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Innovation/CX Lead
Colorama ABInnovation/CX Lead
Sep. 2022Stockholm, Stockholm County, SwedenWorking with a lean startup and design thinking approach, my team and I take on the responsibility of guiding initiatives from concept to launch. My role is very customer-centric and involves understanding customer needs for our different initiatives. I use data-driven development, blending numbers and user insights to refine our offerings. This involves A/B testing, MVP methods, and interviews, ensuring our services stay relevant in the market. Conducting research, including market research and competitive analysis, and facilitating innovation workshops to determine the most promising initiatives for investment and to assess if/how to proceed with existing ones. Facilitating pre-launch sessions for our retail partners, seamlessly integrating our new brand into their offerings.
Business designer
Svenska SpelBusiness designer
Feb. 2021 - Sep. 2022The role was both strategic and operational, working in the boarder between tech and business with the aim of initiating and launching new digital initiatives. I was responsible for identifying, exploring, developing and managing initiatives for the Retailbusiness of Svenska Spel, often from idea to launch, in order to achieve greater customer and partner satisfaction as well as growing the unit and product categories financially. My work included tasks as • Conducting competitive intelligence analysis • Pinpointing the needs and desires of users or other stakeholders with the help of tools as customer journeys, service blueprints, impact mapping etc. • Conducting business cases, value propositions and other basis for decisionmaking and prioritization • Planning and managing workshops .. and much more
Management Consultant - Growth and innovation
Forefront ConsultingManagement Consultant - Growth and innovation
Aug. 2017 - Feb. 2021Stockholm, SwedenI was part of the unit Growth and innovation where I as a digital management consultant helped organizations by guiding them in their digital environment, from management and development to design and technology, resulting in overall increased efficiency and lower operating costs, as well as increasing competitiveness and growth Selection of tasks included: • Creating digital strategies and roadmaps aligned with the company’s overall business strategy by working data-driven, conducting internal workshops to gain organizational insights along with external analysis and market/consumer research in order to get the full perspective and create the best requisite for setting up a successful strategy & roadmap • Running an internal program together with a well-known startup-incubator • As a trusted advisor, help startups in the various challenges they face and prepare them for landing crucial investments by, for example, setting up Go-to-market strategies and/or improving their business models • As a product and project manager, lead multiple cross-functional development teams and innovation projects achieving set goals/objectives ensuring efficient processes, significant cost savings, higher profitability and greater customer satisfaction • Responsible for development and launches of new digital services/products using new technology focused on quality and user-friendliness • Managing backend complex integrations • Developing and implementing IT-systems which has triggered total transformations in terms of efficiency and collaboration • Leading steering group meetings, consulting with C-level executives and presenting data-driven decision basis • Managing and transforming organizations to ensure compliance with requirements imposed by legal demands • Improving e-commerce and other web services • Implementing new processes, work routines, duties, responsibilities, development and training and generating new policies and guidelines
Founder and broker at JB Sport Horses
JB HorsesFounder and broker at JB Sport Horses
Jun. 2011 - Sep. 2019Stockholm, SwedenThrough my contacts in mainly Germany I have sporadically been working as a horse broker targeting scandinavian clients looking for high quality, championship potential show jumping horses. The job includes marketing, mainly through selected forums/social media and arranging everything for the clients such as flight, car/driver, food and accommodation. It also involves keeping contact with partners and being updated concerning new horses coming into the network. https://www.facebook.com/Sport-Horses-836426563103667/
General Manager
Process Inkasso ABGeneral Manager
Jun. 2009 - Dec. 2010Stockholm, SwedenI worked as a dept-collector and with business development, mainly within the communication department. Amongst others I came up with a system that produced innovative dept-collection methods. After evaluation it was stated that the results had increased remarkably compared with conventional dept-collection methods.
Project Manager
Riksbyggen - Rum för hela livetProject Manager
May. 2018 - Sep. 2019Stockholm, SwedenThe goal of my work as a consultant at Riksbyggen was to lead two different development and innovation projects. In one of the projects, was the project manager for development, but also the launch of a new digital service aimed both internally and externally at customers and other partners. Myself, along with the remaining 14 team members worked towards achieving the goals that were characterized by quality, user-friendliness and high customer satisfaction. The project resulted in great values, in the form of more efficient processes, shorter lead times, large cost savings and more satisfied customers. The other project aimed to develop and implement a new collaboration platform for document and project management applied by the company's 2,700 employees. An agile approach was applied and both projects and was carried out in close consultation with the company's CIO, CDO and Business area manager.
Founder, Business Development Manager
Bragus Invest ABFounder, Business Development Manager
Jan. 2014 - Dec. 2016Stockholm, SverigeFounder and business developer at Bragus Invest AB. The company is swedish based and partners with Arvato-Bertelsmann, a multinational finance firm offering various services within the fields of finance and business development. Everything from specialised economic consulting to different types of financial solutions involving payment and cash-flow services. My responsibilities lied within developing our services and making interesting partnerships benefiting the company financially. I was also in charge of sales and marketing, which amongst others included going on sales and partnership meetings. I learned to manage the backoffice system "Netsol" and the communication tool "Videoscribe".


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