance. o Strategic Guidance: Assisted startups in crafting robust innovation strategies, ensuring their ventures were aligned with market demands and positioned for sustainable growth. o Event Organization: Orchestrated the largest Digital Transformation conference in Nicosia, attracting three hundred and fifty (350) businesses. This event not only positioned the incubator as a thought leader but also facilitated invaluable networking opportunities for the startups.
Jan. 2012 - Jan. 20166. Filmography • Code Name Venus (Kod Adi Venus) [2012]: A feature film that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival at Marche de Film. It was screened in cinemas in Turkey, the UK, and North Cyprus in 2013. • Dr. Dilara [2016]: Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival at Marche de Film. I was the creative force behind two acclaimed feature films, "Code Name Venus" (Kod Adi Venus) and "Dr. Dilara." Not only did I pen the scripts for these cinematic pieces, but I also took the helm as director, ensuring that every scene resonated with my vision. Beyond direction, I was deeply involved in the production process, meticulously overseeing every detail from casting to post-production. Both films, which premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival at Marche de Film, are a testament to my passion for storytelling and my commitment to bringing unique narratives to the silver screen.
Soholondon ,Mywapworldand, & Creative Technologies,London,UKCEO
Jun. 1997 - Sep. 2004London, United Kingdomo Start-up Evolution: Co-founded and spearheaded technology start-ups, growing them to a combined valuation of over £30 million. Demonstrated a keen ability to lead all business operations, excluding sales and marketing, ensuring streamlined processes and efficient growth. o Innovation in Web Design: Positioned the company as one of London's premier web design and technology firms during the internet's nascent years. Recognized as one of the most influential figures in the internet industry, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to digital solutions. o Industry Recognition: Garnered accolades such as being selected as one of the top 12 internet designers in the UK by The Internet Magazine and clinching the Most Innovative Technology Award by Yell in 2001. o Team Dynamics: Led a dynamic team of over 70 professionals, emphasizing creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions. Cultivated an environment that encouraged exploration and adaptation in the rapidly changing digital domain. o Market Positioning: Navigated the complexities of the burgeoning tech industry, ensuring the companies remained relevant and influential in a competitive market
Helicopter Studios & MultimediaCEO
Dec. 1991 - Sep. 1996London, England, United Kingdomo Pioneering Innovations: Introduced the first CD to Turkey in 1993, marking a significant technological advancement in the country's media landscape. This initiative showcased my ability to identify and introduce cutting-edge technologies to new markets. o Award-Winning Production: Produced the "War of Independence" CD, which garnered recognition and an award from Apple in France. This accolade underscored the quality and innovation of our multimedia products on an international scale. o Diverse Clientele: Collaborated with prominent figures and organizations in Turkey, producing CDs for notable personalities such as the former SHP Party Leader, Murat Karayalçın, and the former Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Nurettin Sözen. This demonstrated our studio's versatility and ability to cater to a diverse range of clients. o Multimedia Expansion: Beyond traditional media, ventured into creating interactive games for televisions, further solidifying our position as a leading multimedia company in Turkey.
Helicopter Studios LtdCEO
Sep. 1988 - Sep. 1991London, United Kingdomo Interactive Advertising Pioneer: Spearheaded innovative advertising campaigns, introducing interactive elements to traditional TV ads. Worked with renowned agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, BMP, and TBWA, creating groundbreaking content for major accounts like “Levis 501 Jeans ads”, “Nissan”, “HONDA”, “BMW” and “BA”. o Leading Production House: Positioned Helicopter Studios Ltd as the premier TV advertising production company in Soho London during my tenure. Our reputation for innovation and quality attracted collaborations with many blue-chip companies in the city. o Strategic Partnerships: Fostered strong relationships with top advertising agencies, ensuring Helicopter Studios Ltd was the go-to production house for high-profile campaigns. Our work consistently set industry standards, reflecting the studio's commitment to excellence and innovation. o Visionary Leadership: Under my guidance, the studio consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional advertising, blending creativity with the latest technological advancements to produce memorable and impactful ads.
Founder of XR Metaverse Labs
Near East University (NEU)Founder of XR Metaverse Labs
Nov. 2021o Innovative Research: Spearheaded the formation of an AI team dedicated to developing metaverse environments. o Simulation Creation: Conducted interviews with students and recreated simulated environments in the metaverse. o Educational Leadership: Delivered courses on cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs, IoT, AI, and the intricacies of the metaverse. o Thought Leadership: Presented talks on forward-thinking topics, notably the concept of "Is time travel possible in the metaverse?" during a conference organized by the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Institute.
