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Startup Founder
Work Background
Product Manager
WeInvestProduct Manager
Jul. 2023New York, United States• Performing in-depth market research for startups focused on Mental Health and Wellbeing, aiming to uncover target customers, understand their challenges, requirements, and preferences. • Conducting qualitative research with customers, primarily within the Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and Mental Health domains, utilizing interviews, surveys, and user testing as means to comprehend their difficulties, collect feedback, and validate product assumptions. • Collaborating with designers to create intuitive and engaging UX/UI that align with customer needs.
Product Manager
BTSEducationProduct Manager
Oct. 2022 - Jun. 2023Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan• Product Strategy: Drove B2B growth by introducing new UX and business-centric features, resulting in 3 partners and 12,000 users in just 2 weeks. • Product Delivery: Developed two highly effective features - an in-built data analytics system and a hierarchical user management model - resulting in the subscription of 138 new partners. • UX Research: Conducted qualitative and quantitative research with 450 school career counsellors to explore the integration of digital technologies and data-driven approaches in school career counselling programs. • Team Management: Nurtured a culture of continuous improvement through regular 121 sessions with team members, contributing to positive team dynamics and successful project outcomes.
Associate Product Manager
BTSEducationAssociate Product Manager
May. 2022 - Oct. 2022Kazakhstan• UX Research: Conducted extensive solution interviews and usability tests with 40 users, resulting in a deep understanding of our product's value proposition and iterative development of solutions that precisely met customer needs. • Customer Success: Streamlined technical support processes to ensure high levels of user satisfaction for up to 33,000 users supported by the project. • Scrum Master: Introduced Agile methodology as Scrum Master to a team of 10 people, working closely with the Product Owner to develop a product backlog and consistently deliver quality sprint increments.
Project Manager
BTSEducationProject Manager
Jan. 2022 - May. 2022Kazakhstan• Successfully managed 4 large-scale end-to-end projects with a total of 45,000 users, 15 business stakeholders, and a project team of 10 people. • Developed a Corporate Well-being Program, assessing mental health, burnout, and engagement among 50 employees, conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis for executives. • Introduced a comprehensive methodology of Project management to the company, which included principles of Waterfall, RACI charts, ROI/SROI analysis, Project OKR, Stakeholder management, and Risk management.
Operations Manager
BTSEducationOperations Manager
Dec. 2020 - Dec. 2021Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan• Monitored products’ KPIs and provided valuable insights to senior management through quantitative and qualitative analyses, contributing to the achievement of organizational goals. • Successfully recruited and trained staff, supervised the on-boarding process, and liaised with vendors and partners to ensure compliance with non-disclosure agreements and contracts. • Developed policies and procedures to streamline operations, resulting in optimized business processes.
Admissions Counselor
Self EmployedAdmissions Counselor
Sep. 2020 - Aug. 2021Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan• Creating a strategic plan to guide students in increasing their chances of admission to the world's leading universities in their desired application year. • Evaluating students' strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and interests to develop a tailored approach for academic and extracurricular activities that align with their desired degree program and university. • Arranging individual meetings with students, either in-person or online, to discuss their educational path and career prospects. • Assisting students in completing application forms and CSS Profiles, ensuring accuracy and completeness of information. • Compiling a comprehensive database of universities, degree programs, and research supervisors that match the students' needs and goals. • Conducting research on scholarships and financial aid opportunities to maximize the chances of acceptance into schools and universities. • Proofreading and reviewing various application materials, including motivational letters, personal statements, recommendation letters, CVs or resumes, cover letters, and research proposals. • Collaborating with other counselors to enhance the quality of services offered and engaging in reflective practices to improve future experiences.
Freelance Interpreter
Self EmployedFreelance Interpreter
Oct. 2017 - Sep. 2019Astana, Kazakhstan• Assisted delegations and representatives of foreign companies by providing consecutive interpretation during international conferences and meetings. • Provided highly accurate and professional translation of scientific, legal, technical, and business documents from Kazakh or Russian into English. • Supported international companies by handling business correspondence in both English and Russian languages. • Provided consecutive interpretation services at international exhibitions to ensure effective communication and understanding.
Student Representative
University of BirminghamStudent Representative
Oct. 2019 - Sep. 2020Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Model UN Reporter
University of BirminghamModel UN Reporter
Nov. 2019 - Mar. 2020Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Dubbing Translator
Седьмой канал - Channel SevenDubbing Translator
Apr. 2018 - Sep. 2019Astana• Translated scripts of films, cartoons, soap operas, and television programs from English to Kazakh and Russian, ensuring accurate literary translations for the company. • Generated synchronized texts that matched the video material, considering the rhythmic and articulation patterns of each character in the film. • Edited the source material to improve readability and ensure compliance with standards. • Produced subtitles in three languages: Kazakh, Russian, and English. • Managed communication with international partners, handling incoming and outgoing correspondence.


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