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Work Background
JOYRICH, INC.Shareholder
Sep. 2019Although one of the members of the Board of Directors, he or she does not specifically participate in the operation of the enterprise, and plays an independent third-party supervisory, checking and balancing role in the Board of Directors against the executive directors to safeguard the public interest and minority shareholders' rights and interests.
Fashion Designer
Fashion NovaFashion Designer
Sep. 2017 - Jan. 2019Mainly for the company's overall product planning, design positioning, style control, can independently or guide subordinate members to complete product design and development, and also need to control the development cost, build a perfect organizational structure and talent ladder, for different levels of personnel to develop the appropriate assessment program.
Independent Graphic Designer
Fashion NovaIndependent Graphic Designer
Jun. 2014 - Sep. 2017Responsible for managing the design direction of the brand's products. Determine initial design finalisation. Base the design realisation on professional requirements, functionality and fashion elements to ensure the design meets the company's product market positioning. Complete design artwork for the product range in the required time frame. Follow up on the completion of the first edition production.
Brand Designer
Fashion NovaBrand Designer
Aug. 2011 - Jun. 2014Assisting in the completion of the company's brand planning and visual identity related design. To conceptualize, plan and organize creative design according to the company's brand promotion positioning and publicity plan. Responsible for the design of the company's marketing activities, planning and extension of material documents on design. Responsible for the follow-up of graphic design, typesetting printing and production of the company's brand promotion projects. Assist and be responsible for completing other work of corporate brand promotion.
Internship Trainee
Fashion NovaInternship Trainee
May. 2011 - Aug. 2011Job Description: According to the company's development and customer's requirements, assist the designer to find information, drawing, find fabrics and accessories, after finishing the design list, communicate with the pattern maker how to type, follow up the pattern (including all fabrics and accessories and process follow-up). After the sample is released, participate in the review and revision of the version and participate in the customer's order.
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