 Head of Innovation and Communications/Consultant/Lecturer
Near East University (NEU) Head of Innovation and Communications/Consultant/Lecturer
Feb. 2011Cypruso Strategic Leadership: Spearheaded the university's innovation initiatives, aligning them with modern software and tech trends. o Educational Role: As founder and a lecturer in the “Filmmaking Department”, Imparted knowledge on film production, direction, and storytelling, bridging the gap between traditional media and new methods, and recently leveraging AI. o Metaverse Development: Pioneered the creation of a metaverse university, integrating SaaS solutions to enhance the virtual learning experience. o Team Achievement: Supported the Robotics team, leading them to win the world robotics championship. o Educational Tech Integration: Introduced New Media Technologies into the curriculum of the “Filmmaking Department”, including AI and XR/VR/AR. o Content Creation: Oversaw the production of 360-degree videos and XR/AR/VR documentaries. o Consultancy: Acted as the primary consultant on the application and integration of both new and traditional technologies.
Levent GroupCEO
Sep. 2004 - Feb. 2011Cypruso Transformational Leadership: Modernized a traditional company with over 2,000 employees and a turnover of £100 million, integrating modern software solutions and digital strategies to drive consistent profitability growth year over year. o Operational Efficiency: Expanded and modernized the company’s network by introducing ERP Solutions (Logo.com.tr), streamlining operations and enhancing data-driven decision-making. o Brand and PR Strategy: Spearheaded new advertising campaigns through TV and other digital platforms. Conducted over 200 interviews with senior politicians, presidents, bureaucrats, and academics on live TV, positioning the company as a thought leader in addressing economic and political challenges. o Team Development and Culture: Mentored, guided, and motivated team members, including managers, fostering a culture of innovation, growth, and collaboration. Introduced a Personnel Evaluation System with incentives to boost performance and morale. o Educational Advancement: Introduced and implemented Flipped Learning Strategies and Smartboards, enhancing customer engagement and learning experiences. o Reputation Building: Elevated the reputation of both Cyprus International University (CIU) and Levent Group through strategic reconstruction and technology investments. o Business Growth: Successfully grew the company's profitability by over 10% each year through a number of strategic initiatives and tech-driven solutions. o Organizational Restructuring: Undertook a comprehensive restructuring to make the organization more efficient, competitive, and aligned with modern market demands.
Strategic Project Director
BarclaysStrategic Project Director
Jun. 1996 - Jun. 1997United Kingdomo Future Visionary: Spearheaded the "Future Vision 2020 Exhibition" in Manchester, where I conceptualized and designed the exhibition stand. Authored the strategy for "How we will shop and bank in 2020," showcasing a deep understanding of future trends.  Notably, 95% of my predictions came to fruition, with the exception of iPhone. o Digital Transformation: Led the design and production of Barclays Bank's Transpay Personal E-commerce site for Foreign Exchange in the UK. This initiative marked a significant step in the bank's journey towards digital transformation, catering to the evolving needs of global customers.
Senior Auditor
Blinkhorns AccountantsSenior Auditor
Sep. 1984 - Sep. 1988London, United Kingdomo Rigorous Training: Underwent comprehensive training at a reputable Chartered Accountancy Firm, gaining in-depth knowledge of financial auditing, regulatory compliance, and accounting best practices. o Key Responsibilities: Played a pivotal role in auditing financial statements, ensuring accuracy, and compliance with regulatory standards. Collaborated closely with clients to provide insights and recommendations, enhancing their financial operations and strategies. o Professional Development: Progressed towards becoming a chartered accountant, showcasing dedication to continuous learning and professional growth in the financial sector. o Central London Exposure: Gained valuable experience in the heart of London's financial district, working with diverse clients and navigating the complexities of the city's dynamic economic landscape.
Research Intern
IBMResearch Intern
Jun. 1983 - Jun. 1984Havant, England, United Kingdomo Pioneering Projects: Contributed to the development of the Heron Hard Disc, which was set to be one of the most advanced hard disks globally. This experience provided a firsthand look into cutting-edge technological advancements. o Diverse Exposure: Immersed myself in both the manufacturing plant and research departments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the product lifecycle from ideation to production. o Team Collaboration: Collaborated with seasoned professionals, absorbing invaluable insights and understanding the dynamics of teamwork in a large tech corporation. o Strategic Insights: Had the privilege of attending monthly management meetings, offering a unique perspective into IBM's decision-making processes and corporate strategies, even as an intern. o Foundational Experience: The ethos, management culture, and organizational intricacies at IBM left a lasting impression, laying a strong foundation for my subsequent professional journey.


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