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Work Background
Senior Software Engineer
intelliCard Solutions AGSenior Software Engineer
Nov. 2022Zurich, Switzerland
Junior Software Engineer
intelliCard Solutions AGJunior Software Engineer
Sep. 2019 - Nov. 2022Zurich, Switzerland• PKI certificate management software development using Java, JavaScript & React. • Smartcard validation software development using C++ & Qt framework. • MIFARE and LEGIC software development.
Software Engineer Intern
intelliCard Solutions AGSoftware Engineer Intern
Dec. 2018 - Aug. 2019Zürich Area, Switzerland• RFID smart card programming (LEGIC & MIFARE), using C++ & Qt framework. • NFC reader application development for NDEF data exchange.
Board Member, Finance at LC Zurich
IAESTEBoard Member, Finance at LC Zurich
Jan. 2019Zurich, Switzerland• Accounting & Bookkeeping. • Organise committee meetings to set budget & events calendar. • Organise workshops, weekend trips & member raising events for students & trainees. • Organise international workshops with other European IAESTE member countries.
Head, Incoming at IAESTE India LC Manipal
IAESTEHead, Incoming at IAESTE India LC Manipal
Nov. 2017 - Dec. 2018Manipal, Karnataka, India• Responsible for leading a team of 40 junior students and training them for IAESTE Incoming reception. Being a board member of an international organisation while simultaneously handling academics allowed me to work on my leadership & soft skills. During this period I also got the opportunity to interact and work along with senior officials of MAHE, Manipal and other IAESTE Board members across the world.
Coordinator, Incoming at IAESTE India LC Manipal
IAESTECoordinator, Incoming at IAESTE India LC Manipal
Nov. 2016 - Nov. 2017Manipal, Karnataka,IndiaIAESTE aims to provide students with technical experience relevant to their studies and promote international understanding & cooperation among students, academic institutions & employers. Since its founding in 1948, it has grown to include more than 80 countries and has exchanged more than 300,000 students. Incoming Department at LC Manipal is responsible for providing assistance to the foreign trainees and ensuring that they not only receive a warm reception but also enjoy their stay in India. My responsibilities included: • VISA assistance: Helping interns obtain the required documents for VISA. • Registration with authorities upon arrival. • Arranging accommodation. • Organising cultural trips & events. • Organising awareness & training workshops. • Sponsorship & Partnerships. Weniger anzeigen
Full Stack Developer Intern
Bharat ElectronicsFull Stack Developer Intern
May. 2018 - Jun. 2018Bengaluru Area, IndiaAs part of my internship project, I was assigned to a team with the objective of building a web application to allow apprentices to give their tests digitally. We used a combination of industry-standard technologies: • JAVA EE Servlets & JSPs • Hibernate Framework and PostgreSQL • Bootstrap & JQuery • Spring MVC & Spring Security • Apache Tomcat • Apache POI API for Microsoft Office compatibility I was initially responsible for developing the backend of the application and supporting the system requirements, but later also got the chance to work on the front end with jQuery & Bootstrap. Weniger anzeigen
Research And Development Intern
Hochschule MerseburgResearch And Development Intern
May. 2017 - Jul. 2017GermanyThis Summer Internship consisted of doing research on the following topics: • Client-Server Network Architecture • Socket Programming And later developing a Java desktop application based on Client-Server architecture using the following technologies: • Eclipse SWT for developing the GUI • Java Sockets using ‘ java.net.Socket’ & ‘java.net.ServerSocket’ Classes • Database integration with MySQL using MySQL Server & MySQL Connector/J This internship was arranged through IAESTE and was my first experience abroad. Apart from gaining knowledge in my areas of interest, I also got the chance to explore and experience the culture in Europe. Weniger anzeigen


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