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Entrepreneur in Residence
Enterprising 4 ChangeEntrepreneur in Residence
Mar. 1998Derby, United Kingdom ยท HybridEnterprising 4 Change was established in 1987 as a Social Enterprise working in the south of Derby City under the name SUPORT In 2008 the organisation had come to a point in its history where winding up looked like the only option. Jaz was asked to join the existing Board and help turn around the Business. In April 2008 with the track record since 2000 of the work done in Derby by Cast Trust, Jaz took over the running leadership of the Social Enterprise and embarked upon a programme of change management and business rescue. This involved writing a new Business Plan, restructuring the Business, adapting the Business Model to be fit for purpose and working towards Business sustainability and building in some strong Business Resilience Strategies. Since then Jaz has successfully turned around the Business, despite the local authority cutting ALL core funding in recent austerity decisions, and the Social Enterprise has grown and is now achieving a level of sustainability that has withstood the cuts in core funding. Enterprising 4 Change is committed to Economic Regeneration through enabling people to start up Businesses and Enterprises, delivering training and support in Business and Enterprise Development and partnering with the Business Community to finance, resource and support Economic Development in Communities across Derby and surrounding areas.
Co- Founder
Cast TrustCo- Founder
Jul. 2000 - Jul. 2023DerbyIn 2000 together with my wife Alma, we set up Cast Trust as a charitable arm of Make A Difference. Cast Trust specialises in community development,community engagement and community safety work within communities, primarily Derby but across the East Midlands. Within Cast Trust, I look after the Business Development, Fundraising, Tendering, Public Procurement, Community Consultation, working with Statutory Agencies and Partnership Development. One of the biggest achievements was securing a ยฃ100K plus contract to deliver Employability Support across Derby City from 2009-2011 which saw over 1,000 unemployed hard to reach category individuals supported and 13% of these were successfully moved into employment. Cast Trust has had to scale back its operation due to the cuts in funding and grants available in the past couple of years and this has also brought about a rethinking of the purpose and role of the Charity. This has been positive and has resulted in a vision emerging under the banner of "Called 2 Action" being a catalyst for change through community partnerships, projects and initiatives and developing training and support to raise up people who will be agents of change within their communities. This involves working with children and young people developing their leadership skills, working with community groups on skills development and project management and setting up a Training School for Community Development and Community Enterprise.
Social Presence Architect
Make A Difference Global LtdSocial Presence Architect
Dec. 2014 - Dec. 2022DerbyIncreasingly we live in a Social and Connected World and our "Presence" within this World is imperative to our Business Growth and Success. Responding to the demand for assistance in creating and developing the understanding and practice of Social Presence, Jaz and Alma Greer from Make A Difference set up Make A Difference Global Limited to be the vehicle for this work catering for both the UK Market as well as the emerging Markets from across the Globe. Through a New and Tailored Brand, "The World is Listening - What Would you like to Say?" Jaz and Alma Greer are Growing their work of Developing Business Social Presence for a variety of companies and agencies Globally. The initial focus is upon measuring and gauging Social Presence, developing innovation to increase Social Presence for Businesses of all sizes. As part of the work with the various Businesses and Agencies, the practical application of developing a Social Presence revolves around the work to embed Social Media, Social Selling and Social Processes within the main Business Practices as well as ensuring these are part of the overall Business Growth and Business Marketing Strategies of the Company. Jaz provides a consultative service to these Businesses helping them to adapt their processes and strategies to maximise the benefits of Social Media and Digital Tools in driving their Growth and Social Presence Success both now and into the future. Jaz is at the forefront of innovation within this area and field and is available to talk to you about how Social Presence is Vital to your Business, how your Business is currently being affected by Social Media and Digital Technologies in key Business areas, and how you can harness the services and tools being developed by Jaz to Make A Difference to your Company Development and Growth.
Social Media and Digital Marketing Officer
Burton Business ClubSocial Media and Digital Marketing Officer
Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2015BurtonAs part of the Committee for this vibrant and growing Business Club, Jaz took on the position of Marketing the Club and its events. Using Social Media and Digital Marketing and implementing his experience and expertise in these areas, Jaz engaged new Businesses in the Burton and surrounding areas to come and attend the events and join the Business Club. Jaz was able through Twitter to find Business not showing in Directories or attending other Networking events, as well as to tap into extensive Business Networks, and to directly engage through Social Media with these Businesses and enable them to engage with the activities of Burton Business Club. During the year EVERY monthly event was full, attendance increased by 67% and the Burton Business Club as a result had to move to a larger venue to accommodate the Business Growth. This is a good example of how Jaz can use his knowledge, experience and expertise in employing the tools Social Media and Digital Marketing to enable Business Growth!
