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Investor & VC
Business Owner
South Africa
Work Background
Web Consultant
-Web Consultant
Jan. 2022RemoteWith over 12 years experience creating brands, I've developed an ability for delivering tailored strategies to optimise marketing efforts & maximise online potential, fostering growth & brand resonance. Custom web solutions & branding development that ensure a cohesive online presence for SMEs, startups & solopreneurs. For more info, please visit j-sn.com
Micro ImmersiveFounder
Jan. 2022Madrid, Community of Madrid, SpainMicro Immersive is an Immersive Marketing identity that designs atmospheric moments of true emotional connectivity through immersive environments & compelling storytelling. It provides guided & dynamic sensory experiences powered by your imagination. Immersive experiences put participants right at the centre of the story; captivating them in surroundings where they truly feel connected. Micro Immersive embraces the four key immersive components and specialises in creating carefully-crafted experiences designed to make maximum impact with a minimalistic production style. We work with brands to deliver emotionally driven and memorable experiences that elevate their impact, resulting in better engagement, deeper connections, trust and increased loyalty with their audience. Some statistics regarding immersive experiences in business: * 200% more likely to make a referral * 25% more customer loyalty * 72% of Millennials say they would like to spend more on experiences than physical things. Immersive marketing is a trend that is already part of the future of marketing. Get in touch via LinkedIn if you'd like to discuss how this could make a significant positive impact on your business.
Producer, Writer & Voiceover Artist
HappyMeProducer, Writer & Voiceover Artist
Jan. 2020Mamble, England, United KingdomHappyMe is an original collection of ‘bitesize’ stories with accompanying audio designed to promote positive messages to young children. Written in a combination of prose and poetry, the stories incorporate intriguing characters with engaging voices and interactive songs. Children can listen to the audio alone, follow along with the beautifully illustrated book, and learn to read the book aloud on their own. Our passion is to use stories and audio to help children improve their early communication skills and positive thinking. Most importantly though, the aim is to put smiles on the faces of many children. The animals within the stories are role models for children; so the child will attempt to mimic their positive behaviour. HappyMe is a positive, bold brand that aims to create a lasting memory, with illustrations that are easily followed and engage young children. I started this project back in 2014 as a range of audiobooks, and then in 2020 released the first book to accompany the audiobook. I wrote, produced and delivered all male voices. -- Latest Release -- The Panda Who Loves Bamboo is a brand new picture book brought to life from the beloved audiobook in lyrical prose. This cutesy, beautifully illustrated book is an ideal kids book for 5 years old – it is the first in our range of new children's books. If you are looking for books with a good message for children aged 3-5, then this will be a perfect addition to your shelf. -- Reviews -- “A Winner” - Tom G “Reminds us of the power of music in managing emotions” - Margaret C “Very cute story” - Ruth G
Head Of Digital
Alilia StudioHead Of Digital
Oct. 2018Stourbridge, England, United Kingdom · RemoteResponsible for the implementation of bespoke designs for build custom-built websites and providing web strategy advice, as well as looking after the clients' website post-build. This work includes the development, strategy and CX/UX improvements to Hello Time. More information: https://aliliastudio.com More information: https://hellotime.co.uk
Film Director & Writer
Mechanical Tree ProductionsFilm Director & Writer
Jun. 2014 - Sep. 2017United KingdomMechanical Tree Productions specialises in producing contextual based media highlighting topics on wellbeing and awareness though short film and music videos. Past projects include: ✔︎ Who Am I (2014) - Short Film ✔︎ Who Wants To Be A Maid Of Honour? (2015) - Advert/Mini Series ✔︎ Awareness (2016) - Short Film ✔︎ James Clay "I Won't Support Your Wars" (2016) - Anti-War Music Video ---- James - Musican "Jason really did a fantastic job directing and editing my music video. It was a joy to work with Jason from start to finish, he made the whole process easy and flowing. You can have a look at the end result by googleing "James Clay & The Union Band I Wont Support Your Wars"
Voiceover Artist
Little Plato MagazineVoiceover Artist
Aug. 2015 - May. 2017Kuwait ★ Voiceover artist for the characters of Bingo and Grandpa, for their range of audiobooks and audio website content. ★ Little Plato Magazine is the Arab world’s first children’s magazine and website promoting healthy living in a fun way. ★ www.littleplato.com
Music Workshop Leader
Liverpool Life Sciences UTC & Maghull High SchoolMusic Workshop Leader
Nov. 2013 - Dec. 2014LiverpoolDeveloped and Led several ongoing and simultaneous 12-week music production programmes for 14-18 year olds, whilst mentoring and building up to performance workshops at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC and The Studio. Developed and ran an 8 week production programme for 16-18 year olds at Maghull High including real recording studio recording experience and additional mixing support workshops.
