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Software Engineering Manager
Delivery HeroSoftware Engineering Manager
Jan. 2023Berlin, Germany · Hybrid
Software Engineering Manager
Coins.phSoftware Engineering Manager
Jan. 2021 - Jan. 2023Manila, National Capital Region, PhilippinesRemote position. Driving development of Anti-fraud related services. I was hired to a newly forming team as a lead to gather responsibility over the Anti-fraud related things (services, ETL jobs, documentation, communication). My responsibilities could be divided into the following areas. Tech tasks: • coding, configuring: 10% of time, • investigating a system architecture and code for security bugs, • new services/features design. Documentation: • writing documents (including documents asked by regulator) describing processes and systems, • participation in releases of internal and external security digests. Risk and incident related things: • maintaining corporate risk registry along with IT risk team, • incident analysis. People and project related things: • people management, • project management: stakeholder management, planning, • documenting requirements of internal customers, • hiring (engineers, data analyst - CV review, interviewing). Stack : • Python, Go, JS • Databricks, Meatabase • PostgreSQL, Redis, Spark • Docker, AWS • Cloudflare • Gitlab, GitlabCI
Software Engineer
MEL ScienceSoftware Engineer
Apr. 2020 - Jan. 2021London, England, United KingdomRemote position. Development of MEL Science backend. Stack : • Python, Django, Celery, Sentry • PostgreSQL, Redis • Nginx • CircleCI • Docker • Meatabase • Github
Software Engineering Team Lead
MAPS.ME - #1 Travel MapsSoftware Engineering Team Lead
Jun. 2018 - Apr. 2020Moscow, Russian FederationHybrid work, 3 days in office. Managing development of MAPS.ME serverside services. The team included four engineers and me: Backend, Fullstack and Frontend. Stack : • Python, Django, Celery, Sentry • PostgreSQL, Redis • Nginx • Jenkins • Gitlab/Bitbucket VCS • Github flow • Microservice architecture • Agile workfow
Senior Software Engineer
MAPS.ME - #1 Travel MapsSenior Software Engineer
Jul. 2017 - Jun. 2018Moscow, Russian FederationDeveloping internal services such as billing, notification center, authentication service, advertisement backend, POI search backend, POI editor backend. Features : • Microservice architecture • TDD • English documentation Stack : • Python, Django, Celery, Sentry • PostgreSQL • Nginx • Gitlab/Bitbucket VCS
Sep. 2016 - Dec. 2017Moscow, Russian FederationTutor at Yandex School of Data Analysis. During that period I was working on ”Programming in Python” and ”Machine Learning” courses. Responsibilities: • Homework checking; • Editing course materials; • Practical classes; • Lecturing.
Engineering Manager
Центр недвижимости от СбербанкаEngineering Manager
Aug. 2016 - Jul. 2017Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaProjects : • Python projects infrastructure setup and support • Intranet (MVPrequirementsdevelopment, Python development) • Auth-service for external and internal users (Python development) • Internal mailing service (Python development) • CSI service (Python development) • Feedback (Golang development) Stack : • Nomad • Consul • Nginx • Docker • Zabbix, Graphite, Grafana • Atlassian Bamboo CI • Atlassian Bitbucket VCS • Tarantool, PostgreSQL • Python
Software Engineering Team Lead
YandexSoftware Engineering Team Lead
Oct. 2015 - Aug. 2016Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaSoftware Development Teamlead at Banking Software Development Team. Responsibilities: • Leading distributed team • bank-client back-end development • technical requirements development • stakeholder management • contacts with external banking staff • billing back-end development • ERP-system integration interface development Stack : • Python2.7 • MongoDB 2.6, Python Mongoengine 2 • MSSQL, SQLAlchemy • JenkinsCI • Mercurial VCS • Graphit-Grafana
Graduate Teaching Assistant
National Research University - Higher School of EconomicsGraduate Teaching Assistant
Sep. 2013 - Apr. 2019Moscow, Russian FederationList of courses I was working on: • Programming in Python (two groups – fall 2016) • Practical classes on Programming Technologies (one group - spring 2016) • Lectures and practical classes on Introduction into Information Security, fourth year students (two groups, fall 2014) • Practical classes on Computer Science, first year students (four groups – fall 2013, 8 groups - fall 2015) • Practical classes on Dataware and Databases, second year students (one group – spring 2014) • Homework checking, guidance on course (14 students) and graduation projects mentoring (5 students) • Tests and examinations
Software Engineer
YandexSoftware Engineer
Mar. 2013 - Oct. 2015Moscow, Russian FederationI was engaged mostly in development of billing system (Python, SQLAlchemy, Oracle PL/SQL) during that period. Development of bank clients : • Development of internal online bank-client service (Python, MongoDB, Mongoengine) • Integrations of the bank-client service with outer banking systems (host-to-host and online clients) • Support of the thirdparty bank-client systems database code (MSSQL) • Integration of bank-clients and ERP-system • Unit testing for servant code Other development : • Development of malware classifier for Android applications (Python3, MongoDB, Mongoengine, Flask, SciPy) • Development of ERP-system integration interface for intranet services (Python, SQLAlchemy, OraclePL/SQL) • Development of billing monitoring system (Python, OraclePL/SQL)
Software Engineer
YandexSoftware Engineer
Aug. 2011 - Mar. 2013Moscow, Russian FederationMy first fulltime job. I was working on the second line of billing support (Python2.6/2.7, Oracle PL/SQL). Responsibilities: • Data extraction (OraclePL/SQL); • Data migrations development DML and DDL (OraclePL/SQL); • Handling consistency failures with Python and SQLAlchemy; • Training a new employee with the same position. Development of data comparison system and month-end reports (Python2.7, Oracle PL/SQL), parts of month end processing. • SQL-queries building for Billing and OEBS DBs; • Python modules for month-end development.
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