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Work Background
italianaSoftware s.r.l.Partner
Jan. 2018Imola
Java Developer
italianaSoftware s.r.lJava Developer
Mar. 2010 - Dec. 2012ImolaIn ItalianaSoftware I have been involved in 1) Develop and expand the Jolie programming language 2) Develop Jolie programming tools 3) Develop connection libraries with SAP ERP 4) Develop SEO management libraries for dynamic pages 5) Coordinate the development of a WEB project for the management of orders and human resources 6) Coordinate an international EDI project 7) Development of an e-commerce platform with microservices 8) Development of a web application for the management of billing and other customer data for a transport company
Analista software
Imola InformaticaAnalista software
Jan. 2022
Senior software engineer
Pixis.coSenior software engineer
Apr. 2020 - Jan. 2022My role encompassed the development, testing, and deployment of a microservice solution using a tech stack of Java, Jolie, Docker, and GCP. Additionally, I established an automated deployment process that was based on Git Action workflows. These workflows would assemble the containerized microservices and deploy them. This deployment process was crucial for ensuring that the microservices were consistently deployed in an efficient manner. Additionally, this process allowed for faster issue resolution and more reliable services.
Integration specialist
Monrif S.p.A.Integration specialist
May. 2015 - Apr. 2020Bologna, ItaliaCoordinating and implementing integration projects between heterogeneous IT systems has been an integral part of your role within the company. You've been using the microservices language Jolie to develop highly modular and reusable solutions, which have enabled you to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, you have experience with developing custom ABAP solutions to customize the ERP, as well as for integration projects. This integration of different systems, coupled with your expertise in developing custom solutions, has enabled the company to take advantage of the latest technologies and ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency in its operations. I also developed HTML / JS / JQUERY WEB applications of which I followed all the functional aspects excluding the more purely presentational aspects. My role also includes the interaction with multiple professional figures within the company, in all project phases, from the drafting of the requirements to the management of the go-live phases and the subsequent evolution of the project. Furthermore, when projects involve third parties external to the organization, I find myself managing the technical aspects of the project through the management of documentation and integrated developing and testing processes.
Consulente software
Con.Se. SrL a Socio UnicoConsulente software
Jan. 2013 - Apr. 2015ImolaDuring my time at Con.Se, I was involved in consulting on integration projects between SAP and Third-Party software. I was part of an international team responsible for the migration activities of Shell Italia's information systems on the occasion of its acquisition by Q8. I also played the role of coordinator of the activities of a transition team and its related call centre
Sviluppatore Hardware
Cedac Software S.r.l.Sviluppatore Hardware
Sep. 2008 - Mar. 2010Castiglione dei Pepoli
Sviluppatore di software
Menarini Silicon BiosystemsSviluppatore di software
Mar. 2009 - Mar. 2010Bologna, Italia
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