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Work Background
Professional Freelancer
FreelanceProfessional Freelancer
Dec. 2020RemoteAs a freelance graphic designer specializing in creating promotional materials, I enjoy a wide range of project opportunities. I get to work with clients from various industries, such as hospitality, fashion, and real estate companies. • I assisted in creating profiles for a new startup company and contributed to building a strong and diverse portfolio by working on a variety of brochures and Instagram post and video projects. • Creating a Logo: As a freelance graphic designer, I had the opportunity to design the company's logo, which played a crucial role in shaping its brand identity. This experience allowed me to apply my creative skills to a fundamental aspect of the startup's visual presence, contributing to its overall success one of the major project was for a Fashion Abaya designer in Qatar
Interior Designer and Project Manager Assistant
Qatar Engineering and Industrial ConsultancyInterior Designer and Project Manager Assistant
May. 2018 - Jan. 2020Qatar · On-siteConceptual Research and Technical Support: • Conducted comprehensive research into innovative design concepts and materials to enhance the design aspects of our projects, greatly influencing concept development. Effective Meeting Facilitation: • Actively participated in meetings with clients, consultants, and contractors, where I not only prepared but also meticulously documented meeting minutes for future reference and critical reflection. Client Engagement and Project Initiation: • Established strong client relationships by engaging in in-depth discussions to understand their requirements and preferences, thus shaping the initial project ideas and acquiring essential information for potential projects. Stakeholder Communication and Documentation: • Interacted with various stakeholders to define project objectives, needs, and goals, ensuring clarity in project submissions and internal team deadlines. • Leveraged cutting-edge communication tools, such as the Conex system, to efficiently manage project-related communications and securely store crucial project documents. Cross-Functional Project Coordination: • Collaborated closely with architects, builders, and engineering professionals, including mechanical and structural engineers, to coordinate and manage design plans, fostering seamless cross-functional workflows for project success.
Executive Assistant
Social Development CenterExecutive Assistant
Feb. 2016 - Mar. 2017Doha - Qatar · On-site**Efficient Calendar Management: • Coordinated intricate scheduling and conducted extensive calendar management for senior executives, ensuring they were well-informed and equipped for their responsibilities. This included facilitating the efficient flow of information and knowledge transfer. **Comprehensive Executive Support: • Took charge of the director's professional and personal scheduling, encompassing agendas, correspondence management, email communication, phone calls, travel arrangements, and client relations. This holistic approach reduced overhead and enhanced the director's productivity. **Document Creation and Project Support: • Produced a wide range of critical documents, including financial reports, strategic presentations, mind maps, business plans, letters, memos, and other essential materials. These efforts played a crucial role in achieving key business milestones and project deliverables. **Seamless Schedule and Travel Management: • Successfully managed and maintained executives' schedules, appointments, and travel arrangements, ensuring a seamless workflow and minimizing interruptions. **Efficient Meeting Coordination: • Orchestrated various meetings, including those involving the Board of Directors and management, as well as client meetings. I was responsible for recording meeting notes and maintaining organized records.
Project Coordinator
Aldar Al Jameela for DecorProject Coordinator
Oct. 2015 - Jan. 2016Qatar · On-siteProject Coordination and Organization: • Meticulously maintained project folders that encompassed crucial project elements such as schedules, materials, client selections, and materials budgets, ensuring systematic organization. • Actively participated in regular client meetings, fostering strong client relationships and staying aligned with project goals. Logistics and Material Management: • Demonstrated exceptional skill in coordinating schedules and orchestrating the seamless ordering and delivery of materials, providing invaluable support to the project manager and lead carpenters. • Proficiently drafted project proposals, RFQs, Purchase Orders, and Bill of Quantity, showcasing strong attention to detail in managing procurement processes. Document Creation and Reporting Excellence: • Excelled in producing a diverse range of essential documents, including financial reports, strategic presentations, mind maps, business plans, letters, memos, and other critical materials, contributing significantly to achieving key business milestones and project deliverables. Interior Design Support: • Played a pivotal role in supporting the project team by actively participating in the development of interior design documentation and presentation materials, ensuring a cohesive and visually compelling project narrative. Customer Order Oversight: • Demonstrated proactive customer order monitoring skills, promptly addressing any delays to uphold project timelines and client satisfaction. Efficient Materials Logistics and Coordination: • Proficiently managed the pre-ordering and logistics coordination of project materials, ensuring precise arrival dates aligned with project milestones. Adapted swiftly to any project schedule or delivery date changes, minimizing disruptions. • Skillfully dispatched freight for delivery and coordinated pickups, streamlining the materials handling process and enhancing overall project efficiency.
Data Analyst
Qatar Company for Meat and Livestocks TradingData Analyst
May. 2005 - Jun. 2006Qatar• Modifying and Updating Mawashi’s Website developed by Afkar. • Worked on the Archiving System (Arabdox – Developed by Sakhr) as a user and administrator. • Data entry for the General Assembly Meeting. • Manage and prepare HR documents. • Handle printings required for the sales department • Conduct researches of the (ERP) systems. • Manage issues with different softwares. • Modification of share point. • Preparation of presentations used in company’s event. • Manage some correspondence of the company
Front End Development Internship
BrainnestFront End Development Internship
Nov. 2022 - Feb. 2023GermanyBuild HTML CSS JS projects
Internship - Interior Design
University of TorontoInternship - Interior Design
Jun. 2013 - Sep. 2013Toronto, Canada Area• Assistant with site surveying of existing conditions. •Assitant with preliminary design and design development drawing preparation. • Assistance of preparation of presentation and construction drawings. •Assistance with finishes selection and sample assembly. •Attending site visits during construction.
Executive Secretary & Office Manager
Barwa Real Estate GroupExecutive Secretary & Office Manager
Jun. 2006 - Jul. 2010Doha , Qatar · On-siteExecutive Support and Communication: • Provided comprehensive support by managing top executives' calendars and appointments, ensuring they remained well-informed and organized. • Maintained effective communication by overseeing the content and flow of information, ensuring executives were aware of critical developments. Schedule and Efficiency Management: • Spearheaded the efficient management of the director's professional and personal schedule, covering agendas, correspondence, phone calls, travel arrangements, and client relations, optimizing their productivity. Committee Involvement: • Actively participated in both the Tender and purchasing committees, contributing valuable insights and expertise to procurement processes, showcasing your ability to collaborate and make informed decisions. Training and Record Keeping: • Demonstrated your commitment to team development by providing on-the-job training and assistance, enhancing the skills of colleagues. • Efficiently maintained records and filing systems, ensuring documents were sorted, labeled, filed, and easily retrievable, highlighting your strong organizational skills. Event and Seminar Coordination: • Took charge of planning, coordinating, and executing company events and seminars, successfully ensuring their smooth organization and contributing to the company's reputation. Correspondence Management: • Skillfully managed various types of correspondence, including memos, reports, letters, and other communication materials, maintaining a high standard of professionalism. External Interactions and Guest Relations: • Acted as the primary point of contact for interactions with different companies, fostering strong professional relationships and ensuring effective communication. • Welcomed and hosted guests, ensuring a positive and memorable experience while representing the company with utmost professionalism.
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