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Hily — Dating AppLead of UX Research
Jan. 2022
Chief Product Manager | Co-Founder
QuragaChief Product Manager | Co-Founder
Feb. 2020Lead FoodTech product from MVP stage to pre-seed investments ($250 000), seed round ($1 million). Adopted first 8 000 customers B2C, 150 B2B clients. Iterated and optimized user acquisition metrics: Increased conversion rate ATC to Pur from 32% to 75%, user acquisition metrics (ATC2Purchase up to 11,8%) Other results - Built Marketplace + OMS. Solution enabling to stand out from competitors was found due to deep research of real user needs, pains, gains, and motivations (Nutrition filter and labeling of the food catalog). The budget was saved due to proper usability tests on the prototyping stage and fast corrections of the features. - Developed Business strategy and marketing strategy. The business process of sales, marketing, shopper departments was described, connected with KPI, and automatized. Analytical tools for supermarkets and marketing were chosen and integrated into OMS - Launched Market funnels with a small budget to obtain first customers. Conducted Facebook, Instagram, Google ad campaings. - Introduced Deliberate startup technology and validated riskiests hypothesis. Built new strategy to achieve Product Market Fit. - An effective team is built per the best organizational and employee experience. I found unicorns that replaced several specialists, built cross-functional culture, introduced OKR, a motivation system (saving budget on salaries). Skills: MVP |Market Research and Strategy | Business Strategy | Growth Strategy | Product Marketing | Product Roadmapping | Investment Strategy| Pitch Deck | Unit Economy | User Interviews | UX Research | A/B Testing | Conversion Optimization |
Startup Advisory | Product Manager
Self EmployedStartup Advisory | Product Manager
Jun. 2019 - May. 2021United StatesEnvisionWellapp (SHE’s it LLC) Mental Health Envision2bWellapp Turned the well-being blog website into a lifestyle and telehealth app and developed two business models B2C and B2B (for companies willing to create a great Employee Experience) Lead product from MVP stage to pre-seed investments ($250 000). Increased conversion rate on the landing page from view to install from 0,8% to 5,6%. Other results - Mobile apps for IOS and Android developed. I executed customer development cycle and human-centered design process from A to Z: the results derived from the deep research of the mental health problem in the US helped to define new compelling feature (Telehealth connecting nutritionists, diet specialists, nutritional disorders specialists with users). - Value Proposition for B2B segment and corporative model subscription. Research of the problems in modern organizations, employee experience, deep interviews greatly helped to crystallize offer and attract two big companies. - Internal analytical tools implemented and customer journey improved based upon analytics (Conversion from Acquisition to Activation increased to 7.3%)  - Rebranding and promoting new product messages for the market. Skills: MVP | Lean Startup | Market Research and Strategy | Product Development| Product Roadmapping | User Interviews | UX Research | Acquisition | Pitch deck
Startup Advisory | Product Manager
Self EmployedStartup Advisory | Product Manager
Dec. 2018 - Jul. 2019United StatesSocial Dating App Startup Trystapp I turned loss-making idea to MVP with profitable unit economy. Other results - Deep problem research: dating market research, dating trends and problems analysis, isolation trends, single families trends, swiping and mental health problems study, cultural dating behavior difference, fears and frustrations with modern dating apps study, hooks and triggers of the analysis of the modern app. - Marketing research: Share of the market research, market pricing analysis, competitors evaluation, app monetization models, competitors marketing strategies. - Business Model + Unit Economy with profitable monetization system. - Designed and translated roadmaps into trackable product backlogs, prioritizing. Сarried out requirements engineering from both internal stakeholders and from the market research data findings, created and developed cases for new features/products, describing high-level user stories concepts for the product evolution. - High-fidelity prototype and user tests (plan development, observation, usability tests conducting). Cut down implementation costs (almost 40%) thanks to usability test results and fast modifications. Skills: MVP | Lean Startup | Market Research and Strategy | Product Development| Product Roadmapping | User Interviews | UX Research
Startup Advisory | Product Manager
Self EmployedStartup Advisory | Product Manager
Nov. 2018 - May. 2019United StatesOku Mental Health Okuapp startup Managed to find «blue» niche in the mental health apps' red market and implemented solutions into MVP product launched US market. Results - Human-Centered Design Process cycle completed: research and analysis of the wellness, mental health disorders, depression stages, corporative wellness, life-balance, life transformation, achievers lifestyle and consequences (clinical-based interviews, personas creating, as-is scenarios, CJM, use cases.) - Carried out requirements from both user research data findings, internal stakeholders' goals, and produced HOOK solutions (daily routine, unconditionally strokes, motivations from leaders, and reflection journal) for the MVP product features. - Evaluated requirements on the stage of usability tests with a low-fidelity prototype and post-session interviews. - The successful release of MVP version of Product, customization, and support management implementation: with minimum CAC we attracted fast first paid users due to successful kick off campaign (collaboration with health media, influencers, challenges in the Social Media. Skills: MVP | Lean Startup | Market Research and Strategy | Product Development| Product Roadmapping | User Interviews | UX Research | Acquisition
Lead UX Researcher | Product Manager
justcleanLead UX Researcher | Product Manager
Jan. 2016 - Jan. 2019Endured retention metrics (by 2x) of B2C users for marketplace application. Increased the number of B2B paying clients by 30% (MAU). Increased conversion to install by 25%. Other Results - Implemented HCD approach and Design Thinking methodology into the product team. Conducted HCI and HCD trainings for the design team. Succeeded in company maturity and transformation into new client level. - Interviewed 30+ B2C users to find their all Jobs, built customer journey. Found Aha-moments. Work close with product analytics to create new events and build the key funnels. - Under Senior Product Manager supervision formulated and launched experiments focused on engagement metrics (create first order). Increased monthly active users by 15% by optimizing user onboarding, first order process flow. - Work close with marketing team by CMO supervision at marketplace landing page to optimize conversion funnel (using insights obtained from user testing and analytics) achieveing + 25% from view to install. - Introduced feature Opportunity Validation into the Product Development process. Skills: HCD approach and Design Thinking | User Interviews | UX Research | Prototyping | Product experiments | Feature opportunity validation, feature design, feature development and feature launch and iteration
UX Designer | UX Researcher
SmartBug MediaUX Designer | UX Researcher
Dec. 2009 - Oct. 2016Introduced new Design System and Design Culture approach. Made complete redesign of all branding materials and the website. New design contributed to the fast traffic growth. Results Integrated new Design standards to the design team producing websites for the clients. Described UI kits guidelines, style guidance, created templates. Described color usage guidelines and color psychology, color emotional impact doc. Created color palettes for popular business fields.  Developed new UI website design, strengthened interaction points, and improved conversion on the subscribing stage let's talk form. Redesigned lead-magnet landing page and materials (143% more downloads).


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