Vice Chairperson of DCP Board representing the Voluntary Sector
Derby City PartnershipVice Chairperson of DCP Board representing the Voluntary Sector
Mar. 2005 - Mar. 2008Derby, United KingdomDerby City Partnership is the Local Strategic Partnership for Derby CIty. This is made up of Voluntary, Public and Private Sector representatives and is charged with overseeing the economic, social and public development of the city. Jaz was appointed as Vice Chair of the Derby City Partnership Board as a voluntary sector representative. As part of this role, Jaz met monthly with the Leader of Derby City Council, Derby City Council Chief Executive and the Director of DCP as part of the DCP Executive Group. As well a vice Chair of the Board, Jaz also Chaired the Derby City Forum which gave a voice to local Businesses and Organisations on shaping the policies which were implemented in Derby City. During his service Jaz was involved in developing the Regeneration Strategy for Derby, part of the Westfield Development Task Group and contributed to the Strategic Planning for the Derby City Plan. through this Public Service Jaz has been able to extend and sustain this work through Enterprising 4 Change Limited and Cast Trust and continuing to broker partnerships between the Public Private and Voluntary Sectors to benefit local people and Communities.
Business Connection
Business ConnectionBusiness Connection
Jan. 2019Derby, England, United KingdomSuccessfully running, developing and growing Business Connection which Connects Businesses wanting to Grow and Build a Strong Network. We provide Networking and Connecting events as well as Equipping and Training for those who are part of the Business Collective. We provide Opportunities to Connect to other Businesses, Connect to Business Support, Connect to Business Development and Connect to Business Opportunities. No Key Note Speakers, No Top Tips, No Sharing Slots at Business Connection Events - ONLY Opportunities to CONNECT and make Profitable Connections for your Business!
Jan. 2010 - Jul. 2023Derby, England, United Kingdom
Business Specialist
Mar. 1998 - Jul. 2023DerbyMake A Difference was established in March 1998 through Jaz and Alma Greer, to help people achieve more success in life and in particular for those in Business to Grow their Business, Grow their Profits and Grow their Customers. During that time we have undertaken consultancy and contract work as diverse as developing small community projects, setting up and running employability contracts, to writing funding bids, change management programmes, advising on business sustainability and building resilience. We have worked with small Community Groups, Voluntary Organisations, Charities, Local Authorities, Business Link, Primary Care Trusts, Local Strategic Partnerships, Small Businesses, Start Ups and Corporate organisations. Make A Difference is a socially responsible Business, and as such we support Business in all its variety and diversity to Make A Difference in life. Our services are built around you and your needs, and what will support you best to reach your personal aspirations and Business potential. We achieve this by: - Advising people on starting a Business - Helping you Develop your Business Plan - Helping you access Funding and Finance - Developing a Marketing Plan for your Business - Developing a Business Plan for Growth - Helping you set Goals and Targets to Deliver your Business Goals - Identifying how you can get new customers for your Business - Developing your communications - Helping you get on and use Social Media for your Business - Running Business Connecting and Business Networking Events - Connecting Business with Community and developing Social Responsibility If you think your Business could use our Experience and Expertise to Equip you for Business Success, then please get in touch!
Social Media Specialist
Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2022DerbyAs part of the overall Business Growth and Development work of Make A Difference, building upon the Direct Sales and Marketing experience of Jaz, Make A Difference developed the skills in applying Social Media to Business Growth and Development. The work Jaz undertakes in this role involves: - Social Media Reviews - Social Media Strategy development - Social Media workshops - Social Media Coaching - Social Media Consultancy - Social Media Analysis - Social Media Speaking - Twitter Training - Google+ Training - Linkedin Training - Hootsuite Training - Using Video in Social Media This role is ever evolving and increasingly Jaz`s time is in greater demand as a Social Media Strategist and training other Social Media Management Companies in how they can get the most for their customers. Jaz is available to speak at events and networking meetings and often write about my experiences and knowledge in this area. Please contact Jaz for more details.
Global Top 10 Social Selling Influencer
Jaz Greer Make A DifferenceGlobal Top 10 Social Selling Influencer
Jan. 2018 - Dec. 2022Derby City, England, United KingdomShowing People HOW to use Social Selling to get NEW Business in an online Business world! After many years of hard work, I was recognised as a Top 10 Global Social Selling Influencer by my peers Globally and for the work I had achieved on Social Media platforms, using Social Selling Techniques... This was achieved on a foundation of Business Development, Direct Sales, Marketing, Communications and Digital Media and being able to combine the Offline with the Online and Blend this into Social Selling that gets Results! I am busy developing learning programmes to show people HOW to use Social Selling in their Businesses, working with Business Owners, Business Development Teams, Sales Teams and Entrepreneurs developing their knowledge and skills to adopt and use Social Selling with their environments
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