Assistant Engineer
Elevator Studios, LiverpoolAssistant Engineer
Aug. 2009 - Sep. 2010LiverpoolResponsible for assisting with studio recordings, upkeep, artist hospitality, admin, advertising, technical issues & security.
7Suite Digital UKFounder
May. 2017United Kingdom · RemoteWith a wealth of experience in Creative Consultancy and Brand/Web Development. Over the years, I have gone through the entire process of creating, running and selling a brand multiple times. Furthermore, I actively manage my own brands such as The Native Way, HappyMe and the recently launched Micro Immersive. I have alongside some of the top design and brand experts in the industry in addition to leading the digital side of Alilia Studio. 7Suite Digital provides reputable, modern-age digital solutions that attract, engage, build trust with, and grow a company’s ideal audience so they can focus on excelling. Their dedication to customising each solution to a client's needs is what sets them apart from other agencies, as they believe that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution in this industry. 7Suite Digital has a strict policy of only partnering with clients they can genuinely help and who share their commitment to making the world a better place. Today, they work closely with a team of digital/web marketing specialists such as myself to bring clients excellence and results. It's always amazing to create a memorable brand experience that resonates with your ideal customers. As your project manager, brand guru, and tech support, I wear multiple hats to make it happen. I believe in going beyond consulting and investing all of my skills to deliver exceptional results to my clients. I thrive on market research to generate viable suggestions that set your brand apart from competitors. And most importantly, we'll have an exceptional time while crafting your brand. I'm always ready to collaborate with you when you're ready to get started, so reach out to me anytime, and let us make some magic!
Drama Teacher
Acting Impact Theatre - Clases de teatro en inglésDrama Teacher
Oct. 2023Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain · On-siteI oversee the guidance of a cohort of theatre students, directing, while simultaneously enhancing their English language proficiency through practical application in a theatrical setting.
Co-Founder & English Coach
The Native Way | Immersive Language ExperiencesCo-Founder & English Coach
Jul. 2017 - Apr. 2020Madrid, Community of Madrid, SpainAn immersive English space setup to provide conversational learning and real-life, engaging immersive experiences to learn English for life. Some immersive experiences have included: Paranormal English Activity - After falling in love with the Invisible Exhibition in Warsaw, this was one of Jason’s first immersive experience creations. Paranormal Activity was created from an idea to bring interactive theatre and escape room style activities to life as a Halloween special for English learners. It took place in a space completely transformed by Jason and his team at The Native Way. Pancake Day - Again, created for English learners at immersive language space, the Native Way. This was a historical 3D audio recital with external sensory stimulation and an educational blind tasting to celebrate and educate students on the British tradition of pancake day. The event included smell and movement around the participants while there were blinded to simulate a higher imaginative state. Update: Unfortunately The Native Way had to close it's physical doors in April 2020 due to the pandemic. The Native Way will hopefully be back in the near future with more immersive experiences, but led by Micro Immersive.
Seven Suite CICFounder
Dec. 2011 - Jun. 2017United KingdomSince its founding in 2011, Seven Suite CIC has collaborated with entities such as the UK Home Office, Unilever, Nationwide Bank, & Government of Kuwait, delivering music recordings, workshops, voiceovers, sound/video productions, & live events. Following the sale of its music studio in 2017, it remains an active umbrella organisation, establishing brands like 7Suite Digital, HappyMe for children's books, & Micro Immersive for experiential offerings.
Creative Director
CoverStar ExperiencesCreative Director
Jun. 2012 - Jun. 2017Liverpool, United KingdomI founded & spearheaded the creative strategy for an award-winning Liverpool recording experience company; managing events, training staff, & directing strategic planning and marketing efforts. After selling the thriving business in 2017, it continues to operate successfully to this day.
Freelance Audio Engineer
Enterprise South Liverpool AcademyFreelance Audio Engineer
Apr. 2012 - Apr. 2016Liverpool, United KingdomI regularly attend the academy as the role of production leader to support students recording for exams and in the assistance of live music and drama events. Also responsible for the mixing and organisation of the music department's final recordings.


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